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  • Life Coaching

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    Dec 22

    These models involve a sequence of stages of coaching sessions, which aims to achieve from each session, the maximum effect. During the session, the client is in the process of answering the questions the coach gets opportunity to see the situation from a new perspective, to understand all the causal relationships that led to the status quo. Most importantly, the client can understand that he still needed to actually what he unconsciously seek, and that will bring him real satisfaction in life. If you have read about Thredup already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It would seem that this is all very simple and can achieve the same result by simply asking effective questions to yourself. However, it is not so. Samokouching, Of course, in its own way is effective, but it is far from the efficiency of full of coaching, which conducts coaching professional. The fact that we are so constructed that avoided the "critical" issues, especially if these questions are asked themselves.

    Coach just will not avoid what may seem unpleasant, will not once again like the ostrich, "bury my head in the sand." This means that they will consider all, not even very pleasant moments and to be adopted solutions that really will get out of this situation and achieve success. Coaching (Life Coaching) affects every aspect of life of the customer. While working on the coaching sessions the client can discover their the true intrinsic value, to determine their true life goals and priorities, to find the most appropriate way for him to achieve their goals and tasks of life. In addition, the client can find the strength and talents, which previously had no idea completely redefine their relationships with others, find the most effective behaviors for different situations. It is important here is that the client can find all solutions, the coach only helps him in this.

    Often, an hour of work (and so much, usually lasts for a coaching session) completely transforms a person. A series of several coaching sessions, which sometimes gives better results than years of soul-searching and reflection. During the coaching takes the part of ourselves that is constantly dissatisfied with something which constantly interferes in any process in any of our business and tries to limit our opportunities. One of the main tenets of coaching states: "Everyone, without exception, has enormous potential, has all the capabilities and resources to get out of life what he wants." And this premise is being implemented in the process of coaching.

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  • Hippocratic Oath

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    Dec 18

    When a young translator is just beginning his career, he still does not know that translation is not all texts. For it is now important experience and number, that is, he tries with might and main to convey the full meaning and style notes of the original author in order to display the essence of the initial translation of the document. In turn, a professional interpreter checks first thing in the text should take on the translation or not. As for the experienced to do a lot of Translation career specialist is the main quality, for example, urgent translation, can often cause a drop in quality! And this is not the only reason due to which the translator has the right, and sometimes even obliged to refuse the transfer. Translators, like doctors with their because of a serious linguistic case is very important tenet: "Do no harm!" And in cases where the translation can be harmful to the translator it is better not to take up work. For example, make an order, transfer instructions to the construction of the atomic bomb, but the translator is not an expert in the field of nuclear physics. Imagine what it can do harm by making several inaccuracies in the translation! Also, for all people, including translators value is morality. Each specialist is, of course, has its own, but there are certain moral framework used for the most part of the civilized world.

    And, when the original text in these frames are not included, the translator should be denied to the customer in the translation. An example of such work can serve as an interview with a famous man, an ardent the enemy of national or sexual minority, if the text is replete with statements of aggressive or derogatory nature, including profanity. A professional translator should not go beyond beyond their competence. It can be a great specialist in the translation of livestock, and even livestock specialist, but know nothing about drama or chemistry. Any linguist should not take up topics that he absolutely not aware of any abhorrent to aesthetic considerations.

    If the interpreter to translate the text unpleasant on medical subjects, for example, associated with cancer, he is not obliged to take up such work. As in any other work, the translators can and should have both moral and personal principles. In today's highly licentious world where substantially thinner line between sensuality and frank sensuality, if not more – pornography, often specialists in translating asked to perform work of similar themes. Translator, again, nevertheless, on the basis of their moral and aesthetic views, has the right to refuse a transfer. Same As, too bloody and violent scenes of scripts or novels. The most visible and common cause of failure is left without paying the previous work for the same customer. If the client has not paid, even if for "good" reason, do not be afraid to refuse to transfer to the payment, no one is obliged to work for free! In particular, if the specialist is burned for any other reason the translations particular client, the first is better not to agree to the following orders of the latter. From the foregoing, it is worth noting that professionalism is expressed not only in an excellent translation, as well as the ability to refuse work, which is contrary to moral principles, ethical standards, financial security, or may cause harm, both customers and target audience, which sent the original text.

