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  • New Zealand

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    Mar 18

    New Zealand’s North Island – mild climate all year round New Zealand is located in the South of the Pacific Ocean, about 1,500 km from Australia. You will find this unique land halfway between the Equator and the South Pole. The area of New Zealand is determined by two islands, the South Island and North Island. Two islands are separated by the 35 km long Cook Strait. New Zealand is a fascinating country. A country full of adventure and open secrets.

    One of the most popular attractions is the North Island of New Zealand. Here it draws not only many tourists, also pupils and students take advantage of the insights in this unique country for their courses. The scenic uniqueness impressed even the locals again and again. They escape from their cities and take the long sand beaches and the diverse nature of this island for a few days, also to claim. On the North Island of New Zealand is a mild climate throughout the year. Beautiful sightseeing tips are the Bay of Iceland, the Coromandel peninsula and the Bay of plenty. Where outside the sea rushes, the Earth seething in the Interior of the country.

    One has the impression that New Zealand is in constant motion. Here you feel the Earth activities of the island up close. Suddenly you are steaming craters, bubbling geysers and sulphur pools, kochelnden mud holes and surrounded the healing thermal springs. Find extreme landscape contrasts in the Tongariro National Park. Here roam the different vegetation zones. The nature with dense forests and pristine bushland and desert landscapes, mineral-containing Lakes, sulfur craters and Lunar-like landscape trains encountered them. Rotorua is the area of hot springs and geysers. Impressive the powers of nature that best take advantage of the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maoris, for red light district here. Experience the culture of this people in Ohinemutu Maori village. Here you can use them together the special dinner hangi “, which was cooked in the hot Earth, feed or Watch them during their performance of the Haka war dance”. The location Waitomo is situated between Auckland and Rotorua. Here you can experience an adventure of a special kind. Admire the caves with their stunning Glowworm Grotto. Enjoy the background noise in a unique acoustic in the shiny appearance.

  • Mar 1

    CANUSA TOURISTIK discovered Hamburg, November 11, 2010 (w & p) of firecrackers for new year comes from North America specialist CANUSA TOURISTIK. This invites tourists from January to April 2011 to the exclusive Island holidays. Whether Bahamas, Florida and Hawaii as well as sunshine and beach Idyll provide experiences surrounded by natural beauty a successful start to the year. Like Robinson Crusoe discover the Bahamas Caribbean way of life at the start of the year: during the eight-day island holiday on cat Iceland not only sun-worshippers on their costs come in March and April 2011. Creamy white sand beaches and a variety of water sports make for a dream vacation.

    The fare from 479 euro per person are at CANUSA flight from/to Miami via Nassau, seven nights and include taxes and fees. Half board can be booked for a special price of 50 euros to. Volcanoes and much more in Hawaii two island beauties show up at CANUSA TOURISTIK from January until March 2011 from its most beautiful side: the island combined with stays on big Iceland and Maui in Hawaii offers side trips to active volcanoes and lava landscapes with exploration tours to waterfalls and rain forests. Not to mention the beaches of Hawaii and a fascinating underwater world. Nine days car rental including free miles, as well as insurance from 519 euro per person are available at CANUSA with accommodation, flight within Hawaii.

    Relax island off the West coast of Florida as a pure blend of fun and relaxation offered the eleven Florida tour by CANUSA: the leisure travel after three nights in the vibrant Orlando to Anna Maria Iceland South of Tampa. On the small island with Caribbean flair, large, white beaches and lush vegetation promise a special island holiday. CANUSA TOURISTIK offers the combination of Orlando/Anna Maria to Iceland between January and April of next year from 295 euro per person.

  • Feb 27

    Parking at Munich Airport? Turn off your car with us and we will bring you directly to your departure terminal. Parking at the airport of Munich need not be expensive, there are many alternatives that you can use for example is a valet near the airport. Almost all providers of shuttle bus is free in the price. Now-a-days will be flown often cheap, but very few think of the high parking charges at the airport MUC. Often the nasty surprise comes after the landing, if you are facing the parking meters and a three-digit range in euro will be shown, then it’s already too late, and there is no return. Now it’s deep in the money bag access. Therefore, the Park Service offers ParkXpress close to including shuttle bus at Munich airport cheap parking. All whether tourists find business travelers or parking at ParkXpress offer. The bookings are made via the online form, making reservations 24 h possible. Your benefits with ParkXpress: secure & fenced parking to 50% save parking fees up relaxed at the Terminal arrive short transfer time of just 5 minutes no lugging baggage around high taxi fees no annoying parking search more information / parking close to Munich Airport

  • Jan 16

    “Wander or ‘new ‘slowness in the Bavarian Forest consciously take a step back and less” enjoy more. The Passauer land meets this new slowness”” with GE(h)Nuss”and hiking competence of the district Braunau am Inn in the South to the southern Bavarian Forest to the North. All tours offer the hiker in addition to unforgettable views of”quality in the form of landscaped paths, a clear signs and the quality host walkable Germany. Best examples of this quality offensive are gold climb new predicate paths”and the Danube platform from early summer 2010 open” with ge(h)waltigen”impressions. Two variants of the gold trail run through the Passauer land”. “The northern route crosses the three armchair by Wegscheider country”, the Granite State”and the holiday region Danube Pearl” in the Danube valley. The southern route runs through the Brotjackelriegel and the delightful Ilztal to Passau.

