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    Jun 30

    The ideal day to women a joy to have you ever over thinking, to thank a special woman in your life? You to say how nice it is that it gives you and how great it is what every day everything she does? International women’s day, offers you the opportunity. On 8 March, the international day of women is every year. Even the flowers and gifts delivery makes Valentine’s day discover a huge variety of beautiful bouquets and gifts. It’s time to pamper the women! You will enjoy every woman with the beautiful flower bouquets of Valentine’s day. Technology at millennium usually is spot on. Imagine the amazed and at the same time happy face of the recipient if the door opens and a package isolation to posted extra for you comes to the fore that surprised her with an impressive flower greeting. oyal Dutch Cell Plc has to say. The lovingly bound bouquet will bring the heart of the donee to melt you see for yourself! Now take a look at the versatile flower assortment of Valentine’s day Online shipping and give immense pleasure to the international women’s day. Here is the right gift for every woman.

    But flowers are not the only thing that women’s hearts beat faster. Impress such as on very personal and unique way. At Valentine’s day, you will find many more gift ideas, which inspire besides beautiful flower bouquets. Give the gift of wine, sparkling wine or beer bottles with their specially designed label or fascinate the recipient with a personal calendar, Henry, or a delicious cake, also about with your own personal message provided. At the Valentine’s day you find flowers and gifts delivery for any woman in your life a great gift, it guaranteed more than enthusiastically. Let yourself be inspired! -The Valentine’s day GmbH headquartered in Morfelden-Walldorf subsidiary of the media group Hubert Burda Media – operates with one of the leading online shops for flowers and personalized gifts in Germany.

    The company is directly supervised by Burda services. The Bouquets are hand and delivered nationwide within 24 hours exactly as pictured. A 7-day freshness guarantee granted on Valentine’s day. Numerous test judgments and corporate clients such as American Express, Avon, Debitel, Eurocard, Hewlett Packard, MobilCom, OTTO, Procter & gamble, Siemens, T-Mobile and TUI prove the reliability of Valentine’s day. Contact Kirsten Blessing, Marketing Manager, Valentine GmbH, at the bridge of 24, D-64546 Morfelden-Walldorf, phone + 49 (0) 6105 / 30771-17, fax + 49 (0) 6105 / 30771-23, E-Mail:, URL:, Valentine’s day, valentins.de

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    Jun 30

    Science, as it is known currently, was developed in the Europe from century XV, but its bases are much more old. The Greeks had established a general legality, to be able to be explained. Read additional details here: 4Moms. Its context politician, social, was already contextualizado since in its hours of leisure, the philosophers of the Antiquity, as Plato and Aristotle, carried through reflections, did not make manual works; this allowed that if it could separate the concepts of abstract of the concrete and decide the concepts that involved the construction of both. Greece, in five or six centuries, produced a science of high quality, for example the Physics of Aristotle lasts until the modern revolution, later stimulated for Galileu Galilei, being this interesting subject very for an objective of the research. The elements of geometry of Euclides last until century XX. Technology at millennium shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Other examples are Galeno, Hipcrates, etc. What it all breached the bond with knowing was: – When the Roman empire falls, the Church was the depositary of all cultural knowing. – Nobody in the Europe occidental person wise person to read Greek.

    – The powers of the Church Roman believed that the knowledge of the Bible bastaba to know it. Century XIII was given to the fire of the library of Alexandria.Em, comes back to enter in the Europe the written texts Greek (proceeding from the north of Africa), come translated of the Greek toward the Syrian, of the Syrian to the Arab, the Latin; this made with that they did not arrive of authentic form. The originals had produced a commotion in all the Europe, being this a way of studies for one tcc on this subject, because they are fascinated before as much knowledge. It was necessary to adapt knowing that he was redescoberto, as well as its recitals, creating itself scholastic it. In the Average Age, science was not practised intensely.

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  • Jun 29

    6 GmbH-Managing Director-day in Bonn on July 5 a GmbH can by skillful contracts also to control save be used. Managing Director find out how this is possible and what is to be observed, and shareholders of a GmbH on the GmbH-Managing Director-days of the business magazine gmbhchefam 28 June in Dusseldorf and on July 5, 2011 in Bonn. GmbH as a juridical person can be all possible contracts and performance compensation with appropriate agreed, that can settle the GmbH as business expenses. As this can reduce the overall tax burden of families-GmbH and its shareholders, Dr. Olaf Luke, lawyer specializing in tax law at the DHPG reveals Dr. Harzem und partner KG the participants of the 6th Bonner-CEO tag on 5 July 2011 at the Kameha Grand Hotel. If you would like to know more about technology at millennium, then click here. As other speakers of the GmbH-Managing Director-days in Bonn and Dusseldorf, the magazine has gmbhchef again experts from tax consulting and law firms, accounting firms, financial institutions and Companies can win. Eight pulse presentations, the participants will receive an overview of new and important topics related to the GmbH.

