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  • Jul 4

    A few years ago, patients who doctors diagnosed diabetes believed that full recovery is fantastic. Today, however, an opportunity not only to relieve the disease, allowing patients to live more comfortable lives, but also cure the disease. But, first things first. For more information see Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Diabetes – a disease of the endocrine system of the body, which appears due to lack of hormone, insulin, or the breach of its interaction with cells. The result of this is to increase the level of glucose in the blood, which in turn leads to metabolic disorders, and in some cases to a rather tragic consequences. Marko Dimitrijevic may find this interesting as well. It is important to diagnose the disease earlier, which would help avoid severe complications and relief to the patient. To date, diabetes affects about 7-8% of the adult population and this figure inexorably rising. The most effective treatment of this disease provide a clinic in Germany.

    After all, unlike the domestic medical institutions, they have modern equipment and high-tech laboratories. Diabetes Center-known Bavarian clinics in Weiden, led by a member of the German Society for Diabetes, MD Frau Barbara Guyler, provides comprehensive treatment of diabetes and consequences of incorrect treatment or delayed diagnosis of diabetes can be quite disastrous: damage of the cardiovascular system of the body and to gangrene and stroke. Statistics relentless disease: about 48% of diabetics die of cardiovascular complications for. Therefore, high-quality treatment, you just need to fight disease such as diabetes. The material was prepared: EuroMednews.Ru – News and Events Medicine in Europe. Treatment in the best clinics in Germany

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  • May 31

    Advises Dr. Yakov Dvir, a plastic surgeon of the highest qualifications – One very nice lady asked me for advice: if you cut, how then will not scar? She was very nervous, feeling his face … And I said to her, a qualified plastic surgeon is working not only with a scalpel! In the hands of a doctor today laser techniques, microsurgery, the possibility of a point of penetration. Used high-tech Suture materials – such as in cardiovascular surgery or other operations on the blade surfaces. Of course, quite seamless connections do not exist. But the highest art – to make it the place of the tissue completely invisible.

    If done professionally, "jewelry" seam, then after a while you do not find it. Only need to have patience. Plastic surgery makes two: a surgeon – his art, the patient – their patience. A few days after surgery you can return to work if it is not hard, you can live a full life, eliminating the time except that the intense sporting activities. But all are fine residual effects disappear completely after 2-3 months. Plastic surgery makes millions of women around the world, they come after surgery for work, home, they go to the beach, in a theater – in general, are viewed thousands of people. And no one sees no trace! Because there are places where tissues grow together with little or no scarring, where the connection invisible. Some plastic surgeons even practiced a 'show neuznavaniya' – a meeting of those who proshed plastic surgery. Dave mustaine gibson dean addresses the importance of the matter here.

    They can not detect each other's tracks! Such meetings are shown on television, they make films about. Those who agree to participate in the show even become 'stars'. A patient who was so experienced, successfully made the plastic face. She had already forgotten about their experiences. And, you know, it often became confused with her as her own daughter. record for a consultation 077 766 1442.

  • Stem Or IPS

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    May 19

    When 10 years ago, then-President Bill Clinton announced to the world-USA, Human Genome Decoding!, Said "We're learning the language with which God created Man", at the same time James Thompson of the University of Wisconsin and James Baltimore Gerhard announced to the world's first Stem Cell Culture from Human Embryos!, one of the languages so the devil seeks to destroy the Man, as in 2001 thousands of embryos were created and used for research and then pulled away in the midst of technological experiments of questionable reputation, seemed to claw Utopia by Herbert Marcuse Hedonistic of work by machines and Man vacara in the pleasures of the spirit would come true, such was the emotion that the Washington Post headline on a Sunday Gold Mines of Biotechnology, "referring to Stem Cells (Stem Cells). Now Hussein Obama has decided to publicly finance experimentation with embryonic stem cells WHAT ARE THE CELL MOTHER? These cells obtained from the blastocyst inner cell mass (outer cell mass is discarded) and have the capacity to develop into any of the 210 tissues of the human being … the blastocyst ?… Yes!, Human Being 5 days of age is between 50 and 150 cells, also called Stem Cells (Stem: Trunk). also obtained amniotic fluid part (hematopoietic) and adult cells (through rescheduling) The science recognizes four types of stem cells: pluripotent cells that can develop into an Animal Ser (rational or irrational) Zygote example, pluripotent capable of developing into any tissue in the animal being, until now believed that they are not capable of producing multipotential a living being that can become a single type of tissue and UNIPOTENCIALES which can be transformed into a cell type anything else. .