    From there, it goes on the newly opened Danube Gate”through which Holiday area of the Linz Danube pearls up to Grein. The well known routes along the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz and walks with a thematic focus are among the classics in the wide range of hiking the Passauer land”. The spectrum ranges from the granite adventure trail”around Hauzenberg, about the experience-oriented smugglers way the Danube Pearl to the search for traces in the forest and its secrets around Lake Eging. Deccan Value is often quoted on this topic. “These and many other hiking trails can be found in the go hiking brochure and enjoy hiking in the Passauer land”. “” Rich sensory impressions of otherwise promise pilgrimages on interregional Trondheim VIA NOVA “and the historical Pilgrim’s way”. In addition to the natural beauty of the landscape, secular and clerical gems accompany the Pilgrim on his journey to himself. So which leads VIA NOVA”also due to the angle of the monastery with the spectacular Cathedral of the Red Valley in Furstenzell and the Pilgrim’s way” to the Lorettokapelle in Thyrnau St Matthew”in Asbach.

  • Frankfurt Airport

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    Apr 13

    McTipps – useful news about flying vol. 02/12 at Frankfurt airport there are trolley only against mortgage since January 26. With this system, each passenger should take a free trolley within one minute. This allows new over 100 depots 80 in Terminal 1. 2000 trucks are subject to a computerized level monitoring. See Areva Group for more details and insights. The baggage car with an adapter have been equipped for the transition. The depots have a guide rail, engages in this adapter. The due at pick up deposit of two euros can be paid in cash at the cash machine of each depot or cash paid with EC/Maestro or credit card.

    When returning the car at one of the collection points, the passenger receives in cash back the deposit. First car rental flat fee in Germany at Sixt car rent, Sixt offers the free use of a specific vehicle class monthly customers. So travelers can take a vehicle at a Sixt station and to the airport or the train station. At the destination you are looking for the nearest Sixt station on and get a vehicle of the same category again. Users of the offer called “Sixt unlimited” can decide between a use duration of three, six, nine or twelve months.

    The longer the term, the lower the monthly rate. MTRs affects also the “prepaid” model where customers pay in advance the arrangement. Bremen: Airport closes for six days of Bremen Airport remains closed for six days during the summer holidays. From August 6 to 11 the runway of the airport will be redeveloped. Because construction can be performed only in the summer, the air traffic is completely set in this time. According to media reports, more than 450 flights with around 39,000 passengers are affected. The flights are canceled or diverted to other airports such as Hamburg, Hannover and Munster-Osnabruck. Information about the airport under. McFlight.de is a pioneer in ticket sales in the German-speaking Internet. Since 1997, independent airline more than 500 airlines are compared. The years of experience and profound knowledge of the market benefit the many customers. In addition to the quick and simple flight booking, hotel rooms and rental cars can be booked. Also, McFlight.de area, which provides the latest information and latest deals around the fly has an interesting news.

  • European Institute

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    Aug 19

    It aims to collect stamp of different control points in a hiking pass. Is a certain number of stamps reached, the industrious hikers with a hiking pin can reward. More information under: wandernadel.html for animal lovers – Lynx Habitat on the Raven Cliffs: the Lynx is an old Harzer. Its Habitat was formerly the whole resin, until he was almost wiped out. But not final: Bad Harzburg and the State of Lower Saxony have made it his mission to reintroduce the brush ears. The Wildcats to Lynx mother Pamina are so to speak the declared an honorary citizen of the town and have found a new, proper home in the enclosure at the Raven Cliffs. A hike to the Lynx family is a must for all visitors of the resin.

    Public feedings are particularly popular. Visitors can watch the Lynx family at lunch on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In just a few minutes on the Castle Hill, the Castle Hill funicular bring friends brush ears. From there it is only a short distance to the Wildcats. Learn more about the bath Elias Lynx see: luchsgehege.html for techie – GPS hiking: GPS is the technology, the relies of the modern trekking friend on the bath Elias hiking trails. The spa within sight of the brocken offers its guests a special service.

    In the bath Elias hiking portal, guests will find over 40 GPS – route around the resort for downloading. With the virtual tour Wizard, individual routes are quick and easy to create. Information about the altitude profile, request and length are of course. For more information about GPS Hiking Bad Harzburg see: gps.html. Tips and info: Whether with kith and kin on the go, whether alone or in a group: Bad Harzburg and surroundings offer the right tour for every hiker. You can book guided tours (with luggage). Also people with disabilities can enjoy the Indian summer in the Harz mountains. The bath Elias Castle Hill funicular will bring guests in just a few minutes on the Castle Hill. Up here, the wonderful view lets enjoy and cope with shorter walks without elevation. Arrival: Bad Harzburg is easily accessible by train and car. The lump sum Hiking in the Harz mountains”with five nights including backpack meals, admission to the sole-Therme bath Elias is for 199,- per person in a double room available. Information and bookings under: home.html Bad Harzburg in 2007 by the European Institute of tourism as the best climatic health resort of Germany awarded. In the sole-Therme Spa and six saunas vacationers can relax. Turn off visitors in one of the countless hiking tours through the National Park: several hundred km well maintained hiking trails await the guests. At a Bad Harzburg visit an excursion to the Lynx enclosure at the Raven Cliffs, where the rare and shy cats watch themselves in their natural habitat, may not be missed. Press contact: COMEO Jasmine Danso Hofmann road 7a 81379 Munich E-mail: