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    Oct 30

    Establishing a clear vision of the future of the library. Official site: Governor Cuomo. Set challenging goals and objectives. Create and maintain shared values, fairness and ethical behavior at all levels of the library models. Build trust and eliminate fears. Provide staff resources, training and freedom to act with responsibility and authority.

    Inspire, encourage and recognize the contributions of staff. Principle 3 involvement of the personnel, at all levels, is the essence of a library and its total commitment enables their abilities to be used for the benefit of this. This implies: the address should improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the library, including the system of quality management, through the participation and support of people. As an aid in the achievement of its objectives of improving performance, the address should promote the participation and development of its staff: – by providing continuous training and career planning, – defining their responsibilities and authorities, – establishing targets individual and team, and managing the performance of processes and evaluating the results, – facilitating active participation in the establishment of objectives and decision making – through honors and rewards-, facilitating the communication of open information and two-way continuously revising their staffing needs, – creating conditions to promote innovation- ensuring effective teamwork, – communicating opinions and suggestions, – using measurements of satisfaction of the staff, – investigating the reasons why staff is linked to the organisation and dissociates itself from it. The address of the library should make sure that you have the necessary competence for the effective and efficient operation of the organization. The address should consider the analysis both of the present competition needs and expected compared with the already existing in the library competition. The consideration of needs of competence includes sources such as – future demands related to the plans and the strategic and operational objectives, – anticipation of the needs of succession of managers of areas and of the labour force, – changes in processes, tools and equipment for the library – evaluation of the individual competence of the personnel to perform defined activities, – legal and regulatory requirements and standards that affect library and its stakeholders.

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  • Yandex Director

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    Oct 24

    Yandeksovy bot now getting smarter and smarter, he could go to any site, say your site by sheer luck was in the top, you have a full client, and that once your site does not in Yandex, is just yandeksovy boat found your site is a mirror of another site that does not exist, and all you are traveling stamp out a long time. What a mistake, who is to blame, in support of yandeksovoy say sorry bot made a mistake, let's punish the bot. mation. Jeff Gennette shines more light on the discussion. Now yandeksovy bot yet learned to determine the quality of links, that is, how many links it ostlezhivaet appeared for day to your website, and if he thinks that too many links to your site appeared today, with greetings from a Yandex, it removes all the links that are already indexed your site from its database, and ethno means that you are again far search results where nobody goes, and not sent. Draw conclusions, to promote a site like this was possible before is almost impossible to send your link to ten thousand directory sites today are very little now number of links in the hundreds of thousands, but where to get those links. Yes millet to buy and not to Sapa, Yandex also calculates these links, it is best to buy these links near the Yandex, for that he has a catalog of Yandex, the presence of which is twelve and a half thousand rubles, and Yandex Director, so that's all promotion and stops. The hottest queries are already occupied, and they share no one will, it is a business, there will I hear, there still will not have many ways totally honest is not divisible place in the top, and believe me they are used in full, so do not think about promotion buy direct, runner, and so on and you will be happy, oh, what am I unwittingly yandeksovikam advertising gave.

  • Oct 20

    Many ignore the directories and do not address your site included in them because they consider it important, or perhaps because they are unaware that through these sites can benefit your site. Today the search engines of major search engines have evolved and been improved over time with very complex programs, while the directory, you could say that they are behind in this dispute, if the term be . The website directories, unlike search engines, consisting of lists of websites that have been indexed by people, whereas search engines, Google, for example, use your bot to crawl the sites and indexes websites and files PDF, PS, XLS, DOC and others. For this reason is the editor of a directory he usually decides whether or not a website, after an analysis which determines whether it meets the quality requirements and that the board has a policy for inclusion of web sites. This process can be understood that the sites website included in the lists are at least a certain quality, something interesting addition is useful for those who turn to them for “real information.” But not only the specific issue of information is the attractive part of the directories, as these are widely used by webmasters to another function is now essential for the positioning of a site, know that in positioning the subject of links has become very important very important and is an issue that no one misses or ignores. And just that your site is present in the directories will provide “back links”, or quality links.