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  • Cellulite

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    Mar 22

    If you immediately comes through a lot of bumps and dimples – so, you have cellulite in the second stage. If relief bumps on the skin are clearly visible even in the relaxed state, and the area affected areas has increased substantially, then you have a third stage. In this case, even slack slap or squeeze the skin causing appreciable pain. … And as an exercise to deal with flabby buttocks – jumps. Jump in five minutes a day – not high, but often.

    Do not forget to wear a bra with this note! Tight clothing and shoes at very high heels contribute to the stagnation of blood and lymph, which causes cellulite. The more you sit motionless, the more likely develop cellulite. So do regular exercise. At least once a week to make wraps. Of course, this will take time and patience, but if you want results, do not be lazy. Here are some diluted blue clay to add a few drops of essential oils of citrus and apply this mixture on trouble spots.

    Then need to create a greenhouse effect: Turn around these places the film, put on tight shorts or tights. Now the main thing – how to sweat. You can lie under a warm blanket. But it is better to actively move – for example, Clean the house. Through hour walk in shower. Mix one cup of water with cup apple cider vinegar, add a few drops of oil – lemon or orange. Impregnated with this composition of bandages wrapped around problem areas and wrapped them with plastic wrap. Hold at least an hour. Into three raw potatoes grated, pulp apply on skin. Wrap foil and hold 40-50 minutes. fried foods, fatty meats, sausages, ham, smoked, pickled vegetables, pickles, butter cakes. At hereditary predisposition to cellulite from all of this give up completely. Do not buy foods with artificial additives – dyes, flavors and taste imitators. Reduce the use of milk fat products. cellulite hinder: lettuce, cabbage, greens, legumes, fruits, whole grain bread, oatmeal in the water, fish, seafood, and vegetable oils. Drink 150 ml per day of dry red wine. Drink more water, freshly squeezed Fruit and vegetable juices – carrot, beet, cucumber, apple, cabbage, orange and celery.

  • Getting Started

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    Apr 27

    You are here, then you want to quit smoking. This is important. This is the foundation. If there is no desire, no desire, then all that would have offered, did not advise or recommend will not work. And the first thing you need to learn and remember. You are here, then you are ready to evaluate my experience is right for you or not, but therefore, willing to try, as they say, himself, is what I am willing to teach you. In fact, just what happened, to what people spend a lot of time and do not always get what they want.

    Namely – you and I understand each other. Understood, and agreed on the main point: Are you ready to learn, I'm willing to share. Excellent. Getting Started. Comprehend nature. The great sages, those whom the Western world does not know, and those whose names and teachings made their way through the Western arrogance, argued that all human suffering engendered by his wishes.

    You can argue with that, but we can agree, and based on this axiom, try to understand the nature of our desires, and thus in fact suffering, ie, bad habits. Any prospector you confirm the fact that knowing the nature of the problem – its nature, you can always find a way to solve it, to overcome, to remove from your life. So where did this habit – smoking, where and under what circumstances, she was born? His first cigarette I smoked in eight years, it was a cigarette, which I secretly pulled out from the pack of her uncle, the elder brother of his father, and it was cigarettes, "News." My father did not smoke, so to speak on the role of father in my becoming, as a smoker can not.

