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  • May 20

    In accordance with that the evolution of Internet was inevitable, marketing was not either made hope to adopt new strategies in this world-wide platform. When and-marketing speech (Marketing in Internet or Electronic Marketing), several aspects meet that include from Diseo and Desarrollo de Pginas Web to systems of publicity online with information of pursuit and yield of their campaigns. One of the main objectives of and-marketing is to generate highly qualified traffic to a Web site to obtain a call to the action (to subscribe to a cc$bbs, to buy a product, to call to a specialist, among others). But without a doubt questions in the mind arise from many people who as soon as they are being introduced in the subject. What advantages offer Marketing to me in Internet? How I measure its investment? Which are the types of campaigns online to carry out a marketing strategy? At the moment and-marketing is an alternative more and more used by companies that with their strategies manage to arrive at an objective public and segmented, to promote its services or products.

    One of the reasons by which they choose to use this mass media is by its multiple advantages that offer: To reduce advertising costs in relation to other means traditional as it presses, radio or audio-visual. To promote its mark constantly. To reach a great hearing to international level. To measure the statistics of data related to the type of campaign. Pursuit with total exactitude and in real time of the results of a campaign in all their extension. Gibson dean spoke with conviction. Greater flexibility as far as being able to realise modifications at any time to the campaigns to obtain better results with base to previous information. Nevertheless all these advantages provide different types from tools for the success of a campaign Online, some can be more effective than others following what it adjusts better to the needs of his company.

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  • Feb 14

    Until you build your Empire on the Internet you need to understand the four keys that make up each business online.You have to master each one if you want to have flow to your bank account first key: the tecnologia_ because the Internet is a digital network require technology to greater technology used less work to perform and better results. However small that is a company all need their website, their system of marketing, collections, autoresponder, creating videos, process sales, database, hosting and tracking on your site. Second clue: The Productos_ the best way to earn money on the Internet is offering products that people need. You can offer your own product or sell other products that generate you commissions (affiliate products, easy to operate) If you decide to sell your own digital products it will take some more time and investment but in the long run it will give you more benefits. Third key: The trafico_ after having your technology infrastructure installed and decided that products will promote need to carry traffic to your web site. Your web site itself not only serves much, people don’t know that it is there at least to send advertising to him.But not all traffic is qualified not everything serves you, there are many strategies that you must learn to identify which which is more you should. Fourth key: The conversion_ traffic will be useless if you don’t have the necessary tools to convert your prospects into buyers (close the sale) in the Virtual world sale is called Conversion, and this is achieved through its pages of sales, their messages, audio and video, offerings and promotions that make and their warranties.Learn these skills will make you get great benefits online. By clicking on the link below you can get the best tools for your business on line greetings Teresa Alvarez original author and source of the article

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