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  • Nov 8

    When we think of an exotic vacation, Brazil is one of the top destinations that come into our mind.Samba, warm beaches and the famous Carnival are just some of the images that cross our minds.Where can we find all this? If not is at Rio de Janeiro, the famous metropolis where everyone always is Diviertenrio de Janeiro or river simply, as they call the locals, has many attractions for tourists, among them the beautiful landscape, the Carnival and the famous giant statue of Christ, Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), recently chosen, among other famous monuments, to be one of the new seven wonders of the modern world. It is not surprising that the city has been named A Cidade wonder (wonderful city).Until 1960, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil (after it was previously the capital of the Portuguese Empire).Today, although the capital was moved to Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro not only remains the second most important city in the southeast of Brazil, after Sao Paulo, but also an important cultural centre. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. The city was founded in 1565, on 1 March, by the Portuguese Knight Estacio de Sa called.His full name was San Sebastian de Rio de Janeiro, 20?, although nowadays use only the second half of the name.In the event that you want to know, that name meant San Sebastian of the River 20 January and the city was named so in honour of San Sebastian, which is traditionally celebrated on January 20. Today, with a population of around 12 million inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in the world.Most of the city’s population is of Portuguese origin, but there are also a large number of descendants of Africans.With other ethnic groups is most important, as Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Arabs, Jews, Koreans and Japanese, Rio de Janeiro is a real Babylon, a picturesque place where all cultures and traditions of the mixture.If you want to know more about the history of the city, try the trip to Brazil Forum, where you will find a lot of information about the ancient times of Brazil. Steph Korey New York is the source for more interesting facts.

  • Jul 19

    Reisen.de informed about the most beautiful cycling routes through Germany the summer has arrived and with it also the Radelsaison. The Internet portal reveals in his magazine, where there are the most beautiful, new cycling routes in Germany and what there is to discover them: the Luneburger Heide offers two new paths. The one there the leash Heide cycle path, 143 km long stretching from Schwarmstedt to about Hamburg. On the other hand a new cycle path will be soon accessible: the Ilmenau cycling path runs along the river. In addition, there are three packs, which you can spend a nice break in the nature park. So the Heath-adventure tour complete 100 km is considered, for example, particularly family-friendly and rich in sights.

    The Weserbergland enlists in addition to thematic tours with well-developed bike paths for everyone to win the favor of the visitors. Sporty cyclists are having fun with the new Weser-Harz-Heide cycle path from Hannoversch Munden have up to Luneburg. For longer cycling trips would be perfect, however, the total 365 km long Weser cycle path. To the 31 shorter cycling, alone the Hamburg region offers. These have averaged two days of trips as sounding names like nature pure”or insight and waves”.

    Cycling fans, who at the same time admire the painter Lyonel Feininger, make the right choice with the 56 km-long route of Feininger on Usedom. Because in addition to the most beautiful places of the island, you can get an impression of the main sources of inspiration for the German-American painter. Who wants to ride and indulge the palate at the same time, which is offered the East Allgau Emmental way. As the name suggests, offers the bike path in addition to entertaining biking fun to taste the possibility of Emmentaler cheese from our own production. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/767 contact: Tilo summer Public Relations Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

  • Jul 3

    The region for the right golf vacation want to be well-planned. The most important thing about the holidays is the relaxation and switching off, therefore you should consider before just what you actually want. You can spend a wonderful time at the Chiemsee in Bavaria to golf in the spring and summer. Southern Europe with great golf destinations in Andalusia, on the Algarve in Portugal or Cyprus is advisable in the autumn and winter. If someone for a new sport as for example for golf enthusiastic, then is important in any case, that he makes here fast first steps and learn more on what it’s about in golf. Who once operates in the Gulf, comes quickly on the idea, for example, in a Golf Club to become a member. Before it is however, an amount of time should elapse and someone should one, or even several beginners attend courses to find out exactly what are all for different things to consider if you choose the right Club and a complete sport. A beginner’s course is used by most systems several times held in, but this is very different from Club to Club.

    There are a lot of practical things that are learned in the beginners course and includes not only the proper posture of the racket. Sorrento therapeutics is actively involved in the matter. It is in addition also important that individual participants learn exactly how the bats are used for example and which techniques there are. In addition, it is also possible that the participants learn exactly how it is with the terminology in the language of golf, and when to use them. For individual beats and for individual rules there are certain terms that are often used in golf and must be understood. In regard to the holidays, there is also much that is interesting for the game of golf. So-called golf hotels are very much used and chosen when it comes that someone spends a really great golf vacation. There are a lot of ways that can be connected to a holiday at the hotel with the golf. This is very pleasing for many tourists, because the individual Golfers in a good golf hotel and like to come to the idea to play a round of golf after breakfast.