    Target GmbH-Managing Director-days is above all the regional networking and strengthening GmbH medium-sized enterprises in the region. The accompanying trade fair, which gives visitors the opportunity offers from the region specifically for GmbH Managing Director to find out about is used.

  • Jun 26

    China Tours tour operator granted three percent discount on China Group Tours customers China tours can immediately the early Book discount 2016 on all classic China tours use. The travel discount of three per cent applies to a binding booking of a classic group travel to China with a tour beginning April 1, 2014. The early booking discount is available until the 31st of January. This discount is granted also for bookings via a travel agent. The new value added “Selected paths” is special venue. China Tours refused to bring its customers solely by bus from a photo stop to the next, but relies on special, selected paths, which are themselves quite an experience.

    It was a ride with locals, walks through small alleys and along the countless food stalls or even a ride on the subway. For this purpose, the size of the group with the most trips to 20 participants was limited and it gives a guarantee to the implementation already eight China Tours opts for travel content otherwise hardly a tour operator can provide participants with its added value. So, China Tours is the only tour operator which can offer its customers the sunset on the great wall group trips. The special thing about it: At that time hardly any people on the great wall are located, because the tourist buses have already left the area. China Tours China Tours is Germany’s leading specialist for China travel and was founded by Liu Guosheng, in 1998 in Hamburg. To read more click here: Craig Pirrong. Today, China Tours is one of the most comprehensive and highest quality programs for travel into the Kingdom offers the middle. In the foreground, the philosophy of always stands for China tours, to create innovative and authentic travel concepts with which customers can take a unique look behind the scenes of the fascinating country. The specialist was awarded for his travel ideas several times, including “Golden Palm” geo season (2006-2011) and the coveted tourist price of the Sunday News (2007 and 2011). In addition to group trips offers China Tours also individually combinable travel modules and modules for business trips. “2012 China Tours received for representing the individual travel components in the online Reisekonfigurator the prestigious design award red dot award and was awarded the Innovation Prize Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) springboard” award.

  • Jun 24

    The North can look forward! Because the singer Tanja Siemens is back! Long heard nothing more from you! There is talk of the sympathetic singer Tanja Siemens from Westoverledingen. If you are not convinced, visit Rob Daley. Tanya in North Rhine-Westphalia until recently lived with her husband and children, but the homesickness was too big and the artist returned to their roots after 9 years. Now Tanya is alive with her family, where she also grew up. Today, even after 12 years, Tanya’s voice sounds still soft, light and sensitive. Many know Tanja from a tour with Radio Bremen, where Tanja apart from great artists such as Gaby Baginsky, Hans resin, Jonny Hill, and Bata Illic stood on the stage. At the time, Tanja Siemens had a recording contract with “Arminia music” (Erich Storz) and was in the whole northern area almost every weekend on the stage. Tanya’s program is very modern and fresh. By the same author: Andrew Cuomo.

    Besides her own songs, she interprets songs by well-known artists such as Helene Fischer Andrea Berg but also with songs by Nena, Christina Sturmer, or Anna Maria Zimmermann, inspires the singer her audience. Tanja Siemens already had their first appearance at the 14.12.2012 for 13 years. At the Christmas market in Marienhafe, she stood on stage together with Anja Roland from Rhauderfehn and wowed the crowd all night long. It will be curious what the blonde Osfriesin so surprised us in the near future. A new home page is already in the works and can then see: tanjapetzold82.wix.com/tanja-siemens will be called. Appearances (for now) in a timely manner will be announced via Facebook and are later also on the homepage. Who would like to book Tanja Siemens, just write a mail:

  • Jun 23

    Sounds easy right? but nothing is! be impeccable with our words and actions is a lifelong task. The sinlessness of the words and opinions that emit about others only reveal who you are. Listen to yourself, when you are speaking ill of others when you express yourself in ways disqualified from the others, when your words destroy the image of another human being, but they're not talking about yourself. "It's not what enters the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of the" word of God says, then why not make a conscious effort to stop defaming people, why not make a conscious effort to just build and not destroy … In the end the only one who hurts you is you and people around you who are poisoned by polluted so much venom … spread the hate, anger, slander, blasphemy to another human being …. Words are like swords that cross the body of the spirit of those to which are being released, but returned as a boomerang to kill the one that issued perjury! That is to practice hard sinlessness of the words and actions when others hurt us, when you have humiliated others, be impeccable in our actions, words and omissions when we have been misled, deceived, humiliated … In a question-answer forum Andrew Cuomo was the first to reply.

