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    Aug 8

    To use this convenient method of communication. Enough to have a computer with Internet access and appropriate program. One very convenient and almost indispensable functions of the messenger is user presence status. Depending on the version of icq, presence status changed, but the same remain the status as on-line, off-lain, in addition, additional status gives the user the opportunity to show their status: busy, do not bother, there is no on-site. These statuses are displayed on the interface and allow users to system to see your status. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Gennette. Send a message, and in that case if the recipient is off-line.

    Message will come to him as soon as it connects to the network. Correspondence in the icq is not confidential in the full sense of the word. The company aol has every right to transmitted by messenger information. Besides who gained enormous popularity messenger icq, now mass produced alternative clients, such as qip, Miranda, and the like. Messenger qip in recently gaining increasing popularity. Its nice feature is that it supports most protocols. The first account is created on the protocol Jabber, then you can add accounts for other protocols. Messenger has a pleasant and friendly interface.

    With it you can receive if you are registered, for example, "Classmates", "VKontekte, you can share files, download information, call landline or mobile phone. Another popular instant messenger is Miranda. Miranda is easily installed on your computer. First, download the file, razarhiviruem it. Then find the folder on your computer Miranda, and it – Plugins.

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