  • Surf

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    Jul 2

    Germany’s biggest island Rugen offers for each wind direction the matching surf station in Rugen, Germany’s largest island, offers very good in almost all directions of wind conditions and the appropriate surf area to windsurfing and kitesurfing also. Not only the kilometer-long outer coast holds some hidden surf spot, also at the Bodden waters, there are numerous places where you can practice the sport caused only by narrow passages and the spits inland on Rugen. Overview RugenspotsVor feel all beginners, up – and newcomers to the Schaproder lagoon with the spots of Schaprode, Suhrendorf or Dranske and Wiek. Here there are large areas with standing water and the flat Bodden allows only moderate wind waves, mostly to surf over shallow water. But there are E.g. the Hagensche Wiek, which also provides the necessary security and is little more than standing deep in the Bay of Greifswald.

    Here to surf E.g. ALT Reddevitz or Gager. Before Jet Sund also you can find a very nice one dough er area in Altefahr, directly downstream from the Rugen dam. Overview RugenWer, however, prefer surfing in the wave, the feels certainly better on the Baltic Sea. Especially Eastern winds make for very good conditions on the East Coast, for example in new Mukran, Prora, Lobbe, or b. But also in the North on the Schaabe, the transition to the peninsula of Wittow, one can find clean waves in Drewoldke or Glowe in eastern winds. Less surf, but clean swell waves run at East wind in the Bay of Greifswald in the Southeast and are good to surf in Grabow. West winds, however, provide very selective conditions with up to 4 metres high waves on the North Coast.

    Then, below the cliffs, to surf in Kreptitz or Nonnevitz. Roll but also Hiddensee the waves almost unabated on the shores of Hiddensee is however car-free. Safe and still with nice wave to surf Thiessow the Monchgut peninsula in the South-East, here comes the West wind angle onshore. Detailed For information about the named surf spots, at SPOTNETZ.DE, the online spots Guide. July 6, 2008, Andreas Horn

  • Jan 3

    Spain holidays in Malaga is fun with young and old alike! Many young people from Spain and other countries during the summer months travel to Malaga for the most diverse reasons. Malaga is literally stormed. As Malaga airport is an international airport, you can easily book a cheap flight to the region. Another reason why this region so attractive, is that is the town near the Costa del Sol, where there are many hotels Costa del Sol and hotspots. In a question-answer forum WSU lab was the first to reply. You can find a hotel in Malaga and other Unkunfte for an unforgettable stay too easily. Who likes water sports and like to spend time in nature, for the Malaga is a very good choice.

    There are a wide variety of activities such as golf, windsurfing, snorkeling and hiking, that allow one to learn more about the city and its surroundings and to discover. On the beach, you can spend time just to switch off and relax. For the evening, there are many nightclubs, bars and Cafes, live shows, which you can visit if you want to be seen. Many resorts hold parties and themed evenings for their guests. Even if one spends his holidays in one of the resorts, you can explore yet easily. Young people love the city because of its diverse nightlife. Most of the bars and clubs are open until the early hours of the morning, leaving plenty of time for the pleasure. Because Malaga is home to Picasso, you can learn much about the man and his work by visiting the museums in the city.

    Malaga is also ideal for a family vacation, because there are so many attractions that can be visited. The town offers a wonderful selection of parks, gardens, attractions and interesstanten areas, where you can buy great jewellery, fashion and other things. The summer months are the time the tourists drawn most to Malaga. For this reason you should come in early or late summer in the city. So, avoid crowded places and has the opportunity to enjoy his holiday even more. Contact: Perfect Sun Travel SL PerfectSunTravel.com Avenida de Madrid 95-97, 3-3 08028 Barcelona – Spain Tel: + 34 933 30 78 61

  • Gaudia Gaudi

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    Jan 1

    In the most Guidebooks Poble is not even mentioned sec and, if so, then only in connection with the Montjuic and its fountains, museums and Olympic buildings. Due to the high supply of hotels and low-priced apartments is an ideal urban area to get under there. Furthermore, the small quiet Fu offer you an ethnic diversity,? corridors and the immense range of quality pubs, restaurants and nightclubs a varied day and night life. If that wasn’t enough, poble sec is a true, authentic neighborhood, which is popular with locals. Sarriaist a charming district, which is already more than 1000 years old.

