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  • Creating Products

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    Nov 7

    Structures when creating an own product We will see in first term like creating a text file. If just we began is recommendable to create ebook, in the future, when we acquire but soltura we create audio and videos. 1.Producto in text Structure of the book These 4 steps really are those that compose the structuring of any content. See Hikmet Ersek for more details and insights. It must be respected in each chapter of the book. All do not have the same tastes to obtain data and we must adapt our product to all the pleasures. They want something but theoretical, others more practitioner. For more information see Pegasus books. Why? In the first sections we will speak on Why? Because it is important to read this book or this chapter What? In the following sections we will speak on What? That it is what goes away to learn in the book How? In the later ones we will say Since There is people whom the theories do not interest and want to him to know directly since to do Dar Examples and finally we will try to give examples in each point we will give examples Here exceeds what it is taught in the book.

    Information Experience Personnel To speak on personal experiences and not to mention other authors because supposedly we are expert in the subject. The information must be but specific to which we wished to teach and not to make it too academic. We will raise the learned lessons personally. The points but important to emphasize and that they will give the greater benefit him. Traditional investigation To look for in courses, books written but without copying information but giving our own personality him. This content only must be to guarantee what it occurs like personal information. Contained the content of the book it must have all the fiance’ in the sale and not defraud the client.

  • Sep 19

    Self-employment is the alternative of access to a professional or enterprise activity for those workers with a dynamic profile and disposition to assume risks that it makes possible to them to create his own job with perspective of stability in the same. Self-employment constitutes a formula through which it creates job and wealth and it supposes an active answer to an unemployment situation or labor uncertainty. Like Technicians in Direction and Labor Insertion, we must know all the alternatives use to be able to offer to the user a fan to him of possibilities for its insertion. Self-employment like personal option towards the use: They are moments at which it agrees to take advantage of the personal capacities and abilities, the acquired experience, formation, relations and contacts, to consider the possibility of being the one same creator of its own job. Therefore, aspects such as our antecedents, our formation and contacts are circumstances that must take advantage, not discarding in addition all those supports that the Administrations Public they put at the disposal of the new entrepreneurs. To initiate adventure independently is an arduous and difficult task that valiantly it is undertaken and that in the beginnings needs all the personal effort to confront the challenge successfully.

    It will be necessary to mainly sacrifice time and to consider an almost absolute dedication, not forgetting that moments will be lived on constant tension, since much and with the aggravating one of which to be industralist means to develop in a variable world and of uncertainty risks that is difficult to anticipate. Nevertheless, usually it is a rewarding experience, even although it is not as well as it was expected, because it will always be enriching according to comment those that have lived already it. To fight by something own is a sensation that few or no time is experienced on another’s account working; and if the things go well, more economic benefit than in a use will gain on another’s account.

  • Leader Business

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    Nov 8

    ” The second obstacle that makes fail to an affiliate is the nonimplementation of the strategies in the own business ” Thus it is, in fact, the idea to be organized is exactly that it can work but comfortably and it has left time for the reading, the qualification is vital in this business multilevel and if it does not read new features of the company or you complete marketing strategies and the electronic books, are not going to be successful and the frustration will cause that it leaves and is lost of this unique opportunity. The certainty is VITAL in this business like in any other, but I believe that when we make the things or, everything leaves or and when we see our commissions or it arrives when us the GCard card to our address is when an affiliate is soaked of satisfaction and this it is the best motor to continue working arduously by but objectives, because, after all, all we want to achieve the success and the financial freedom in our business multilevel. ” An affiliate becomes Leader when it goes by his objective day after day until obtaining it and aid to other people that ” obtains the same ; BlogRollEl Blog of the Candy: Like taking advantage of 20 minutes a Domingo?. .