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    May 30

    A form to breach the globalizado thought, and to cause the discontinuity is to value the traditions of the past. Tiggany & Co. is likely to agree. The current historical context does not have to enxergar the old times as only saudosismo of a time that is not applied in the gift, but in contrast, designer, the company and the society as a whole must enxergar in the past the motivation and solution of the effective problems. ' ' The past that emerges in these cases is extraordinary a social and cultural resource, absolutely brought up to date. It is the value of the socialidade of neighborhood that becomes in them capable to again bring life and security to our quarters and cities. It is the respect for the climatic stations and the local food production that can reorganize the unsustainable net of supply and current distribution. It is the sharing that it becomes in them capable to reduce the weight of the individual acquisition of equipment, without renouncing to the functionalities that desejamos' ' (MANZINI, 2008 p.66) Foucault (2009, p.52) still denotes the existence of the rarefao of the speech, what it implies directly in the assumption of an uninterrupted speech.

    It also fortifies and bases the necessity of the discontinuity, where if he does not have to imagine covering imaginary something not said or impensado, then the discontinous speeches ' ' they must be treated as practical discontinous, that if crosses for times, but also they ignore or if excluem' ' (FOUCAULT, 2009 p.53) Soon, the discontinuity of the speech must be exercised by the ways that the capacity has to influence and to generate the speeches of the society. Graphical designer, through the resources advertising executives, possesss in hands a significant tool of contribution for the promotion of the support through the discontinous speech of the social and ambient responsibility. In accordance with Tavares (2005, p.24), the speech advertising executive is one of the instruments of social and reflected control of the dominant ideology, being dominant ideology the ideology of the ruling class (FIORIN, 1988 p.31 apud TAVARES, 2005 p.24).

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  • Apr 21

    According to scientists, owing to this trend include isotopes far from Russian shores. 'We were the first in the area of the ocean to measure radiation levels. It is still difficult to say for sure whether we have hit upon traces of discharge of radioactive water from nuclear power plants, or the remnants of deposition from the air, but we incline to the first version '- says Hydromet Environmental zavsektorom DVNIGMI Sevastyanov. To determine the levels of cesium, for 12 hours at the station sampling researchers pumped approximately two thousand liters of sea water through the sorbent, which is sensitive to Cs, and then measured it on a gamma spectrometer. More detailed analysis of the content in the water of strontium-90, as well as isotopes of plutonium and tritium will be made after the end of the expedition. Grant of the Russian Geographical Society in expedition to assess the effects of natural and man-made disaster in Japan was presented April 15 the Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute (DVNIGMI) Hydromet, which belongs to the ship 'Pavel Gordienko'. Rapid and detailed assessment of the radiation environment is carried out by the interaction of scientists on board the NGO 'Typhoon' Committee for Hydrometeorology, Radium Institute of the VG Khlopin (Rosatom), Gosakvaspasa MOE, Research Institute for Radiation Hygiene after PV Ramzaeva (Rospotrebnadzor), as well as meteorologists and hydrologists DVNIGMI Hydromet. Serious study of the ecosystem, Fish and marine life will be held during the second phase of the expedition.

    He is expected to begin in August or September at the training vessel 'Professor Clustine', which is currently being prepared for repair in the port Vladivostok. After the devastating earthquake in Japan March 11 and ensuing tsunami in nuclear power plants 'Fukushima-1' was recorded a series of accidents caused by failure of the cooling system. As a result of incidents at nuclear power plants revealed several leaks of radiation, which led authorities to evacuate people from the 20-kilometer zone around the plant. She later appeared on the information found in parts of Japan, the radioactive elements, in particular isotopes of iodine and cesium in the air, sea and drinking water, as well as in products.

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