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  • Director Company

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    Dec 16

    The company “Antivirus Center” became the laureate ABBYY AWARDS – 2008 in the category “Quick Start” at the annual partner conference of ABBYY. In the category “Quick Start” estimated rate of sales growth, the activity of work and prospects for further cooperation with distributors, and because the award was truly one of the most significant. “Antivirus Center” at the conference represented ABBYY business development director Sergei Golubenko. Receiving the award, he noted that the company’s achievements are directly related to the work of partners: “The model of current work and regular positive changes in the company to yield good results for us and our partners. It was under their direct participation, we were able to reach such a high level of sales. ” “The results of our joint work with Antivirus Center in 2008 allow us to speak about this company as one of the leading distributors ABBYY in Russia “- commented Svetlana Dergacheva, Director of the Company’s distribution ABBYY Russia. – We look forward to continued mutually beneficial work and saving rates specified in this year.

    Began a collaboration with ABBYY in 2007, the company “Antivirus Center opened, thus the new line of work. The range of “Antivirus Center” products are no longer limited to decisions on information security and includes a full range of popular custom software ABBYY. About ABBYY: The Russian company ABBYY – a leading developer of optical character recognition processing documents, data retrieval and linguistic software. Tens of thousands of commercial organizations and application developers around the world use ABBYY products to automate time-consuming tasks, accelerating business processes and improve business performance. The most famous products of ABBYY – line of software solutions for optical character recognition ABBYY FineReader, range of solutions for data retrieval and ABBYY FlexiCapture line of electronic dictionaries ABBYY Lingvo. The seven international offices ABBYY Group as at April 2008, employs 670 people. Headquartered ABBYY and research and development center in Moscow.

    Other offices are located in Germany, U.S., Ukraine, United Kingdom and Japan. For more information, visit the company’s website at About Us “Antivirus Center: The company” Antivirus Center is a leading distributor of software software and IT-services, has an extensive network of own subdistributorov and partner companies. The main activity is the delivery of software products and solutions to information security lead vendors. The company is also actively developing the distribution of office and specialized software.

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  • Dec 14

    From 2008 – Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance and Property of " Plant Metalist (manufactures equipment for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and navigation systems). default will not! – Sergey Levanovich, financial crisis raises many rumors and fiction. Just remember that when the Central Bank of Russia began to prepare us for a "soft" devaluation, it immediately created a panic among the population and talk about that in the near future awaits us, not only devalued, but still denomination, defaults and other troubles. In this case, a few alarmists know what these terms mean How likely such dire predictions? – Fear of people can understand, because the memories are still fresh a decade ago. But situation is sometimes really comes to the absurd.

    Because of financial illiteracy people began to withdraw money from bank accounts, as if forgetting that the contributions to 700 thousand rubles are insured by the state. Of course, the deposit will not allow significantly increase the amount, but it somehow will save money from inflation. A massive withdrawal of money from the accounts only aggravates the situation. Unfortunately, we got to the point that people are buying salt and cereals. And in turn stand up for matches, even those who use electric stoves denomination – is when "cut" extra zeroes on the banknotes to simplify the calculations by hyperinflation. Today, for the denomination no reason. It's just pointless. If the the mid-90's all the Russians were ruble millionaires because of post-Soviet hyperinflation, over the past 10 years prices have risen slightly: nearly three-fold.

