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    Oct 3

    Spyware are applications that compile on your computer without your knowledge or consent with the intention of passing it to the manufacturer of the spyware or others, these files spies collect information about your habits of navigation on the internet, tastes, preferences, personal information and this way the spy that he is generally an advertising company has the knowledge to send you advertising that suits your preferences and tastes. Same without realizing we are responsible for that these spyware are installed on our computer, since these typically come in some programs that are gratiutos or shareware and of which there are thousands on the internet. Also can be installed by Trojans or websites asking install activex controls. Already installed spyware destabilizes our computer to such degree that can easily control our navigation on the internet us redirects to internet pages, change your main home page and you can not change it, you can control your keyboard, they bombard your computer from product announcements mostly pornographic, you gives slow your computer preventing you to process any program of your choice. To remove spyware tools exist many free and very good that you can download from the internet, some of these are: a) SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.4 b) Spy Sweeper 5.0 c) 1.06 Ad-Aware is staff then download the mentioned applications or your preference. Ejecutala so that it begins to eliminate the intruders that are on your computer when the program has completed, checks that the spyware was deleted, I recommend you re-run program antyspyware for safety, and always keep your program up-to-date antivirus. Order does not happen again: 1) can’t click to any window that is surprisingly present while surfing the internet, these Windows are known as pop up 2) when a window that asks you to accept any task or program startup, if you are not sure you do for your security cancel window by clicking on the x in the window normally is red. 3) Activates the firewall 4) do not download free programs from sites that are not reliable. (5) Be careful with emails suspected that offer download free applications. (6) Seeking information on the internet about the spyware for a better understanding if you follow these recommendations will have less chance of being a victim of spyware.

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