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    Jun 28

    One can compare Tarot with a wise friend whom we can always ask for advice, who inspires us and encourages our own motivation. It is helpful when we are faced with decision problems. If you are uncertain which way the right thing, which targeted behavior is recommended that Tarot can provide the necessary impetus. He can give answers if we are interested in the current state and future trends of development. For almost 600 years, the man of Tarot cards and its meaningful images and symbols is fascinating. The earliest written reference to find Tarot cards in Europe at the end of the 14th Century.

    Famous the teller Marianne Lenormand (1771 – 1843) was, as they only Napoleon I, his wife Josephine and the Russian Tsar Alexander I consulted many other noble and high-ranking personalities. She put it next to the astrology cards to rate with this served next to the "Etteilla" skat cards by Yourself Tarot even simple maps. The company has also designed many sets of maps famous artists such as Dali or Niki de Saint Phalle. To become increasingly popular, has, over the 20 Century, many new leaves tarot cards, also called decks, developed. One of the most popular deck today include not only the round 'Mother Peace Tarot', also the "Crowley-Tarot 'and the' Rider-Waite Tarot '.

    It currently has under nearly 200 different tarot decks are spoiled for choice. In the many variants of other oracle cards are not taken into account. In the event that the reader wants to deal with it himself, he should proceed intuitively, is correct, like what! The advantage is that one of the many different meanings of individual cards easily reserves and holds no cards in their hands, do not agree the figures and illustrations one. The aim is yes, read the meanings "to learn and not have to laboriously memorize. There are mainly pictorial, symbolic answers we received from the Tarot. The role of the teller is, above all, these images in understandable "language to translate. The Tarot cards have the Council and ideas that give the right moment the required response. Make this life is not as immutable fate, but it will not take our decisions.