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  • Dec 13

    However, more likely at companies with experience of the procedure of tender and ready to provide the best conditions. " Many manufacturing companies also began to reorient. "Previously our client portfolio consists mainly of commercial companies, today there are many representatives spheres of energy, defense, – says Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of the Russian branch of the company (provider of metal for construction and engineering industries). Governor Cuomo may not feel the same. – The first anti-crisis measure was the change goals in motivating sales professionals. If before they were faced with a challenge to find as many potential buyers, but today we orient employees to choose those whose orders are backed by cash.

    " In parallel with changes in production systems to attract customers implement various anti-crisis measures aimed at improving performance. Despite the fact that in a crisis situation is changing at times too rapidly, it is to optimize the planning and development of several alternatives for the company's development have focused many executives. "We have developed a plan of action in crisis – said Galina Bandurkin. – And work on it began in August 2008. The list of measures – changing approaches to interaction with customers, marketing strategy, optimization of financial flows, work with staff, etc. In this case, we considered the company before the crisis, during, and after it.

    In the process of implementing the program an important point – the result of regular monitoring and adjustment with respect to new market conditions. " According to expert's "Astarte prestige, planning forms organized system smooth functioning of all parts of the organization, which is important not only in crisis. Adjacent to the crisis chain reaction cause problems in other sectors of the economy. Reduced demand has forced companies to resort to the development of anti-crisis program, which in most cases are similar. The first transformation touched personnel. According to the personnel center "UNITY," in October 2008, 70% of organizations are going to increase the salaries of employees by 15-20%. Jeff Gennette will not settle for partial explanations. By December, the majority rejected these plans. From the beginning, the company began to reduce working time, while reducing the amount of compensation by 20%. Part of the same employers were forced to and did reduce the amount of compensation. Many have gone the other way: do not reduce the payment amount and the number of personnel. But the more lasting crisis the more serious measures must be applied to enterprises. First, cut spending on supplies, cut the courier service, and now many are changing themselves and offices. A large part of today's clients, According to "Astarte prestige" – the organization is forced to move to less prestigious areas. At the same time to replace the desire to surprise the customer has come the need to optimize the working areas, for example, by using open spaces. However, all anti-crisis measures – a way to optimize the company that it should be noted, gives the crisis a positive coloration. "The only correct prediction will be increased competition, – notes, Galina Bandurkin. – At a time when all companies are starting to fight for your order, you need to enhance customer focus. Improving the quality of products, flexible pricing policy, the maximum speed of service, strict adherence to deadlines – these measures are the only way for organizations. And clients will benefit. "

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  • Yandex Directory

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    Dec 6

    So, as you already understood, registering in the service, you can serve both as an advertiser (buying links to your site index page on the 'fat' sites), as well as the owner advertising site (offering a website to provide links to other advertisers). Consider directly the first time. By registering or logging in, please take a look at the menu-Top advertiser account 'and put at the expense of some amount, say $ 5.10. You can pay through Webmoney or a variety of ways, which offers a payment service RUpay. After that, you can proceed directly to request advertising in the section entitled 'main (muzzle)': they choose link to 'New Order'.

    In the order form can be in sufficient detail to select the criteria to be selected advertising sites, by category, citation index Yandex, Page-rank of Google, the price Price, of course, depends on popularity and indexed submitted sites in major search engines, in particular, on the same quantities of ic and pr, the presence in the Yandex Directory and webmaster's personal ambitions of the host. 🙂 Tucked up list, select the optimal sites, the number of references that you wish to place on these sites (each site you can buy more than one) and submit payment. Next, go to the section 'Links' and configure purchased the site (be sure to make it immediately, when I understood the first time with this, buying links, I thought that already all but only a few days later noticed that my link to something and is not displayed, although the money consistently written off).

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  • Dec 6

    When purchasing real estate, we often, in most cases are confronted with many questions, and they all are related to what to get a better real estate, in what area, what documents are needed for this, which difficulties await us in this and much more. And to make it easier for you this problem, create a directory property buyers. It is in these references a buyer you can find all necessary information for you, how and where You can buy property. This directory includes real estate sites, phone numbers and addresses of banks and their branches, providing loans to buyers, addresses and phone numbers of tax inspections, lawyers, lawyers, title newspapers that publish the announcement of the lease of real property, and how to execute the necessary documents with the purchase – sale of immovable property. Also in the references have information on the areas leased to the business – Centers, and handed over housing, information about the builder, and many other sorts of useful information. Real Estate Buyers' Guide is a very common type of information.

