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    Oct 30

    Establishing a clear vision of the future of the library. Official site: Governor Cuomo. Set challenging goals and objectives. Create and maintain shared values, fairness and ethical behavior at all levels of the library models. Build trust and eliminate fears. Provide staff resources, training and freedom to act with responsibility and authority.

    Inspire, encourage and recognize the contributions of staff. Principle 3 involvement of the personnel, at all levels, is the essence of a library and its total commitment enables their abilities to be used for the benefit of this. This implies: the address should improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the library, including the system of quality management, through the participation and support of people. As an aid in the achievement of its objectives of improving performance, the address should promote the participation and development of its staff: – by providing continuous training and career planning, – defining their responsibilities and authorities, – establishing targets individual and team, and managing the performance of processes and evaluating the results, – facilitating active participation in the establishment of objectives and decision making – through honors and rewards-, facilitating the communication of open information and two-way continuously revising their staffing needs, – creating conditions to promote innovation- ensuring effective teamwork, – communicating opinions and suggestions, – using measurements of satisfaction of the staff, – investigating the reasons why staff is linked to the organisation and dissociates itself from it. The address of the library should make sure that you have the necessary competence for the effective and efficient operation of the organization. The address should consider the analysis both of the present competition needs and expected compared with the already existing in the library competition. The consideration of needs of competence includes sources such as – future demands related to the plans and the strategic and operational objectives, – anticipation of the needs of succession of managers of areas and of the labour force, – changes in processes, tools and equipment for the library – evaluation of the individual competence of the personnel to perform defined activities, – legal and regulatory requirements and standards that affect library and its stakeholders.

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