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  • Feb 10

    Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the supermarket. Here is how to start safely. 1. Pick up your packaged and canned foods first. Buy cans and jars that look perfect. Do not buy canned goods that are dented, cracked or bulging. These are the warning signs that dangerous bacteria may be growing in the can. 2.

    Look for any expiration date on the labels and never buy outdated food. Similarly, check the "use" or "sell by" date on dairy products like cheese, cream cheese, yogurt and sour cream and choosing those that will stay fresh longer in your refrigerator. 3. Check eggs, too. Choose eggs that are refrigerated in the store. Before putting in your car, open the box and make sure the eggs are clean and not cracked or broken. 4. Raw meat, poultry, and seafood sometimes drip.

    The juices that drip may have germs. Keep these juices away from other foods. Place raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood in plastic bags before entering the car. Separate raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood from other foods in your shopping cart and in your refrigerator. 5. Do not buy frozen seafood if the packages are open, torn or crushed on the edges. Avoid packages that are above the frost line in the freezer of the shop. If the lid is transparent, look for signs of frost or ice crystals. This could mean that the fish has not been stored for a long time or thawed and refrozen. 6. Check the cleanliness of the meat or fish and the fight against the salad bar. For example, cooked shrimp lying on the bed of ice as raw fish could become contaminated. 7. When shopping for shellfish, buy in markets that are supplied from sources approved by the state, stay away from vendors who sell shellfish from roadside stands or the back of a truck. And if you're planning to harvest your own shellfish, pay attention to warning signs about water safety. 8. Milk collection, frozen foods, and perishables (meat, poultry, fish) last. Always put these products in separate plastic bags so that drippings do not contaminate other foods in your shopping cart. 9. Immediately drive home from the grocery store. This will give you less food cold or frozen to warm up before you get home. If the destination is farther than 30 minutes, take a cooler with ice or frozen gel commercial perishables home and place him. 10. Save hot chicken and other hot food to go, too. This will give them less time to calm down before you get home. Terry Nicholls My Home-Based Business Advisor Copyright e by Terry Nicholls. All rights reserved.

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  • Feb 6

    Hello dear readers! Today I propose to talk about what network marketing 2.0, it differs from the classical network marketing, network marketing from 1.0. What is a classic marketing network, Network Marketing 1.0? This is a network marketing based on product promotion, the company's brand. All of the words of the classical network marketers are the following meaning "we have a cool product, purchase, we have such a cool, serious company, add ". Moreover, as a rule, everything is done compulsively, evaluated the effectiveness of efforts by the criterion of the number of presentations and meetings. Almost never used the term "target audience", ie not is taken into account the fact, whether people are interested in your suggestion about a product or business, uses a simple mathematical statistics "of such and such a number of presentations, meetings, so many people buy a product, or so that people will be your partners. It is for this criterion assesses the effectiveness of activities. Currently, many networkers are using methods of network marketing 1.0 at promoting a product or brand Companies in the Internet.

    Network Marketing 2.0 also uses the Internet to conduct business. How do they differ? To answer this question, let's see, what has the hallmarks of Network Marketing 2.0. Thus, the network Marketing 2.0: Do not promoting the product or the company's brand, he promotes the personal brand, ie, the identity of the businessman. The main task of a man building a business on this principle – to show its uniqueness, to interest his persona others, to make himself interesting for them to make sure that they were asked "What are you doing in life?". And that others could find themselves full response on its website, to understand whether it is interesting that business. Network Marketing does not use the term "business proposition", he replaces it with "a story about themselves." Works exclusively with the target audience, ie, to create conditions in which information is obtained only interested in her people. Different maximum automation, automate everything that is possible, for example, with the help of special services organized by e-mail mailing letters, the site provides much information about the product and the company, allowing potential buyer or partner to make your choice.

    Actively used every possible means of the Internet to conduct business. As a result of Network Marketing 2.0 businessman creates such conditions that the relationship with him go people interested in the product or business that have already received sufficient information to make your choice In what could spend this time hitter 2.0, while that is not a classic hitter? 1. P1. Perhaps most importantly – to develop a personal brand, blogging, and active participation in social networks, in their groups. 2. The introduction of new automated way to attract potentially interested people. 3. On social activities, charity, under which there is a mean not only financial donations, but what can we do to benefit society by applying their efforts, for example, help to clean-up homes for the elderly. 4. Its family, on their personal interests. Dear readers, but now, when we saw how many and what new features 2.0 offers network marketing as it frees up our time, let's answer the question "Is this not enough to make its choice in favor of Network Marketing 2.0 "?