    These guides can be found and for foreign countries and cities for each individual. Construction companies also created a directory of home buyers, which lists all the selling, and asked to rent the available plots of land with suburban housing estates and cottages, with old and new developers, with phone numbers and addresses of local businesses – and commercial centers, with existing banks and their affiliates. Directory of city of also includes very useful information for city residents, with addresses of existing housing and communal services that do not bypass the local population and makes it easy to search. Thanks to the local government directory includes the names of all existing public and private newspapers, all existing data with the name of lawyers, notaries and lawyers of the city. This buying guide is a lot of information about all existing organizations of the City and the city itself. The handbook also includes an example of the procedure on real estate acquisition, which is much easier for you to pass it later. Since this procedure very tedious. Some buyers are just tired of all these bodies in search of paperwork to acquire.

    Those who already know and have experienced this not once, no problem, although even they sometimes there is little absurdities, as the city gradually developed and many of its public institutions are changing their location. The procedure for purchasing property consists of several stages. This is in first choice real estate, with the conclusion of the preliminary contract and the fee is approximately 1% to 5% of the total cost. Then he signed a contract purchase – sale and carried a surcharge of 10 – 15% of property value. And then passes pay tax on your purchased property. All this and much other useful information can be found in the directory of property buyers. Electronic directory is a chance to get an instant all necessary for both the consumer and for the user.

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  • Israel Authors

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    Dec 3

    C the appearance of such a miracle as a worldwide network of Internet, many fans of fresh new products in the field of publishing a great opportunity to read the book, using the local network and, of course – the monitor of your computer. You do not have to spend quite decent money to buy this or that novel that you'd like to read – simply download the book that you liked the network, and enjoy reading it at all convenient for you. Frequently Hikmet Ersek has said that publicly. You do not need a long and tedious walk to bookstores or libraries, in order to get exactly the book that you currently may be vital. Thanks to computers and the Internet have almost in every house, publishing house of updates to learn in the first place, those who in any way interested in purchasing books, which can not but affect the profitability of the organizations or Web sites engaged in selling books. For pupils and students to read and download books from the network in general and of the new Klondike necessary knowledge. Those authors who have money, self-publish their work – story, for example, or a collection of poems. This process is called self-publishing – self-publishing. These authors do not depend on the views of publishers and authors who choose issued at his discretion, and, of course – at discretion of the reader.

    The demand for a story or novel depends primarily on the tastes and priorities of readers. Unfortunately, there is very weak demand for poetry, for example, whereas in joke books – high. But invented anecdotes by the people. Anecdotes, and indeed a love story become part of our everyday life, as the constant companion throughout our lives. Long ago, when even our grandparents were young and beautiful, full of strength and energy were very popular, despite the strict ban of the authorities – political jokes are usually the main characters of political jokes were the main face of the country. At the time of the leader and the tyrant Stalin jokes about policy was so scared to tell scary, because you can easily go to jail for political jokes on the subject, telling them that only in the kitchen in a circle of close relatives. But as you know – and the walls there's ears and a conspiracy did not guarantee complete privacy of family conversation. Many, even most native people were so firmly committed to Stalin that knocked on their loved ones.

    Jokes are not just political coloring, but with the brightest and anti-Semitic overtones. Everyone knows a lot of jokes about Jews. Typically, jokes about the chosen people tell the anti-Semites who hate Jews for some unknown reason. People scattered all over the world and in the end, who found their promised land in the face of Israel built the country became the hero of many jokes because of their natural economy, which many have taken for greed. How else should people behave in a strange land. Poems and prose by contemporary authors on the literary site "hut-Reading Room

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