    He became the place of refuge for the small bourgeoisie, which consisted of writers, artists and dealers to the given period. Also are there many study residences, occupying the villas, where rich people lived. It is essential to visit the pub of bar Tomas and the legendary Patatas Bravas (fried potato wedges with) a special Knoblauchso? e) to try. What you have never seen before by Gaudia Gaudi’s works are admired due to its characteristic and distinctive style by architects from around the world. His works are scattered throughout Barcelona and therefore offer you a magical atmosphere in the city. Many of his works are known worldwide, such as for example the Parque Guell, Palacio Guell, the Sagrada Familia, the Pedrera or Casa Batllo.

    But less well known, that are just as beautiful and worth seeing include Gaudi works: the gro? and gigantic fountains in the Parque de la Ciudadella Tres Gracias in the Plaza fountain real amazing ornaments from wrought iron to the lanterns, the the strA? en in the heart of the city illuminate and are already over 125 years old. You are to find the Plaza real, the Ramblas, the Paseo de Gracia and near the old city gate. A lot more than just culture: more music, more art, more theater…

  • Dec 12

    Agoda.com has compiled a list of great hotels in Milan, the perfect Singapore for a winter holiday in the North Italian metropolis (January 8, 2014) Agoda.com has compiled a list of great hotels in Milan, which are perfect for a winter holiday in the Northern Italian city, which is known for its culture and fashion. Milan is one of the most dynamic cities in Italy to Rome, and also the second largest in the country. Due to its location, Milan from freezing cold alpine winds is protected relative and even in winter, the temperatures drop so rarely below freezing. That makes the city perfect for a winter vacation, during which you is not necessarily freezes from the nose; and who likes to ski runs, for the snow-covered mountain slopes are only a short drive North. If you would like to know more then you should visit Square Cash App. A winter holiday in Milan also because of the extensive cultural offer is very attractive. Includes also Milan’s many museums, including the Pinacoteca di Brera with its world-famous collection of paintings Italian master, the Castle Sforzesco, where among other things, Michelangelo’s last sculpture is Rondanini Pietaausgestellt, as well as the Dominican Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which was raised to the world cultural heritage site by UNESCO, and in its adjoining convent Leonardo da Vinci’s famous fresco of the last supper is.

    Another building attraction of Milan is a stunning example of Italian Gothic, whose building stretching over 600 years but of course also the Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral), and offers the space for 40,000 people. Worth mentioning is also the Cimitero monumental, one of the most beautiful and sexiest atmospheric cemeteries in the world, were surrounded by the countless historical figures to the rest. Who wants to go on skis or snowboard on the slopes, has the choice of more than 150 ski resorts can be reached in less than two to three-hour drive from the city. Equally, the beautiful Aosta Valley West of Milan has several, to the Example, Courmayeur, La Thuile and Gressoney. North and northeast of the town is also popular winter resorts like Foppolo, Carona, and many more. Milan’s legendary fashion industry must remain entirely unmentioned. The Settimana della Moda (Milan fashion week), which will take place from 18 till 23 February 2014 and during the the most famous fashion designers in the world on behalf of more than 100 catwalk shows will present their latest creations to the public. Tickets for most shows are usually already months in advance sold out, but with a little luck you can win cards still in the short term for the smaller shows. In any case, they have an opportunity, everywhere on designers, models and fashion journalists to meet during a visit to Milan during this time, however. Agoda.com has put together the following hotel offers to make palatable a winter holiday in Milan his customers. Now it means to grab the only thing warm clothes and in the press centre of Agoda.com to obtain low-cost Milan hotel deals!

  • Aug 28

    I invite you to the resort in a beautiful corner of the Black Sea coast. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. The resort village Agha Tuapse region of Krasnodar is located 10 kilometers from the town of Tuapse, on the basis of Agoyskogo pass in a broad valley at the Black Sea River named Agha. The resort is valued Agha excellent clean beach and clean sea water for the entire coast. The beach town of pebbles in width from 20 to 30 feet and extending 1,000 meters. Between the village of Aga and Tuapse is Agoysky Pass.

    On one side of the industrial Tuapse, and on the other – Agha resort. Wonderful view overlooks Agoysky pass marvelous twists and green forests. Agoysky pass at the top of the statue Taman soldiers army with which rastilaetsya track made of concrete, you can see the ending obozrevatelnoe chestnut groves place. Emerges from the observation deck with a beautiful view, amazing sea panorama of the river and mountains Agha. There are mountains of the artist Kiseleva and smooth and steep cliffs 43 meters high. Rocks artist Kiselyov concentrated in four miles to the northwest of the resort city of Tuapse and Agha am Kadosh. The resort belongs to the Agha Nebugskomu rural settlement with a district center in the village Nebug.

