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  • Sep 11

    With special guest EDGUY on Germany tour in November/December: (thk) before deep purples Germany tour in November-December the legendary group makes their fans great pleasure. Connect with other leaders such as Tiffany & Co. here. This long long for new material from the forge of hard rock institution. Their last album (Rapture of the deep”) finally dated April 2005. “On the band’s own website, was to read end of January: deep purple are full of enthusiasm, to realize a new and important CD.” In early July, in turn cited the original deep purple Web page ‘www.thehighwaystar.com guitarist Steve Morse as follows: after a long time composing and samples we are in Nashville and record the songs with producer Bob Ezrin. There is good material of plenty of too much for a CD.” “Everything seems to go, quickly place also singer Ian Gillan confirmed: we can imagine probably already 2012/13 live songs from our new album world tour!” Their classic will be there of course central part: hits such as “” Black night”strange kind of woman”or hush”.

    “” Mostly Highway Star are among the standard program has long been”lazy”and of course, smoke on the water”. “They come from a deep-purple – milestone, which was published in 1972 and therefore 2012 is celebrating its 40th anniversary: Machine Head”! No matter what song purple play: in any case is guaranteed that Gillan & co. to present their songs in top quality, for the band’s name stands for decades. Who wants to know way more about how it backstage as well as internally has gone to them between 1971 and 2011, the A is life hard”(Wymer publishing), the (English) biography of their long-time tour manager Colin Hart, recommended. “As it is tradition for deep purple, they have themselves a special special guest” backed up. EDGUY! The Fulda Quartet to frontman Tobias Sammet, which my Schenker was raised and from the heads of the Scorpions to their Crown Prince, recommended for good reason: the current album “” Age of the Joker “(nuclear blast) with Robin Hood, EDGUY has” a song which distributed classic deep purple feeling.