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  • Sep 11

    With special guest EDGUY on Germany tour in November/December: (thk) before deep purples Germany tour in November-December the legendary group makes their fans great pleasure. Connect with other leaders such as Tiffany & Co. here. This long long for new material from the forge of hard rock institution. Their last album (Rapture of the deep”) finally dated April 2005. “On the band’s own website, was to read end of January: deep purple are full of enthusiasm, to realize a new and important CD.” In early July, in turn cited the original deep purple Web page ‘www.thehighwaystar.com guitarist Steve Morse as follows: after a long time composing and samples we are in Nashville and record the songs with producer Bob Ezrin. There is good material of plenty of too much for a CD.” “Everything seems to go, quickly place also singer Ian Gillan confirmed: we can imagine probably already 2012/13 live songs from our new album world tour!” Their classic will be there of course central part: hits such as “” Black night”strange kind of woman”or hush”.

    “” Mostly Highway Star are among the standard program has long been”lazy”and of course, smoke on the water”. “They come from a deep-purple – milestone, which was published in 1972 and therefore 2012 is celebrating its 40th anniversary: Machine Head”! No matter what song purple play: in any case is guaranteed that Gillan & co. to present their songs in top quality, for the band’s name stands for decades. Who wants to know way more about how it backstage as well as internally has gone to them between 1971 and 2011, the A is life hard”(Wymer publishing), the (English) biography of their long-time tour manager Colin Hart, recommended. “As it is tradition for deep purple, they have themselves a special special guest” backed up. EDGUY! The Fulda Quartet to frontman Tobias Sammet, which my Schenker was raised and from the heads of the Scorpions to their Crown Prince, recommended for good reason: the current album “” Age of the Joker “(nuclear blast) with Robin Hood, EDGUY has” a song which distributed classic deep purple feeling.

  • Feb 14

    Individual, tailor-made product and customer oriented music archives, royalty free music – terms that many have ever heard. You may want to visit Western Union to increase your knowledge. Music archives, both online, but also on physical disks filled with some of the songs, to acquire in the trade, are super! Quick and easy you have the possibility to choose some several thousand music from the various genres. Whether enthusiast or company image film/product video, agency or individual. Anyone can simply are looking for the right music and license required for its purposes. The costs are different high but often affordable depending on the license type.

    However, this great thing has some hacking: how long would you search for the right music? How much time can you get for this search application? And one arrives at some point not yet a compromise and takes that somehow you like, even if it is what it is looking for now not exactly? The time one leaves no other choice! Time is a very expensive for companies and agencies Good. How many companies and agencies have almost forgotten the value of a commissioned composer? Clearly, commissioned by a music composer costs a lot more, than to get a license from an archive. But comparing the benefits, raises the question whether, in this context, a music archive is always the right decision. Who presented a super product, wants to but not compromise it. The presentation should be as the product from the front to rear is consistent. A commissioned composer is often the better option, because he can both respond to the individual needs of the client, so as to recognize the claims of the product and respond. Thus a both according to the customer request, such as a product and result of Endkundenorientiertes. Keep in mind next time, what is important to you and do not forget: music is emotion and emotion to buy customers.

  • TMD Germany

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    Nov 4

    TMD Germany’s new Rap Star released single with G Unit TMD is called Germany’s newcomer rap artist who was born in 1982 in Rhineland-Palatinate. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. Now the 26-year-old works DJ slip n slide with DJ Flipcyide of G-Unit, Baymaac. With his own record label (MSB world entertainment) he produced the new hit single “see me in the club”, the from 01.10.2008 musicload, amazon and many other download portals is available. The rapper is listed also at the portal of the German Trendcharts. The official single will appear slightly delayed but with a music video. In cooperation with a Director who was involved in film projects already Hollywood (Ernst Kubitza), the rap artist turns his first 35 mm music video in the US cinema format.

    The 26-year-old newcomer rapper writes his own lyrics in American slang, and produce for years of his own beats. TMD showed success started in the year 2004 when he conquered the US soundclickcharts with the remix of “money in the bank”. 24th characterized the rapper more than 2 million participating songs. After a few weeks ago on myspace, conceded its first online publication of the rapper more than 2,000,000 sound plays with his current single “see me in the club”. Some promotional songs catapulted his myspace page for a short time at number one.

    TMD is currently working on the completion of his music videos for MTV, VIVA, trace TV and many more. Also a first album is already planning on also artists such as Petey Pablo, Beeda Weeda and G-Unit should be represented. More data will be kept but still by the MSB of the label. It seems like there would be a new star in the sky in the near future. Pushed the newcomer is by many US r artisten what is very strange. In the United States, he has already a huge fanbase even called him ‘King of germany’. This title took to heart the rap artist and rapping also the sentence “at the best rapper in my neighborhood” in his new song, which should appear as a video. You could say it would be almost a sign of what will await us in a short time. The rapper’s landmark is its Neck chain with handcuffs that are equipped with precious stones. An investment of several thousand euros, but the cuffs also have a significance. At the age of 14, he moved home to stand on our own two feet and to follow his dream. The 26-year-old had to do very much with the police in his youth and was already frequently times arrested for gun possession and other crimes. His chain is what he hunt mentioned in several of his songs an insult against the police. In a very short time the single of rap artists will be in Germany so also here appear and hopefully also a hit. Info page of TMD: TMD’s myspace page PR. Responsible S.Baunat (MSB)