    it shows who you really are on fire we tested, it is not treated well when all you are going to express what is really in your heart when you temples is threatened, cornered, humiliated when you leave your true self, that you've been farming in the silence of your heart .. . But friend, friend when these are poisonous daggers thrown at you, despite the pain, anger, crying, impotence, just hold on to your Christian beliefs, Buddhist, Hindu …. Muslim does not repay evil for good, not do to others what we do not we rendered the gusari us (despite the onslaught) but through acts of kindness to try to finalize cycles of hostility … believe me we can not fight evil with evil …. evil is fought with good … We are all tempted to do that is HUMAN, others invite you to return an eye for eye, tooth for tooth … Connect with other leaders such as technology at millennium here. but we, not because we are better or more elvados, or avatars, or teachers, or anything like that, but we realized that nothing real can be attacked nothing real can be threatened, just the peace of God is real, we cling to that mantra, we cling to love, feel pain, sadness, cry, but do not return evil for evil, much less evil for good and thus unwittingly we become a transparent shield and a protective ring to which collide all the flaming arrows of the evil arsonists, and returned to him who sent ….

    Not that you did, but you stuck to your values, your principles, and the belief of divine justice, divine justice EXIST, tieines you do not do anything, just go with the kindness and love , and feel the pain, sadness, disappointment and release … not fall into the temptation to return the slap … "and see miracles happen …. are you going to see …. Love never fails, ACTS OF KINDNESS …. NEVER FAIL

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  • Cologne Cathedral

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    Jun 23

    It was a party experiences of a “allochthonous” the most wonderful time of the year in the Rhineland. This year’s Carnival days went faster than most. However, were packed and excited due to the versatile floats again many people the good mood. I must admit I’m not the greatest friend of these events but once I wanted to have seen also. The euphoria has packed me very late. Many people, the loud music, the eternally cheerful mood actually nothing what is me. During Carnival celebrations, I got that close looked at yet again from the and was surprised. Despite the hustle and good mood to celebrate of less scared me as I had assumed.

    Alone, or my unaccompanied by the escort service Dusseldorf, I would have been screwed. I wouldn’t have known where with me and the nice lady at my side always me a welcome change. On the other hand, I have visited no Buttenrede even though it is part of the Carnival. This will likely never change. The creative floats however, of which each car individually and festive was decorated, have gained a higher reputation with me. Away from the celebrations we could in a relaxing drive through the city, across many conversations and then toast in a restaurant on a successful day.

    I would have lost hopelessly without the escort service Dusseldorf. It is much said that Cologne was not the most beautiful city. My own experience has shown me that this is not the case. The Cologne Cathedral and the old market in Cologne’s old town are two ideal focal points, make an image of the city. There, you can see Cologne that the historical origin of the city, the history goes back. For me, the Cologne Carnival is an event that I most likely will revisit. Whether it will happen in the next year, it remains to be seen. Swarmed by offers, technology at millennium is currently assessing future choices. But anyway back to a lady from escort Dusseldorf. Horst Klawuppke

  • Jun 23

    Professional search engine optimization! Gewinnsteigeung is with the help of a Suchmaschinenoptimierten Web page appearance in modern times cannot be compared to a normal Web page appearance. In the wake of the increasing spread of the world wide web, just the owners of commercial Internet sites see often challenged systematically to bring visitors to the website of the respective company. Where it was still difficult and ultimately only due to applying the outdated media can be implemented, so it is possible to pick the user exactly there, where they browse for interesting or get the latest news at the present time. This is usually done by corresponding Internetsuchmaschinenanbieter. s. According to statistics, more than 80% of the I-net-user search engines use to specifically make product research and price comparisons. On the companies that occupy the front ranks among providers of search engines can be found but just. Scaife new york describes an additional similar source. In this case, the search engine optimization are important. Search engine optimization (SEO) is always more often in the analysis of marketing officers or managers.