    Search engines will give it more importance to these links when compare or rate your site over other sites with similar content or similar. Doing so is also to marketing. Therefore you should include your site in directories as being aware that more links will achieve better positioning your site in major search engine results and most visited by users such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Lycos and others. If you know you must obtain inbound links to your site, not the same link coming from any site, since directories, links from the latter, are considered quality links and are the thing to really serve Please note: you must be careful that your site is built in line with existing standards, since some directories are also using the label called “no follow” and that means that the directory does not back the quality and suggests that not follow the link from that site. Finally: Whether your webmaster, or whoever, you should try to include your site, at least in the most famous and visited directories and thus benefit doubly, first you will be very useful for positioning and partly because you’ll also receive traffic from these places, and traffic is the life of a website.

  • Oct 19

    The professional world has valued one quality that is no less important, and among people, leading law-abiding life. On how this quality is inherent in man depends on his success and respect for other people. If it's quality lost a man, in his life comes chaos. It can even threaten its existence. Your best friend is a person who has this quality, you agree to a permanent job trainee after he had it.

    You do not give out a bank loan, if you do not have it. Even among criminals you will be at the top or vice versa, depending on it. You and will increase only under one condition. This is – trust. Which bank will prosper? – The one who Most trusted.

    Who will appoint the new director? – Someone who has proven himself a reliable person and has proved its competence. People really appreciate the people you can trust. They are admired. Performing their promises, you increase trust in yourself. Respecting an agreement, you also increase your credibility. Giving the floor to do something, you should not do this. The man who does not keep the word, may soon get lost in the safeguards and restrictions. And there is no more reliable way to move away from the people than the data breach earlier promises. Create confidence in yourself harder than destroy it. Sometimes only one factor that all turned their backs on you. And it is not always a chance to fix it. The great philosopher and humanist, Ron Hubbard, in his first unique non-religious moral code, The Way to Happiness, said: "We should never allow others to promise anything without thinking. And when promise is made, you should insist that it kept. Person's life can come in a complete mess, if it is connected with those who did not fulfill his promises. This can not be regarded as something insignificant. " Take your happiness under control and be worthy of trust!

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  • Oct 17

    The figures for glass recycling in Spain gradually improve, but every year, but we are still far from reaching the recycling figures already achieved in other countries such as Belgium and Switzerland. In 2008 the law required to achieve 60% recycling of glass, a material that can be reused completely and organically. To achieve this, basic collaboration of all: institutions, industries, and consumers. Many of these consumers believe that the glass containers give the product containing an aesthetic touch and elegance. But 49% still do not recycle the glass that comes into their hands. And it follows the loss of many environmental benefits. For 2008: recycle 60% According Ecovidrio, consumers have placed in containers last year 576 968 tonnes of glass, 63,666 tonnes more than in 2005.

    In this sense, every consumer recycled in 2006 an average of 12.9 kilos of glass, about a kilo and a half more than the previous year. Also placed in glass containers , Recovered 263,163 tonnes of glass packaging waste from other sources (packaging plants, selection, etc..) Recycled a total of 840 131 tons in 2006. The recycling rate in 2006 in Spain was 51%, instead of shares as countries such as Belgium and Switzerland, more than 90% recycled glass. However, despite the increase year after year the figures for recycling of glass, still greater efforts are needed by all stakeholders, both consumers and government and industry. In this sense, the Packaging Directive in Spain in 2008 mark the glass recycling rate will have to reach 60%. Among the root causes of why not get better figures is the lack of interest by people who find it easier to ignore the importance of recycling glass, which incorporate new habits into their daily lives, in short, need more awareness, facilities for the recycling of glass and incentives to do so. 25 years glass recycling in Spain The glass recycling system in 2007 celebrates its 25th anniversary. The glass industry in 1982 put the first container in the Madrid district of Moratalaz and Eugenia de Montijo, who collected 3575 tonnes that year. In this quarter century have been recycled about 3,000 million glass bottles, and those first 132 containers have become 136 686 in 2006, distributed throughout the country.