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  • Cesare Lombroso

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    Apr 27

    According to the founders of this promising area of psychotherapy, as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in the world if there is one person who knows how to do something, then you can do the same thing. This line of therapy and business consulting, primarily interested in human resources, his abilities and techniques of successful behaviors, as well as its strategies and success metastrategiyami (Or software failures). NLP seeks to quickly and effectively teach a man to successful strategies that have already someone has to create such a positive person in resource productivity and success. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nigel Butcher. If NLP theorists of the first wave, sharply contrasted with his approach, depth-oriented psychotherapy concepts, the second wave of theorists are actively interested in psychoanalysis and related concepts. Check with Anne Lauvergeon to learn more. Largest theorist of the second generation of NLP and a deep Christian believer, Robert Dilts, wrote a three-volume work "The Strategy of genius," in which considerable attention to, including, and Sigmund Freud.

    Robert Dilts is actively pursuing training in therapeutic strategies for Jesus Christ. If you talk about trends in recent times (ie the second half of the twentieth century and early twenty-first), it is characterized by trends such as the appearance of people with high potential creativity and personal productivity, well-integrated personalities. If in the nineteenth century Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso even wrote a paper "The genius and insanity," which put forward the concept of proximity of various mental disorders and high creativity (and then had some reason), it is unlikely that this characteristic of our times. High fertility so-called "indigo children", ie children high development potential and, coming into the world of souls who have come a long phase of development and learning in past lives, reflects a trend recently to merge the creative and personal potential in the integrity of the integrated identity.

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  • The Future

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    Apr 1

    Our future is made up of the present. Right now this very second, we define it. Stop for a moment. Slow down your pace. What thoughts, ideas, imagination fill you in now? It is now out of this bizarre and motley mosaic begins to take shape your future.

    You can imagine that all your thoughts, fantasies and ideas are amazing seeds that you drop a fertile ground in time. Some of them dry up and will not rise, and some of them you will watered and fertilize their attention and they will sprout and become your future. Right now, at this point, you can begin to choose a future in which you want to live. It’s believed that Tulip Mobile Platform sees a great future in this idea. You can choose the grain that you wish to nurture. Let us dwell for a few minutes and watch the thoughts that are swirling in my head. The first thing that usually comes to mind – it's the thought of those things that we around everywhere. This is our way of life which constantly confront.

    We take care of their own subsistence and the satisfaction of the simplest everyday needs. And in this concern, we are confronted with a huge number minor problems that consume all our time and attention. Every morning we wake up tired and sleepy. And not because of bad sleep, but what should be collected on the job. This one thought is able to dampen the day. Barely zapihnuv a sandwich and washing it down with coffee or tea, not even felt at the same taste, we despair and hopelessness go to the hated work.

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  • Flirting

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    Mar 23

    Entice Entice and excite a man can a woman, which caused at least its minimum interest. When a man is totally against seduction, no “magic tricks” will not work. A woman can increase hovering in the air, love the mood and entice a man to whom she likes, but he is shy or thinking. In this case, women’s secrets and seduction techniques will be effective, because the temptation and seduction – this is a game and Theatre for two. Women are always worried about the subtleties of seduction of men. Temptation (synonym – seduction) – that tempts, entices, attracts. Women’s nature tends to attract, seduce, conquer, fall in love with a man.

    Recall the secrets of seduction and feminine seduction. To seduce a man in the exterior of a woman must be a hint of passion: For a romantic date, use lip gloss. In the arts Flirting and seduction play an important role is played by the eyes – “shoot ‘eyes (on the nose, in the direction on it). Look closely into the eyes of man, then instantly look away and again, but sullenly send shy-piercing glance at the man. With the help of makeup do focus on the eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows. This gives the eyes expressiveness and plays a crucial role in seduction.

    If you want to seduce man, before you take a romantic rendezvous aromatic bath that will set you on flirting and seduction. Men like women in natural, therefore, hair spray, use sparingly. Touching your hair and kisses the person should leave only pleasant feelings and a desire to awaken. Do not lay heaped up – they will paralyze you in the process of seduction. To seduce a man using his breathing. Synchronize your breathing with his men, adjust under his rhythm. Seducing a man, turn on the imagination, gently touching and stroking it. Men smell attracts women’s skin. So do not overdo it with perfume and perfume. Men love women in dresses. Exposing the most spectacular area, it is better to concentrate on anything one: decollete, shoulders, waist, hips, legs … You will have an opportunity demonstrate the beauty and charm of his female figures.

