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  • Hamburg

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    Jan 5

    These sofas are trend in Hamburg at the moment. The sofa is type in Hamburg this year? Many new sofas at the Cologne Furniture Fair were presented at the beginning of the year. The orders are now for about 4 weeks in the furniture stores and first trends are already visible. Two trends stand out in particular. Customers in the sofa demand Depot sofas, where you can just comfortably sit and Corner sofas with functions.

    Just Corner sofas and living landscapes offer more ways to spend time together on the sofa. Single beds side by side is often only enough space to the stiff seats, or that a person can lie down. Relaxed relaxing couple or a cozy cinematic experience takes place and the corner sofa is ahead. It fits to this observation, also, that more and more customers require fabric. There has been a wide variety of substances newly on the market.

    No longer the very rough texture fabrics are far ahead, but above all the fine woven. You are pleasantly soft on the skin and give a feeling of well-being. Sofas Hamburg are often required with functions. The most practical functions are adjustable arm – and backrests, headrests, reading lights, relax functions, bed box, and also the just mentioned sleep function. This is involved mostly with the original fabric of the sofa so she residential has been a relaxation function. There are also great new optical highlights to mention especially the sofa MagicLook course is here”in the SofDepot with a cover in lacquer finish. This model but not only looks good, but is also very convenient. Through the cover, of course, it’s a real eye-catcher, because the form is rather unintrusive. Depot Hamburg is to order this upholstered furniture in textile leather and fabric sofa. Follow others, such as Marko Dimitrijevic, and add to your knowledge base. The variant with varnish reference is taken like for tradeshow appearances and photo shoots. Also for special waiting areas in Barber shops, jewellery stores, advertising agencies, or for your own living room just a chic, unusual alternative. In General, it is but to know that many people, Corner sofas and living landscapes prefer. Marcus Hammad

  • MOSS Removal

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    Oct 10

    Effective and environmentally friendly algae and MOSS removal at the House and in the garden the closer invading spring can accompanied by warm temperatures clearly the remnants of winter and the House and garden owners call the duty to begin their annual cleaning be undertaken. Now is the right time to choose and to make all necessary preparations. It is now important to gain insight to his cleaning house in the garden plan and execute. The dead after a winter branches, leaves and branches on flower beds, which have offered some domestic animals still shelter in the winter, must be removed for new renewable plants. Equally important is removing leaves residues in gutters and downspouts.

    Removal Moss occurring in shade and moist areas of and algae infestation is one of the most common works which must be operated with a great intensity and effort. Mosses of different species appear both on all Terassenplatten, stone, walls, roofs as well on Garden paths, swimming pools, balconies and stairs. Algal growth occurs in the pool and fountain, as well as on terraces, walls, stairs. The removal of MOSS and algal growth on all of these areas is mainly and time consuming with the use of a pressure washer. Now there is a new, highly effective and easy to use for the people method of MOSS and algae removal of the home and garden.

    The new AGO Moos-and algae Remover quart ensures a thorough Moss and algae removal without the use of high-pressure cleaners on natural eco-friendly manner. It is the use of Druckluftspruhers is recommended. These new products are now available in the Hakeshop. All products work on a purely organic basis without additional of chemical constituents and produced from renewable raw materials. The products are delivered within 2-4 days. The shipping cost is for German mainland 4.90 euro and from an order value of 50 euro is the shipping free of charge. There the customer multiple purchase options available. An order by E-mail is possible, as is a phone order. Raisa OWL Creek, Dipl. ok.

  • Oct 9

    for a cosy atmosphere in the cold season Stabilo a furnace line has developed and manufacture. These were developed by the developer of Gude pellet stove and should continue to expand the success of the family. The production facility that can you already demonstrated in the Pellet stoves, you konw-how now also reflected in conventional ovens. The furnaces are outfitted with their very high heating performance coupled with low emissions. By fulfilling the BIMS2 standards, they need no catalyst in the distant future. In contrast to the conventional stoves used here on the new technology of the vermiculite interior trim. This silicon-based interior is temperature-resistant than traditional refractory bricks, heat-storing self-cleaning and extremely durable. The action of introduction of get a wood moisture meter free in our shop. Damp wood is pure poison for your oven. The danger of soot from furnace and chimney. As possible consequences, one can Damage to your health, stains and unpleasant smell in the heated living space? The wood moisture meter here is the solution to the problem to protect health and the oven.