  • Lose Weight

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    Oct 17

    Is it not a familiar desire? Lose Weight for the New Year, birthday, March 8, 1923 February, beach season Roughly the set goal of reducing the weight: not only the right (or rather, unnecessary) number of pounds, but the date by which would not want to wear them for yourself. Perhaps it complicates the problem, but in many ways and brings clarity. You can roughly calculate the schedule, make a weight loss program, given the promised rate of weight loss. Consider the pros and cons Here's a "want to lose weight to " First of all, there is a clear goal activates the work to achieve it: exercises are conducted more often, eating – at least, and thought work in one direction – to lose weight as soon as possible and as soon as possible noticeable. Well, if the selected date is not too close, if not there is a manic desire to do everything possible to get into a scanty dress, no longer in it to breathe. That is, the weight loss to date collects and makes a determination. That – plus.

    But the prospect of a temporary weight loss to be only a short fragment in the history of your diet – a sad "minus". This whole test for the organism: it started a diet, then throw them, then gain weight, then abruptly lose it. Live on a roller coaster, to say the least, not sweet. Most applications such as "I want to lose weight by next week" doing crazy that are not very responsible attitude to their health: they are usually a bit sobering gastritis, ulcers and colitis. And all because of abrupt changes in the diet increases the risk of severe diseases of the digestive tract.

    Hunger, as overeating can not be the norm for a healthy body – such stress unsettle and promotes exclusively metabolic disorders and the subsequent surge of weight. In general, nutritionists say a healthy weight loss regime, when the monthly body lose 2-3% of the total mass. These rates are unlikely to arrange eager speed, but only because the body perceives a gradual change as natural and safe – extra weight will not come back after the diet. In general, to solve Only you, dear young ladies, whether or not to twist an affair with a doctor-gastroenterologist after the moody "I want to lose weight fast!"

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  • Oct 16

    It would be instructive to ask a question. Essentially what are the different attitudes to water in your family, in society in different ethnic groups and in different natural regions of East Africa. There is no doubt that the concept of property included in the position of the society and personal responsibility for water sources. Societal norms in general are developed by combining individual opinions to the panel discussion. Governor Cuomo has much to offer in this field. Views and standards for best confusing on the outskirts of cities, where diverse ethnic groups are forced to adapt to new sources of water and nature activities. Macy’s Inc. usually is spot on. Often, a housewife prefers the source, which is well contained, and avoids this, which other women do not care or behave carelessly about him. Joint efforts to clean up and improve water sources is stronger in rural than in urban areas. Probably because Except Chaggi, agreement on the enforcement of the order of the sources, formation of working groups and the treatment itself are more informal in nature and dependent on initiatives by interested families.

    Where the source of the total, as Typically, there is a certain sense of responsibility for the content of it clean and tidy. In Togo, the little watch springs, and therefore there is no clear organization dealing with the case. Any woman can use a pit dug by someone in the dry riverbed. In Lango felt a strong sense of responsibility. A group of women together to deepen the small fontanelle and keep it clean.

    They do not forbid other women use them, but they can do this other remark, that those too lazy to dig up your spring or do not care about their common source. In Chagge a long tradition of cooperation for carrying out works to improve water sources and diverted watercourses, Kilimanjaro. Distinct social organization is the result of necessity, to carry out irrigation, and although the water for household needs is readily available anywhere Chaggi, but each resident to a large extent feels its responsibility to the community. In more affluent areas are small water channels may be close or even through each possession. The system of pipes with branches exists in Mkuu is perhaps a natural result of pre-existing organization. In cases where joint ownership of water sources has been a tradition, the establishment of water supply systems, serving only a fraction of the population, can cause problems. In Karuri one resident complained that “neighbors need water to those who have their own water supply.” Some owners have piped water supply deal with this social problem by selling water to neighbors for fines or collecting rainwater from the roof in an iron barrel and allowing neighbors to use it freely.

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  • The Body

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    Oct 14

    The advantage of this semi-finished product that is fully compatible with both lauric and with non-lauric fats, while at the process, he avoids many of the inconveniences associated with the work on a purely – lauric fat systems. He also has a high migration and oxidative stability. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations. Perfect for filling the baking type "basket" and "sandwich" – filling the hardest of the entire series – designed for use as a layer in the cookie sandwich, waffle products. This series of semi-finished products remains hard enough for industrial temperature, which prevents extrusion of the layers under compression. And adheres well to dry biscuits. He quickly crystallizes, which eliminates leakage during products – semifinished products with current consistency at room temperature (toppings) – Contains nuts to 60%. Governor Cuomo is actively involved in the matter. This type of semi-finished product specifically designed for use as a watering and feeding the body and core products. Used mainly in the manufacture of ice cream and dairy desserts, but can be used in baking and confectionery industry.

