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    Jan 4

    Morning. You are 60 or 65 years. It depends on who you are, lady or gentleman. You can sleep a little longer, but you habitually get up at six o'clock. Realizing that will not have to rush, wash, eat breakfast and suddenly decide to go to the former work.

    A strange wish, but you're gonna get out of the house and, having done their usual way in a crowded bus, come to the office. Just yesterday you were here at the zenith of fame, you praise, admire you Today something not so. No, of course, say hello, but somewhere in a hurry and speak to you not in a hurry. Come to his workplace, and there reigns a different person, your colleague. He has already brought its order on your desk, not at all enjoyed your phone from the pc deleted all your music and photos. Suddenly you realize that you are a stranger.

    Superfluous. Work is proceeding, and without you, no matter how irreplaceable you did not call yesterday. All the cool, the phone rings, the printer prints the new contract or regulations, are appointed by the meeting, held planning meetings. And all this without you! For the former co-workers do not already have! If you have not felt sad at this moment and you are safely left the office, the next attack is waiting for you. I do not know what salary you get a job, but the pension will be considerably less. Many earn 5000 rubles and barely make ends meet. Others receiving 10 or 20 or even 50 thousand. So your pension is much less! Thus, upon retirement you find yourself in a situation when it comes to significantly tighten their belts. Much of what you have become accustomed, you already can not afford. our 'bright future' At the same time the other flank of the creep of the disease. Until you have worked for them once I did not think, but the pension, doing nothing – is fertile ground for the development of all sorts of infection. The rhythm of life has changed dramatically, and the diseases that should be. It is much easier to finish off the enemy, that is, excuse me, you, the moment when you're in a stressful situation. Starts walking on the doctors. It turns out that our vaunted free and all the best in the world of medicine is not such a qualitative and free. And then there's drugs and expensive need to buy. True, you can put all sorts of subsidies. But to get them a social security need to bring in a bunch of references, to defend the place, find out what brought not something or something is missing. Again go to the chain of command So – do not be fooled! The life of pensioner – is also hard work, which is where something akin to the hard daily work. And it will do the rest of his life. And then Well, we will not continue. And so it is clear that life is not infinite, and once we all find ourselves somewhere very far away.

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