  • Hamburg BBs

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    Oct 5

    Discover special sofas in Hamburg is easy. Any upholstered furniture dealer needs also striking pieces. Especially if the sofa is rather simple, then it is on the cover and the color. In major cities such as Hamburg, may find it somewhat braver. Therefore the sofa decided like depot for the lacquer sofa. >.

    The opinions are of course extremely opposed this sofa. “” By totally great “to what happened”, anything is possible. This is the shape of the sofa MagicLook”absolutely classic. It is also very convenient. It’s hardly noticeable in a normal textile leather or fabric. Through the brave Polish optics cover, it has now become the absolute eye-catcher. The paint cover there in black, red or white. Especially in white and red it is bought also by private individuals.

    These two colours are resistant to fingerprints and scratches. It noted however, gladly accept this sofa for waiting areas and exhibition stands. The best selling sofa Hamburg BBs however, is it not. But not every sofa, which by a bright color is striking just a Catcher must remain. A good example of this is the series’ sound. This sofa set is gladly accepted. Everything is possible with this series of small corner sofa up to the large interior. The design convinces, especially people who want much seating and sunbathing area. This sofa is somewhat flat of the seat height, but it fits well with the appearance. The modern material mix applies here too. The sofa Depot has found out that this sofa series such as purple or orange particularly good looks especially with snow-white textile leather and bold colors. Many customers would not necessarily trust to order a sofa in this variant and are then surprised, but look how nice some colors. Sometimes, some courage and imagination is one of a good sofa purchase. Be open to new ideas. It is therefore important in peace the sofa to deal with buying, because eventually the sofa over the years remains. Sofas Hamburg are particularly interesting. Marcus Hammad

  • Jun 15

    While I’m running every day Kilometres, to all people from the corner to get the screwdriver that is furthest away from me. I have countless Allen wrench in my huge suitcase. That’s the idea, to have the right tool at hand for each hand grip.” An amazing statement. Already when the Marketing Department believed that the model S also only for the budget would be good. So, wear, fill, empty and to try the three testers through the different models. Our two meters – country Machine fitter tested then the rough. We look the case filled the cabin of our case dropping 1056 XL. I’m glad if you will be paid to destroy something.” All Toolbox show distinct mark on the case from two meters height, but persevere.

    The professional model L the left small Division of part of breaking away and there sorted screws and washers are distributed among the case. Our exhibition stand Builder has the smallest our suitcase – size S, delivery, already decided. For more specific information, check out Areva. I had already infinite Toolbox. Heavy, bulky, where one drags around everything with it and needs only five percent of the content. I’ve decided.

    I work with five small and well. A-Falltest-I don’t need. Western Union shines more light on the discussion. I work at ground level.” More persuasion fails. Amazing turnaround in our test. How the Toolbox with its dimensions were designed, you sometimes are not used. The model size S was designed as a garden and housewife case. For household tools and gardening or fishing case these are manufactured. The cases with the size M had the similar intended purpose, only just slightly larger. The centrally seated clip fastener for size S and M allow a fast loading of small tools. The left and right sitting clip plugs for sizes L and XXL, and the internal removable inserts give an idea of a versatility in service employees. In particular the extra removable small part of pockets in the lid also convinced the State Machine fitter. This is handy. Small enough for the breast pocket in my pants and big enough to have all my washers on the man. It is annoying, when a mother is missing two metres above sea level. Winner: The professional model L with its dimensions of 51 x 25.5 x 25 cm and its 2 clip closures secure the inside of the cover subjects of small part, this section well when the janitor and the country machinist with the note. “The rating of the stand with his opinion me anyway, I’ve decided.” was not taken into account. All three testers at the material agreed. Light, stable and secure the shock (see our Advisor polyurethane). Our explanation about the differences in the plastic polyurethane and polypropylene. We think the three craftsmen is not clear until today. But the result counts. We thank our three craftsmen for their test and look forward to the upcoming campaign in the company.