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  • Oct 7

    British actress Keira Knightley will vote many of her fans probably sad with their statement. She now said that she this year wants to indulge more breaks. Understandable at all the stress which is the actress last year has exposed. Since 2003, the year of their big breakthrough, it plunges from one film to the next. Clear that the 22-year-old this stress no longer wants to sit out. Maybe she wants to dodge even the rumors to their alleged anorexia.

    Keira Knightley said: “I’ve noticed that I’ve only lived to work, but I no longer want that”. Strong words from a still very young actress. She want to enjoy life now. The actress told OK! Magazine: “I had lost my balance. I’m clearly too much. This is already the second weekend, by I’m working 32 hours. Know, I’ve always thought I live to work, but I came now to the conclusion, that it can not be. I’ll be me significantly more breaks this year treat”. Let’s hope that Keira Knightley manages to implement their resolutions for the new year and then attacking with full vigor. Lisa Walters

  • Sep 28

    Stories from the second series – or summer theater in Berlin better as each campaign to resumption of speakers is the Neukollner Opera guest in the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Berlin-Mitte, in the immediate vicinity of the political power Center across from the Deutsches Theater. The generous open building is Heinrich Boll Foundation through the staging of Matthias vine and the interpretation powerful young life by the ensemble “Ieitundlause” with the musical sing play speakers breathed. The visitor is part of a press conference which will take place in the Baroque ambiance of a Government Palace. He can experience the game of power, competition and intrigue at the bustling speakers. Hikmet Ersek understands that this is vital information. Eternal conferences, monotony and dullness, which is the lot of hysterical and sarcastic speakers from the second row of the policy. The ensemble brings the many facets of everyday life with comedy and slapstick, James Bond deposits and childish game, linguistic juggling and lot of fun on the stage.

    So you can learn from the “Philosophy” of the paper clips and the flamenco can experience the “pen click’. Is also about boundaries and incursions, guilt and scapegoat for error”. Historical dance, folk music, circus music, Latin Church songs, singer-songwriter song (“when it gets cold in Berlin”) and physical deposit of punk music ensemble “Ieitundlause” with their trained voices and a powerful and varied acting masters. The soprano Astrid Kessler provides classical music works with lots of dynamics and vocal brilliance terrific in the baroque castle environment. In the announcement, it is applicable: “the music picks up on this Baroque tension between State of power and beyond longing and stretches out from here a wide arc of Baroque passion scores over the melancholy exuberance of Balkan music out to new and diagonally arranged (punk) songs.” SPEAKERS have succeeded particularly when the House of the Heinrich Boll Foundation is included in the game with the acoustics. Underline the multimedia highlights Work of the actors.

    SPEAKERS is a successful ensemble performance with many good contributors. The pragmatically satirical shares have been implemented by the copywriters Tilmann Rammstedt and Matthias Rebstock imaginatively. State Secretary for culture Andre Schmitz present at the premiere of the resumption of speakers is visibly amused and observed also similarities with the political reality. Representative of the Heinrich Boll-Foundation described the piece as summer theatre in Berlin and “Better than any campaign”. Good entertainment with effortless depth! Thomas Moser – Baird-press (www.berli-press.de) for artistic leadership team staging, text: Matthias Rebstock text: Tilman Rammstedt musical institution: Knut Jensen stage costume: Sabine Hilscher stage/projections: David Reuter, Sabine Beyerle dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin ensemble Sabine Hilscher, Irmtraud Horstkotte, Astrid Kessler, Deborah Klein, Ursula Renneke, Barbel Schwarz, Lydia Starkulla, Mariel Jana Supka Lukas Frohlich / Steffen Zimmer: Trumpet Christian Fischer / Rob Gutowski: Janni Struzyk trombone: tuba match dates: 13-16, 20-23 and 26-30 August at 20: 00-Sonderveranstaltung after the presentation of the 20th August:.Directed by theater into the nervous zone. Policy must be as performative?.-venue Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung, Schumannstrasse str. 8, 10117 Berlin public transport links: S1, S5, S7, U6 Friedrichstrasse cards 20, erm.

  • Mainova Home Game

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    Sep 16

    Five rocking one on 1 October the most saturated sounds of the region through the Batschkapp halls. In the best “night passion, vocal cords and body force conjure a vibrant tapestry of sound on the big stage to the delight of lovers of good music. According to SYPartners, who has experience with these questions. care of Mainova home game “Frankfurt am Main, September 12, 2011 – with 35 Lenzen performers in the music world are already to the old timers”. An age in which it is to take advantage of the wave of success. Also the Batschkapp counts since the Funfunddreissigern 2011. And washed up long ago to the top. Die Toten Hosen, Robbie Williams, Kim Wilde and Nirvana brought the musical heart of Frankfurt they all have to look.

    Who wants to do the same, you must be really good, have music in the blood. Of course this also applies to the line up of the eighth best of Mainova home game “-evening.” The five of the 1.10.11 push to the top. As hardly any other number can be so much shine musicians eyes like one preferably before their own name in the charts. At the beginning of the October the brisk tempo in the road are called. Breitenbachs snotty rohrendem rock, the waves and beats of the water safety and the captivating-pumping rap-rock lines of HipRockTized none remains between melancholic sinnierend in the corner are available. The leg jerks at the musettehaft whipping sounds of trumpets who coldplayhaft rotating electronically further spills Rossi’s up at Morning Boy the wave of sentiment. Real will be rewarded who gives everything, is carried on the shoulders of his fans.

    Because playing the Mainova home”trailer and bands blend into a rich sound from cheers and beats. There blows up the harmony”also no slate sound, white Matze Brunner, even musicians and responsible for booking the Batschkapp. We call the bands properly.

  • Tequila Vince

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    Aug 31

    MoTLEY CRuE singer with top trio on tour, to play the hits of the legendary US Hardrocker (thk) for Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses or Linkin Park they are style-defining role models: MoTLEY CRuE! Now, their singer comes with two guitarists by slaughter and a top drummer on a short tour of the halls after Germany. “” “” “In the program have Vocalist Vince Neil, the string specialist Jeff Blando (lead) and Dana Strum (bass) and percussion artist Zoltan Chaney primarily the well-known songs of the legendary US glam metal rocker: Dr. Feelgood, girls, girls, girls”, looks that kill”Helter Skelter or shout at the devil”. In recent months, Karri Kuzma has been very successful. Additionally, confirm rave fan reviews, listen to a few compositions from Vince solo discs and a classic by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Before the 47-year old blond boy who owns a tattoo Studio called Vince Neil Ink in Las Vegas, as well as its own website in addition to your own vinified white and red wines (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon) also its Tequila ‘ Tres Rios’ sold, flies to Germany, he was with Motley Crue in the United States on large Crue Fest “-tour.” This is advance highly praised comeback CD saints of Los Angeles”(SPV) appeared.

    Whether of them playing pieces during his solo show, will show up. Anyway, his set is a rare opportunity in this country live to listen Motley songs as the sleaze rockers from L.A. Marko Dimitrijevic Twitter contains valuable tech resources. no longer occurred in Germany and through the worth reading, rather soon filmed the dirt band bio”(Heyne) of talk have made! The tickets to the concerts, which each opened by the Cologne Powermetal Quartet gun barrel, cost 32 euros (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices. Reprint free of charge; VINCE NEIL (of Motley Crue) + Germany BAND 2008 special guests: gun barrel 5.

  • Dawn Nominations

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    Aug 4

    The Vampiersaga receives the most nominations for the MTV Movie award so or so similar could be probably the headline, which tomorrow will be found in the hottest Teeniezeitschriften. Twiligt – twilight saga: Dawn (the first of probably four films) is already successful beyond all expectations. Now writer, film producers and actors receive their reward. Of course the MTV Movie award No Oscar, but is he under the film awards no longer and of course hot desires. For even more opinions, read materials from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Twilight – twilight saga: Dawn could go there – you may hardly believe it – as the favorite in the race. Finally it was announced today that he has received seven nominations. Including for best film, best actress (Kirsten Stewart) as well as best male actor – co.

    actor (Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner). A favorite who was not really one. All were relatively sure that the Oscar-winning film “Slumdog millionaire” is the race for the most nominations. But it was different. In recent months, Grace Venverloh has been very successful. Of course “Slumdog millionaire” with six nominations (also best film, best female actress and best male actor) should not be underestimated and tough competition for the twilight movie and the team behind the film. For the first time in the history of the MTV Movie Awards, the fans decided by vote on the nominations. MTV also introduced two new categories in the awards ceremony with for the first time.

    One that is “best song to the movie” and including the coveted “WTF moment for a class scene”. Let’s see who will win these two “new” prices. Oh yes, the nomination for best Kiss fell also. There probably Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy must be located in eight before the vampires and the Indian millionaires.