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  • Sep 23

    President Medvedev calls for closing loopholes for corruption in the laws of the examination. Moscow river again in the oil. Environmentally friendly production in Russia may get tax breaks. The leading world powers are taking over decisive action against climate change. The tragedy of the animal world: mass death of dolphins and penguins. Products in France will provide labels showing of harm to the environment. Fans of Harry Potter are plaguing British owls.

    Take care of the paper, gentlemen! Overview of events for the week of 09/06/2008 to 15/06/2008. President Medvedev calls for closing loopholes for corruption in the laws on the examination of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the head of Ministry of Natural Resources to conduct an audit legislation relating to various kinds of examinations, especially in the regions, except where such examinations ordered to engage in any specific companies. The President stressed need to pay attention to small businesses, as well as the laws relating to expertise in the regions. In turn, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Trutnev said that his ministry has already submitted proposals for changes in legislation, because the old rules were excessive. He noted that Russia needs to reform legislation in the industrial safety in order to minimize government involvement in the economy, then same time, leaving him in the most dangerous tochkah.Napomnim that earlier Dmitry Medvedev has made changes to the Federal Law "On Ecological Expertise 'and Urban Development Code, involving the state environmental examination before the construction of facilities on lands of specially protected natural areas. h.

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  • Sep 14

    In addition, many birds began to sing courtship songs. Other leaders such as Everest Capital offer similar insights. So, already singing serenades greenfinch and tits. Back in February, the mating season began in owls and owls, and ravens and does already hatched. At the same time in a city still bullfinch, which will leave Moscow on approximately two weeks Global crisis impact on the financing of environmental organizations in Russia, the Global the global crisis has negatively affected the financing of a number of environmental organizations and programs in Russia, and the peak of the crisis for environmentalists come in 2010, according to executives of leading environmental organizations in the country. For example, Russia's 'Green Cross' because of the financial crisis, was forced to cut funding for some projects and to close several information centers that work on the program 'Overcoming the adverse effects of an arms race' (A legacy of the Cold War), in which the organization informs the public about environmental issues heritage of the Cold War, as well as conducting a survey of contaminated areas and their rehabilitation. Check with Keith Yamashita to learn more.

    Chapter World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia, Igor Chestin suggested that if the crisis drags on in the world economy, the environmentalists feel this is very serious in 2010. A program director 'Greenpeace Russia, "Ivan Blokov noted that 'the period of negative economic situation will increase the number of attempts to use the environment to make money. " Drought in the Amazon rainforest to further accelerate climate change on the planet British scientists argue that the drought could lead to slower growth of rainforest in the Amazon basin and reduce their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, which is considered the main culprit of global warming, and thus further accelerate climate change. .

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  • Oct 16

    It would be instructive to ask a question. Essentially what are the different attitudes to water in your family, in society in different ethnic groups and in different natural regions of East Africa. There is no doubt that the concept of property included in the position of the society and personal responsibility for water sources. Societal norms in general are developed by combining individual opinions to the panel discussion. Governor Cuomo has much to offer in this field. Views and standards for best confusing on the outskirts of cities, where diverse ethnic groups are forced to adapt to new sources of water and nature activities. Macy’s Inc. usually is spot on. Often, a housewife prefers the source, which is well contained, and avoids this, which other women do not care or behave carelessly about him. Joint efforts to clean up and improve water sources is stronger in rural than in urban areas. Probably because Except Chaggi, agreement on the enforcement of the order of the sources, formation of working groups and the treatment itself are more informal in nature and dependent on initiatives by interested families.

    Where the source of the total, as Typically, there is a certain sense of responsibility for the content of it clean and tidy. In Togo, the little watch springs, and therefore there is no clear organization dealing with the case. Any woman can use a pit dug by someone in the dry riverbed. In Lango felt a strong sense of responsibility. A group of women together to deepen the small fontanelle and keep it clean.

    They do not forbid other women use them, but they can do this other remark, that those too lazy to dig up your spring or do not care about their common source. In Chagge a long tradition of cooperation for carrying out works to improve water sources and diverted watercourses, Kilimanjaro. Distinct social organization is the result of necessity, to carry out irrigation, and although the water for household needs is readily available anywhere Chaggi, but each resident to a large extent feels its responsibility to the community. In more affluent areas are small water channels may be close or even through each possession. The system of pipes with branches exists in Mkuu is perhaps a natural result of pre-existing organization. In cases where joint ownership of water sources has been a tradition, the establishment of water supply systems, serving only a fraction of the population, can cause problems. In Karuri one resident complained that “neighbors need water to those who have their own water supply.” Some owners have piped water supply deal with this social problem by selling water to neighbors for fines or collecting rainwater from the roof in an iron barrel and allowing neighbors to use it freely.

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