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    Mar 5

    Niscayah, leading company in Spain and Europe in security systems for the protection of goods, people and information becomes a case of business success transforming their product strategies in a model of relationship with the customer thanks to DBM Spain. Approximately a year ago Niscayah decided to make a strategic change to convert to the customer at its core and, due to this, a change of structure, from a functional division to a matrix. More than 15,000 active clients, 52,000 points of service and 202,000 interventions required optimal care. In addition, this change of strategy needed, at the same time, a new way of doing things, a change in the mentality of the company staff. Our collaborators had to evolve from the concept of product selling to solution selling.

    Niscayah is not a company that is limited to sell a particular security software, but it offers its customers a complete solution that adapts and responds to your needs. We are worried about the client, we want to know where it hurts and how we can help you, become your partner and accompany you in your development, and for this we need each and every one of our employees to have to the customer as a reference point for all their performances, explains Jose Maria Bascan, director of human resources at Niscayah. The company was aware that to bring to fruition this strategic change should begin by introducing changes in the internal structure of personnel. And this is from where the project Vikara, conceived, designed, developed and implemented together with the consultancy DBM Spain, specialist in the implementation of strategies aimed at the satisfaction of the client, that is born from the detailed analysis of the expectations of customers, to design a reorientation of all and each of the members of the template, so that they work ariseseach which from its role and special responsibility, as only one: as Niscayah. The results of the project, which were presented as a success story in the first day of customer experience organized by DBM Spain, are descriptive of that can be achieved involving all departments of a company and centralizing efforts in customer satisfaction really: 1. growth of the turnover of the portfolio by 5.8%. 2.

    Reduction in the rate of cancellation of contracts by 32.1%. 3 The 9% increase in the ratio of performed maintenance. 4. Improvement of the average time for resolution of claims of customers by 56%. 5. Improvement in the ratio of calls answered in less than 20 seconds in a 2.67%. 6. Index of satisfaction of participants in the awareness of 4.55 out of 5. Firm Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded in New York in 1967, he has over 40 years of experience in human capital management, transformation and transition of organizations. This company bases its efforts in two business lines: Outplacement and transformation. In the latter, they have since 2005 applying the methodology of generating more sales, satisfying customers, being pioneers in customer experience in Spain.

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