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  • Svetlogorsk Spa

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    Sep 22

    Today, Svetlogorsk is the most popular and largest spa town, situated on the coast of Kaliningrad. Officially, this city was founded in 14 century, but in the 19th he began building exclusively as spa village. The main deciding factor for establishing a center for tourists is on the ground Svetlogorsk was the fact the large number of valuable medicinal mineral springs, which differ not only in their chemical composition, but also on important clinical characteristics. By the beginning of the Second World War, this city is the largest resort in Europe with a network of comfortable hotels and hospitals. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. Svetlogorsk is very close to Kaliningrad (only 40 kilometers) on a steep, strewn with pine trees, picturesque beach. By sea you can go down not only need a descent, but also specially equipped for this ropeway.

    The beach of the resort stretches over a distance greater than two kilometers, and its composition differs enviable heterogeneity, although the majority consisted of sand. Farther north are resorts of Palanga and Jurmala, considerably east – debilitating heat, along with strong frosts. And in Svetlogorsk, year-round lovely. Soft, warm climate, mineral springs, mud has healing properties, the air, hitting the smell of pine forests. Your whole family must be remembered holiday in this wonderful place, different from other resorts not only nature but also the unique architecture of the buildings located in the historical part of the city. Here you will find perfectly preserved old houses, water towers, hospitals warm sea waters, equipped with interesting watch, a wonderful park, sculptured fountains, Europe's largest beach elevator, organ hall, and many other wonders.

    Of course, during the current crisis, the most important holiday for affordability rest. Prices of recreation in Svetlogorsk will pleasantly surprise you, leaving far behind Europe. After This city belongs to the free economic zone, being located very close to Poland, which is essentially a very "cheap" state. Certainly attract your attention to Amber, because 95 percent of the stock of this Stone is located just on the Baltic coast. Often in Svetlogorsk beach you will notice that sun stone at his feet. In addition, this city – a resort owned by the number of green cities, because there is no No industrial facilities, and the air is so transparent, fresh and clean, that initially the tourists is simple – pure and dizzy. And also should take into account the fact that this city is situated on a relatively small bay, the water is transparent and extremely clean. As you can see, rest in Svetlogorsk truly a memorable event in the life of any member of your family will combine excellent opportunity to relax on the shore sea with unique treatments.

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  • Passports

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    Jan 16

    Traveling abroad on their own home country today is one of a list of the most common types of trips. Truly, after lowering the so-called 'Iron Curtain' ability to see our world is no longer provided an option only the elite. Every one of us can afford to go abroad to get an idea of states that previously could only see on tv or in photos that were taken back to a from distant wanderings relatives. The only thing needed for trouble-free travel outside their home country – this, of course, a passport. The document, which are really involved in every world power, and which is better only issue in advance so as not to collide with the unnecessary complexity and long queues for receipt of documents at the last moment. Moreover, it is most reasonable to issue all the papers in advance if you are harmed in the media and would like to use probability to visit another country on the so-called 'Last minute'. In this case, the passport must be ready, and in some cases correct to immediately think about getting a visa. In an effort to carry out holiday abroad, at any resort or on guided tours, you must first of all find out a few nuances. The first step in tax administration needs to be clarified, not hanging down for you some debts. These days, tax institutions, as well as bailiffs have created a very close interaction with employees of various customs and debtors – credit if, for back taxes or child support is – will not be released abroad.

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