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    Mar 4

    I open then the space for the reading of the article, the medieval world and social asrelaes peasants. 2.AFAMLIA AND the COMMUNITY PEASANT ' ' Isolated Quemest only can make the evil. The great sin is the singularizao 1 ' '. He is as soon as Jacques Le Goff defines the singularity in the Average Age of sculosXII and XIII. Not being seen with good eyes, the singularity gave space for eager in community.

    They were the social relations. ' ' Pride (…) was individualismoexagerado. It only had salvation in the group and for the group; the proper love was caught eperdio 2 ' '. This plurality, however, was not democratic. Come from entreos relations peasants or for its Sir, it resulted in obedincias (of camponesespara its Sirs) and submissions (of vassals for suseranos) realmenteinstitucionais. Also in literature, little individualism was developed, as well as naarte.

    The personages were represented from its social category, damaneira sight as typical for the contemporaries. When analyzing images of peasants, very present in the medieval calendars, we come across in them with strong workers, many times badly dresses (some comroupas torn, while other bare-footed ones) and almost always in set. The conception of freedom of these peasants, and all the medieval society, diferente of the given modern conception for the word. Freedom is seen entocomo privilege. He is ' ' just the place before God and the 3 men ' '. That is, as we saw previously, the place before the men is next to them, leaving the individualism. Freedom is to be inserted, to be part, in the society. to be free, is necessary to be dependent, to be protegidopor somebody powerful thing. This relation of protection appeared when a peasant noencontrava ways to support and to protect alone itself exactly or the suafamlia. Sir searched then the aid of one. Inside of the families (which the individual belonged in first place), it the individuality from class actions chefelimitava.

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