The World and Modern Science

  • Jan 9

    Carlos Mora Vanegas while we are performing in highly competitive economic scenarios, forcing this management not only acting in function of the modern administrative fashion, but you pass to others that allow to give step to paradigms of administrative management according to the requirements demanded by the scenarios. We are who we identify with that management innovative, able to take advantage of the scope, implications that generate fashions administrative, technical, managerial modern, leading companies on profitable markets, ensuring a good turnout, conquest which favours to all stakeholders and that promotes organizational culture in where he works. Management should be identified with an organization is producing, importing elements, process information, define products, investigate, train, produce, motivating social responsibility, organizational culture, development, according to the organization concerned. Just first and foremost this is manifested actions that focus on fashion of According to the interest of study of the effective Dynamics Company, inviting the management considered them, evaluate them, apply them if necessary. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. Says, that fashions administrative (Acevedo and Lopez, 2000: 44-45) are a type of proposals offered to themselves as well as the great solution to the problems of the administration. The contents of these proposals are based on: personal experiences of success, unless there is a conceptualization of the same; successful experiences in certain contexts and situations without warning about appropriate precautions of adaptability and adaptation to other contexts; the criteria of novelty, thereby incurring double fallacy to believe, on the one hand, that all new knowledge is true and, on the other hand, that because a theory contains an important truth, all previous theory is false; and finally, the trends imposed by the trade are not supported in previous investigations and for this reason in many opportunities it is not possible to determine why sometimes they are successful and other do not. This offer is divulged through a great editorial success, making much emphasis on recognition of very renowned authors in the themes treated and surrounded by a certain atmosphere that makes them deserving of the adjective of gurus, which allows them to these last, resort to enunciated Ex cathedra to decide the procedures of the organization. . Governor Cuomo wanted to know more.