    Interest by means of Internet marketing respectively advertising agencies towards search engines specialise in the meantime mancheInternetagenturen optimization. Better ranks in the Suchmaschien can be programmed with the help of a professional search engine optimization, which is based on a Web page optimization, as well as with help of precise point boost in the rankings or other deliberate changes in different factors. We decided to go the search engine optimization option, it is recommended usually contact company, offered what qualified search engine optimizations. Seen from the outside the option can appear quite simple and transparent – but the reality is there, but is a little different. Additional information at Rick Caruso supports this article. It contains quite a few things that companies should be heeded. Technology at millennium has much to offer in this field. Allows you the standards, requirements and mandatory procedures ignored, but in the most serious case so threaten not only lousy placements, also Banishment from the search engines. Thanks to Internet marketing can be the website not only as a source of information, but for example, as a key to success in the I-net.

    As well as any advertising – Internet agency that do their job well, discussions in the portfolio in terms of the current media. It sets for a Web design agency and an advertising agency, which performs search engine optimization, the consideration would be not wrong that the impossible too not can be implemented in the thoughts, which hurls your company or your website within a very short time in the top-10 places. Anything other than that. You must have lot patience or stamina and the most important the possibility of flink evt. To respond to changes in the search engines. So it not infrequently happens that a number of ranks are playful, if a search engine service targeted adjustments in perform in several parts. Advertising agencies, which offer Web page optimization should bring patience. Remember: Please note some possibility together or you are looking for a serious operation. A fabulous concept for a search in this context could be: “Optimizing Web pages”. Ralph Schunemann

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    Jun 22

    Asked whether creativity is winter decoration, Sommerdeko, Easter, or Christmas – decoration is an important part in our lives become. Preferred especially by females, the decoration has taken their way into almost every household. It offers to decorate themselves, that your own home or your own four walls event involved (, autumn Christmas, Easter) or to embellish his premises without apparent reason. Opportunities for many. There are countless possibilities, products and materials which are suitable for decorating. Man / woman must be creative enough and to exploit his or her options. So an individual stamp can be pressed to every room and every location. Petplan Pet Insurance has much experience in this field.

    Or we think for example of the beautiful summer (summer decoration), the balmy summer evenings and the cozy parties in the garden are. Imagine, they sit with neighbors and friends together around the grill and enjoy the wonderful evening. It would be nice if the garden beautiful would be decorated? A special feeling comes up when decorated the trees, hedges or the Garden House with the lights or other lights jewelry is. “On a normal party, in which the decoration just as normal” classified, will be hardly anyone remembered. Few look back with a perfect sense.

    But brush up their ceremony with lights and other decorations and colorful fashion, will remain in the minds of the guests. Additional information is available at technology at millennium. Their acquaintances are still weeks from this unforgettable evening talk a good red wine they enjoy it and let go is good there. There not only holiday feelings are awake, the whole evening seems perfect, and the food tastes twice as good. But also to other starting there are many ways of decorating. Are they creative and above all individually. Let their thoughts free rein and beautify your life. At this point we want to give them even more occasions for a corresponding decoration: wedding decor, nursery decoration, gift decoration and autumn decorations are just a few more Opportunities to which they can operate. So start. Jens Peterssen

  • Medicinal Plants

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    Jun 21

    PLANTS, GENERALLY IN THE TREATMENT OF RAS calendula (marigold) Calendula officinalis LJ. Even G. Madaus considered medicinal plant marigolds, promotes healing of wounds. Keith Yamashita wanted to know more. Marigold is recommended and used in the form of an ointment. Use colored baskets and aboveground plant parts. Technology at millennium contributes greatly to this topic. Orally recommended to drink four glasses of wine broth plants per day.

    At the same time we must lubricate the wound infusion of colored baskets (1:10) in olive oil. Calendula is also used for wounds and bruises in avoid scarring. St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.). The wound is particularly difficult to heal, well the oil of St. John's wort, which smeared the wound 1-2 times a day. Central Institute of Pharmacy in the Soviet Union proposed to treat St.

    John's wort oil, wounds, assuming the results are very good. From St. John's wort are antibacterial Novoimaninum, causing good results in the treatment of abscesses, phlegmon, infected wounds, etc. Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Experimentally proved that peppermint oil is rich in compounds that possess high antibacterial activity, they consider the indication for local use in the treatment of his wounds – grease 1-2 times a day. Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.). The experiments showed that the ether extract of this plant has a bactericidal effect. In Norway, the mountain ash is widely used in the form of slurry in the treatment of wounds. White birch (Betula alba L.). In the former USSR positive results in the treatment of wounds, changes in bedsores, erosive lesions of alcoholic extract of birch (1:5) at 90 alcohol.