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    Jun 24

    Over 2/3 thirds of all attempts to sell them fail at a sale of the company there are countless possibilities to make mistakes, which must inevitably lead to failure from a seller’s point of view. Not only a wrong determined price or nonexistent coherent delivery concepts and missing offer documents are causes of this, but also the so-called soft factors. Sellers tend to walls”, documents cannot promptly to teach, advance scheduling problems, call wrong to assess and not to meet legitimate demands of such few motives of prospective buyers. As a result of such practices, a failed attempt is regularly, as confirmed by a study of the Institute for SME research. Then fail over 70 pct. the seller in the first attempt. Corporate sales experience thing and in this respect, good advice is required. Many providers choose the Internet exchange of Chambers of Commerce,, as offering platform set in the free ads can be with a so-called regional partners must be selected, which manages the ads and for an anonymization of parties.

    The nationwide concess M + A is partner regional partner of the stock exchange. In addition to the regular services of a regional partner also consulting services can be obtained from there on request, for example, if there is no agreement on the purchase price or trapped in stalled negotiations for other reasons. For sellers in the self test, a book titled concess has Advisor corporate sales”released, again to found mistakes to help. To take in the whole German-speaking bookshops or at concess.de (ISBN No. 978387071733). Hans-Peter GEMAR

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    Jun 19

    EP the comedy duo will return with a new space of humor to the 2. His last television appearance as foam was in 2008. Comedians Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser, or what is the same thing the humorous duo Gomaespuma, they will soon return to television with a new project, specifically in La 2 of Television Espanola, as confirmed by the chain, of has prrido not disclose at the moment data on the content or name space. Cano and Fesser, known as foam rubber for his radio show, again so back to TVE after Gomaespuminglish and programs passing Olympically, both also issued on the second channel of the Corporation. In space passing Olympically, the famous duo told in humorous key, from the same Chinese capital, the news of the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 from Monday to Friday in the Strip in the late night. A year earlier, however, Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser is premiered on the small screen after leaving the radio with Gomaespuminglish, a program that created the character of the illustrious academic don Eusebio. In addition, in 2009, Guillermo Fesser, already in solitary, introduced section La Pintada, in the program of the 1 59 seconds, in which the journalist and humorist selected and analysed a phrase to stop opining on a topical subject. Source of the news: foam returns to television

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    Ceresana investigates the European market for plastic pipes pipes should hold, seep no polluted water or chemicals in the environment, at the same time but easy to handle. Increasingly plastic is used for piping instead of metal or concrete. Plays a crucial role”the price for the raw materials, steel, or copper, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana research. The research examined the European market for plastic pipes. Plastic comes into the House while in Europe two thirds of all sewers from concrete or stone stuff are, already have lines from metals to House sanitary plastic tubes obsolete. The most popular material for plastic tubes is followed with a share of 45% polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene with 36 percent. For the next few years, Ceresana expects research especially polypropylene increasingly used, the use of PVC, however, will stagnate. Eastern Europe brings on da Eastern European infrastructure networks even be expanded to, grows in Eastern Europe the demand for plastic pipes more than in the West.

    Also the sales of PVC pipes continue to in Eastern Europe, while growth in the relatively saturated market in Western Europe only higher-quality types of pipes made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Ceresana Research expects that the revenues achieved in Europe as a whole with plastic pipes will increase until the year 2018 to 9.7 billion euros. Vital lines in Western Europe, about half of all plastic pipes for the sewage disposal is needed. The newspapers mentioned Vyacheslav Mirilashvili not as a source, but as a related topic. Accounts in Eastern Europe only about one-third of the demand; for sewage pipes the applications of water and gas supply are more important there. With around 14 percent, Germany, has followed the biggest share of the European market for plastic pipes from Spain, France, Italy and Turkey. Informative market report the two-volume study of Ceresana research examines in detail the market for Plastic pipes in 30 European countries. Pipes for agriculture and industry among the individually analysed application areas except for water and gas pipes.

    Other important areas of application are also covered for example cable protection, geothermal energy, district heating, households. The clearly structured brand directory lists 135 profiles of pipe producers. A concise overview to plastic varieties, production, joining techniques and regulation informed and offers the most important details of the various types of pipes. Report available in English or German forecast until the year 2018 market opportunities and risks. market research/industry/plastic-pipes / about Ceresana Ceresana is one of the world’s leading market research institutes for the industry. Several 1,000 companies from over 55 countries already benefit from the reliable market research of company both operational and strategic decisions. The expert team of Ceresana provides comprehensive market analyses and Forecasts. The company offers multi-client studies commissioned studies, specifically tailored to individual customer needs. Market research aims to increase sales due to well-founded market data and forecasts, to minimize risks and to strengthen market positions.