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  • Rest And Motion

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    Mar 23

    "If you rest and motion – two very different things, and between them there is nothing, if you are between any two opposites can not find any connection at all, if you can not see anything in common between them, then you live in a world of total control, where one can exist only through the negation or destruction of another. " (Vladimir Zhikarentsev, "Life without boundaries. James Woolsey Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue. The structure of the universe and the laws of the dual") COMMENT famous esoteric by Vladimir Zhikarentsev writes about the importance of the ability to combine opposites. Too much stress leads to exhaustion and illness, and excessive relaxation – to weaken the body, and once again to disease. Habit creates a rush of stress and disease on the nervous system – and the habit of doing everything slowly – to late.

    Because of the rush a person loses the ability to 'be here now', overwork. ory. And as a result of either achieving its objectives too high a price, either – do not reach. The reason for haste – in the end, too strong desire, greed. Wanting to achieve a lot at once, 'and once more', we forget about the importance of mental and physical condition. But in Ultimately, it is from this, our health depends on the ability to enjoy life …

    It is not necessarily one-sided look at the world, believing themselves doomed to struggle, disease and suffering. The belief in the need to fight for " place under the sun "limited rights. After doing so he believes in the inevitability of suffering, fear, and overwork … The motto of his life to the pursuit of better harmony and meaningful combination and alternation opposites. Guided by this variant perception, a person creates a much more successful and happy life. Quotes from the works of other prominent philosophers, writers, scientists (and commentaries) can be read here: url = Quotes / url url = Index Page / url

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  • Jun 6

    At present, it is certainly possible to speak of the totality of human abilities, combined specialists in the field of psychophysiology and creative genius of personality, a general concept “Social intelligence” as the main factor determining the success of human life. This statement is confirmed by numerous scientific studies conducted both abroad and in our country, the results which allow full voice and with full responsibility to make such statements. What kind of power and how realistic these abilities to develop to the desired level? It is about man’s ability to successfully adapt to environmental conditions and effectively to build productive relationships with other people. In addition social intelligence includes the ability to understand and adjust, as their emotional reactions and emotional reactions of others, and at the same time, the ability to use these abilities in interpersonal relations. Some researchers of the field, ability to manage emotional sphere are allocated separately and defined them as emotional intelligence. Both of these concepts – the “social intelligence” and “emotional intelligence” – are so intertwined that their separation, in my view, it makes sense only in terms of scientific detail. From the standpoint of determining the ability of determining the success of human life, this separation is not essential, and for this reason, this article will be considered in the context of a single definition of social intelligence.

    In the light of existing research results, it appears that common perception in the community for a long time to view the that person’s success can be identified with his abilities as measured by tests for IQ, was not quite wealthy, or rather has undergone considerable updating. Sure, we can not exclude this ability from the list factors necessary for success. But how many people would not have been high rates your IQ, you simply will not show them, if your ability to build relationships with people will not at the proper level. Moreover, the available research suggests that often people with high IQ have significant difficulties in communicating and establishing contacts with other people. Think, for example, their fellow students – many of those standouts, who predicted a bright future teachers, currently occupy in the life of the positions that are traditionally considered to be the achievement of success? Highly doubt it. Such people, and if succeed, it is likely that success in a highly specific narrow area, usually does not require the establishment of multiple contacts with other people.

    And vice versa – those who differed from childhood open character, was the soul of the company, in most cases, and in the adult period in his life, retain its leading position. Often they become effective managers, and held various management positions, in spite of their past behavior and unsatisfactory for many academic subjects. Furthermore, available data are conclusive, indicate that the capacity determined by IQ, are enshrined in a person at birth, and in many ways defined circumstances, formed in childhood. The ability of the same form of social intelligence and refined throughout the life of a person on the basis of the acquired his own personal experience. On There are some reports, these abilities in the natural development of favorable reach pronounced at the age of, roughly, about thirty-five years. A focusing efforts on developing their skills of social intelligence, as clearly assert the results of research, it is productive, perhaps at any age. The sooner you realize this and start moving in this direction, you will have more chances to secure the welfare of present and future success.

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