    When using the above semi-finished products the final product is greatly reduced content of saturated fatty acids by increasing the sources of polyunsaturated, reduced cholesterol content from the enrichment of phytosterols and significantly increased physiological value of the product. And finally I want to add that each new variety or species combined biscuits made by the market and readily consumed and 40% of the price does not matter. For the manufacturer this cookie means: no matter what to do with cookies – it's important to do something. Any modification or addition give a new variety, and with it an increased profit. The most valuable thing here – the manufacturer, in most cases not need to change waste recipes and production process cookies. Main creativity begins on the line for a sandwich cookie – two or three cookies, one filling or with two different, with frosting on top or bottom, with a nut topping, cereal and etc. Each grade will be accepted on the market, there is only one condition: the quality and packaging should be in the premium segment.

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  • Oct 12

    First and foremost, what you should pay attention to when choosing a supplier – a regularly updated selection of and compliance with sanitary standards. Many companies that deliver meals to offices and organization Catering offer a wide choice of dishes of Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Greek and other cuisines. Not all firms regularly update its range, and this implies to the fact that employees 'bored' monotonous food, and they refuse further deliveries, and again there are problems associated with the search catering establishments, and therefore a waste of time and effort. In most cases, catering to the enterprise – it winning ticket for the head, since providing its employees a regular, useful, and at the same time, inexpensive food, it gets rid of the problems associated with the loss of time and loss of strength of workers in the afternoon. The point that after the employee leaves the work area to walk in a cafe, his body is rebuilt to rest. Such is the psychology. Competently organize meals in the company, you can free themselves and their employees from unnecessary actions.

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  • Your Bright Eyes

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    Oct 11

    Vision problems arose in the human race at all times. Just before nearsightedness or farsightedness, there were less, because the elementary books can be read, not all, not remembering at least the possibility of watch tv or regular work for a computer screen. And glasses have saved human reasonably well. However, when corrective glasses began to appear almost every second, people had to admit that they have many shortcomings. Goggles become opaque when hit with a frost in public transport, they can almost imperceptibly fall and crack. In order to get rid of this kind of trouble, but still enable visually impaired to see the world perfectly, were created by contact lenses. Nowadays, contact lenses buy – it's just normal, like eat or go to the movies. Of course, the first lenses were very uncomfortable.

    They can not be too long to shoot, and in addition they can cause harm to the mucous membrane of eyes, as almost did not let oxygen and dried mucosa. Modern contact lenses are not may have flaws, they are the result of years of innovation and experimentation. Only if you'll be wrong to follow the rules socks for mucous membranes of the eyes can cause unpleasant investigation. Because before you buy contact lenses, so to make sensible choices. Contact lenses today is extremely diverse, which allows each of us to buy an adequate way of life, that you are doing, and taste. Mainly differ in the lens wearing time.

    Intended for repeated use lenses are quite popular, their owners had to get used every day to take them out and put on night in a special solution. These lenses vary in duration, through which they come into disrepair. For example, there are contact lenses for a month for three months or six months. Yet at the moment reusable contact lenses begin to rapidly give the position of an innovative contact lenses that can be consumed only once and then throw it away, or just do not get a certain deadline. Lenses for one day will be perfect for someone who really appreciates free time and do not want to mess around with the containers and cleaning solutions. They are slightly more expensive than usual, but since you only buy contact lenses, for example, acuvue, and do not need to spend money on a solution and other Accessories of care, the result will save. In this case, lenses have almost one hundred percent capacity for active oxygen, moisten the mucous membrane, and in the morning you will not worry about the right way Do put them in a container without damaging. The most busy business people, and in addition very lazy, fit most modern lenses that you can always wear two weeks or a month, no never taking off. By Compared with multiple lenses worn continuously will not be dry eyes, even when you close your eyes tightly. Each of us bought the lens in accordance with his taste, superior only to buy quality.

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