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    Dec 14

    Nowadays the tourism is an activity that are present in all the countries, from this sector of the economy come high income, of which many people estan interested in carrying out some tourist project or constructing hotels, timesharings, hosterias, travel agencies etc. The genrera tourism or rather has many niches of market to operate and to turn it into a business of high income, among them we can mention the following: programming of Tours and hotel profession, renting of cars, spectacles, meals. In this ocacion I am going away to stop precise in which they are the Travel agencies, Traditionally the model of businesses of a Travel agency consists of the commercialization of tourist packages through the services of the different operators who pay a commission for that reason. The main operators are: – Airlines – Hotels and Resorts – Cruises – Rentadoras de Autos – tourist Destinies – Places of Spectacles and Entertainment – Restaurants. In a traditional model of Travel agency one is due to count on the following tools, among others: – Internet for communication with clients and operators – Reservations systems and Global Positioning – up-to-date Maps forms or by Internet as Google Earth or MS Maps – Data bases of clients – Guides of celebrations and local spectacles In relation to the investment to carry out a travel agency mainly are needed to equip to the company with information systems which require license, qualification to the personnel, the adjustment of worthy offices for the customer level that is taken care of, some countries even the majority demands a license of tourism agents.

    At the moment, a tendency exists to acquire tourist packages, that allow as well to commercialize them that is to say, to sell them to the final consumer generating this good opportunity of business in this sector of tourism. With this new model of business it is not necessary to count on a physical space (offices) to take care of your clients, this way or you these saving the cost of rent or renting, that is not a despicable amount. Furthermore you do not need employees, you can work it you yourself, so you do not have the highest labor costs, furthermore you can dedicarte to other things that you need to realise. On the other hand you do not have the tedious task of generating contacts, relations with the operators of the different services of the tourism (airlines, hotels, rentadoras of cars, etc), since you sell armed tourist package where other people are in charge of the services that are offered, you you are only in charge to sell the product, from your computer. It is very iatractivo east business, since the investment, as I said to you previously, is low, and the commissions follow siendoimportantes. You can find out but on this new tendency of business in original Author and source of the article

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  • Foucault

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    May 30

    A form to breach the globalizado thought, and to cause the discontinuity is to value the traditions of the past. Tiggany & Co. is likely to agree. The current historical context does not have to enxergar the old times as only saudosismo of a time that is not applied in the gift, but in contrast, designer, the company and the society as a whole must enxergar in the past the motivation and solution of the effective problems. ' ' The past that emerges in these cases is extraordinary a social and cultural resource, absolutely brought up to date. It is the value of the socialidade of neighborhood that becomes in them capable to again bring life and security to our quarters and cities. It is the respect for the climatic stations and the local food production that can reorganize the unsustainable net of supply and current distribution. It is the sharing that it becomes in them capable to reduce the weight of the individual acquisition of equipment, without renouncing to the functionalities that desejamos' ' (MANZINI, 2008 p.66) Foucault (2009, p.52) still denotes the existence of the rarefao of the speech, what it implies directly in the assumption of an uninterrupted speech.

    It also fortifies and bases the necessity of the discontinuity, where if he does not have to imagine covering imaginary something not said or impensado, then the discontinous speeches ' ' they must be treated as practical discontinous, that if crosses for times, but also they ignore or if excluem' ' (FOUCAULT, 2009 p.53) Soon, the discontinuity of the speech must be exercised by the ways that the capacity has to influence and to generate the speeches of the society. Graphical designer, through the resources advertising executives, possesss in hands a significant tool of contribution for the promotion of the support through the discontinous speech of the social and ambient responsibility. In accordance with Tavares (2005, p.24), the speech advertising executive is one of the instruments of social and reflected control of the dominant ideology, being dominant ideology the ideology of the ruling class (FIORIN, 1988 p.31 apud TAVARES, 2005 p.24).

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