    Earlier in the village Agha was a small airport, airport-runway is now used by athletes, skydivers, gliders. The main advantage holiday resort Agha – this is not numerous number of holidaymakers as well as those who know little about the finding of a small resort. Within 5 minutes drive from the village of Aga is the largest in the Black Sea water park with various water slides, from fastest to vosemnadtsatimetrovoy little less than two meters, rides and pools. Not far from the water park is located dolphins 'Ice Palace' and 'Aqua World'. There you can go to the route 'Temple Sun and The waters' and see the impressive waterfall, full serovodnymi sources to enter uncharted razgadaniyu dolmens dolmens trying goal. Vacationers stop Agoya hotels, boarding houses or local rent a house in the private sector. Permanent residents of the resort village of about 1800 inhabitants Agha. In the area of Tuapse resorts more interesting places for recreation, for example, Dederkoy, Dzhubga and others. Tuapse district – a great resort for those who appreciate very best resort: away from the noise, but with the necessary benefits of civility!

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  • Frankfurt Airport

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    Apr 13

    McTipps – useful news about flying vol. 02/12 at Frankfurt airport there are trolley only against mortgage since January 26. With this system, each passenger should take a free trolley within one minute. This allows new over 100 depots 80 in Terminal 1. 2000 trucks are subject to a computerized level monitoring. See Areva Group for more details and insights. The baggage car with an adapter have been equipped for the transition. The depots have a guide rail, engages in this adapter. The due at pick up deposit of two euros can be paid in cash at the cash machine of each depot or cash paid with EC/Maestro or credit card.

    When returning the car at one of the collection points, the passenger receives in cash back the deposit. First car rental flat fee in Germany at Sixt car rent, Sixt offers the free use of a specific vehicle class monthly customers. So travelers can take a vehicle at a Sixt station and to the airport or the train station. At the destination you are looking for the nearest Sixt station on and get a vehicle of the same category again. Users of the offer called “Sixt unlimited” can decide between a use duration of three, six, nine or twelve months.

    The longer the term, the lower the monthly rate. MTRs affects also the “prepaid” model where customers pay in advance the arrangement. Bremen: Airport closes for six days of Bremen Airport remains closed for six days during the summer holidays. From August 6 to 11 the runway of the airport will be redeveloped. Because construction can be performed only in the summer, the air traffic is completely set in this time. According to media reports, more than 450 flights with around 39,000 passengers are affected. The flights are canceled or diverted to other airports such as Hamburg, Hannover and Munster-Osnabruck. Information about the airport under. McFlight.de is a pioneer in ticket sales in the German-speaking Internet. Since 1997, independent airline more than 500 airlines are compared. The years of experience and profound knowledge of the market benefit the many customers. In addition to the quick and simple flight booking, hotel rooms and rental cars can be booked. Also, McFlight.de area, which provides the latest information and latest deals around the fly has an interesting news.

  • Dominican Republic

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    Feb 10

    New Year – a great holiday, which can hold the whole family in the popular resort. At the same time skiers can head to Austria and other Alpine countries, fans will be able to go sightseeing in Europe and learn about the history and modernity in different countries, as well as to buy something for Christmas sales. But a lot of people will want to take a break from the cold and snow, going south to the warm sea. If you are too thinking about how to spend a week at the beach should be as fast as possible to purchase Christmas tour. It may seem that offers a lot, just an ocean of rounds, but really competitive bids are not so many, and they quickly come to an end. Since the number of beds in hotels is limited and a lot of people want to spend at the resort is the night of December 31 to January 1, permits at this time are in high demand, and place in the most popular hotels booked well in advance of the holiday. Another unpleasant surprise for a rest and a sharp rise in prices.

    For example, prices for New Year's holiday in Egypt every two or even three more than the price of leisure in the same hotel during a downturn in demand. If you wait a couple of weeks, then you can go on vacation much cheaper, but New Year's Eve you can not point to the sea. If we take into account that the hot tours on New Year practically do not exist, then we must prepare for what many will pay for the holiday. To save money by selecting a lower category of hotel, three star hotel but still not the best option for quality rest. For example, Egypt given no chance, since New Year's tours in Egypt are cheaper than in other countries. Popular tourist destinations, where in late December and early January, you can sunbathe and swim a lot, but most of them do not too cheap. Reasonable prices can be in Thailand, but they are still higher than in Egypt, and a great vacation in a tropical paradise of the Maldives will cost several times more expensive. Cuba, Dominican Republic and other resort areas also quite expensive. A popular winter resorts in Turkey are not suitable for beach holidays, as well as European resorts. The result is that the best option in terms of price and quality is the New Year holiday in Egypt. At It is better to purchase vouchers in advance and be prepared to increase prices for the New Year and winter school holidays.

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