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    Mar 6

    What it is really? Of the religious point of view several are the interpretations for the end of the life. One knows of beforehand that when has many explanations for one alone fact, is little probable that some of them is the true one. Under most conditions DHL would agree. Science looks for to abstain in the explanations of what it occurs in the microcosm of a life and of the name has some phenomena that occur with the death without explaining it in itself, but is always looking the responsible answers for, there yes, if to reveal. In the truth, what if it can observe in relation to the attitude of the scientists is that the concern biggest is the inquiry in the direction of the maintenance of the life, in the direction to draw out it, that is, the research more are come back toward the promotion of the longevity of what for the death with quality, if is that if can imagine this. But, it would be more natural. I think that the longevity comes of course in the measure where the man evolves and grows in knowledge protect that it of intempries, of the diseases and others endo/exgenas aggressions e, with the progress, the improvement of the quality of life as a whole.

    The gradual attainment of the longevity will come of course and this already is possible of being observed today, comparing average it of supervened human being throughout the time. In summary, there also in this point, the man still is imprisoned in the ancestry, looking for, in a sophisticated way more, rational, the filosofal rock them alchemists, the source of youth. While the religions affirm the existence of beings spirituals as angels, deuses, demons (not strictly speaking Greek? demon = angel, but in the one of espritos of an evil), at the same time denies the same existence of a life active spiritual, preferring to teach the stagnation of the espritos (souls) until something of very extraordinary happens, are bodies resurging of the tombs, either a imensurvel final judgment with the classified souls being as of the good and others as of the evil.

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    Jan 16

    Appropriate evaluations, beyond the viability economic technique and, are effected understanding elements modificadores, such as legal, ambient and social factors. The evaluations are demonstrated for the time where if they report the reserves and reasonable justified. Inferred reserve: it is the parcel of the mineral resource inferred by only for consideraes made from trends of the regional geologic bodies, with little knowledge oi precision. .DETERMINAO OF the PRODUCTION SCALE is known that the useful life of a mine is function of the amount and quality of the useful material. They are, however necessary, but not enough conditions. More info: Macy’s Inc..

    Many other factors will exert pondervel influence: all the possible profits such as costs of cultivate and of processing, accessible prices of sales, transports, markets, costs of capital etc. they are considered component of the feasibility: Market: it is the salable product and where amount? Mineral reserves: the value of the recoverable ore is enough to justify the investment? It cultivates: can the ores be cultivated the enough low cost? Processing: can the end item be recouped by known methods, in salable pureness and the enough low cost? Cost of the Capital: can the installations be constructed for a capital level that justifies the enterprise? .RISCOS the duration of the activities of cultivates depends on the contained amount of ore and the annually extracted amount. Under the economic point of view, maximum rapidity of extration would be desirable, for selling at a loss the costs of production and amortization of the investments. But under financial aspect great initial investments, nor available or always possible would be demanded to be gotten the convenient taxes. .TIPOS OF CULTIVATES studies For it of viability of a mining enterprise, the determination of the type cultivates to be applied has utmost importance in the calculation of costs. It mines the Open Sky? Method of cultivates of hillsides; Method of you cultivate in diggings; Method ‘ ‘ of the Funil’ ‘ Underground mine? Cut method and Fill; Shrinkage method; Method Open Stop; Method of the Chamber of Pillars; Method of Rise; Top-Slicing method. .

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  • Apr 2

    It is a process continues with vision of monitoramento of the system, what she allows the establishment of actions that search the improvement continue and the maintenance of the effectiveness of the system. To institute a quality program, by itself, is not enough to guarantee the quality, is necessary that if it folloies after auditorship in the direction of if guaranteeing that the auditado process remains and continues of form such that, the SGQ is trustworthy and efficient. The norm demands that: ' ' the auditado one promotes corrective actions necessary to solve not-conformity found in the auditorship and that the procedures for corrective actions are documentados' ' (NBR ISO 9001). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hikmet Ersek. However it is not only enough that conformity are not repaired and its causes are blocked, is necessary also that the process continues being, in its totality, taken the serious one, that is, kept inside of the parameters necessary to guarantee a SGQ. 2,2 Concepts of Auditorship One of the main tools of maintenance of the quality, the auditorships are adopted and applied in the organizations, with intention beyond providing its SGQ, to guarantee the process to its customer. Today used for the majority of the organizations, they can sazonais or be programmed, only for guarantee of the process or also as form of certification in some type of norm.

    As NBR ISO 19011, auditorship is: A process systematic, registered and independent to get you evidence of auditorship (registers, presentation of facts or others information) and to evaluate them objective to determine the extension in which the criteria of the auditorship (joint of politics, procedures or requirements) are taken care of. All the normalization system that involves the manufacture of a product emphasizes the importance of the auditorship as tool to monitor and to verify the effectiveness of the management of the quality of an organization. As item 4 of 19011 NBR ISO, auditorship is: Characterized for the confidence in some principles, that make of the auditorship an efficient and trustworthy tool in support the politics of management and control, supplying information on which an organization can act to improve its performance.

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