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    Oct 11

    Mobile stands develop, and development is the 2nd in the directions – the improvement of design in terms of clarifying the size, the use of new materials that offer new features. All new models are usually belong to the premium for the class, except for low-cost models X-banners. The second trend – the cheapening of the existing models of mobile stands, the search for cheaper than the competition models. First of all, it refers to such popular models as mobile stands Roll UP. The price difference in these stands is very big. The cheapest Chinese-made roller stands are made of plastic and are from 1100 p.

    Teardrop roll stands up too Chinese production will cost from 4,500 p already., roll up with a replaceable cartridge is p 2900. Considerably more expensive stands Roll Up European manufacturers – Sweden and Switzerland. The simplest stands Roll Up from 100 Euro, and recent models of roller stands can cost around 300 euros. But back to the subject of the article – affordable models stands. Note that the economic crisis has affected the pricing behavior of customers advertising structures, and those who previously bought only the best brand and began to be interested in the opportunity to save on exhibition equipment. This is reasonable behavior.

    Why suspend the planned advertising campaign, because You can save on their budget. It was during the crisis to reduce the advertising activity – a more expensive. The fewer buyers, the higher the competition. The fight for customers leads to having to pay more attention to advertising. In this situation it is natural to pay attention to low-cost, efficient models of mobile stands. True 'people's' cost-effective, mobile stands are stands of X-and L-banner ad. These stands are 800 – 1500 p. Low the price of these stands are not tied to their convenience and quality, as determined by the fact that they are made of carbon fiber, and therefore, X-banners, L-banners are durable and light weight, but light weight exacerbates the inherent banner stands windage. Large and very popular group of mobile stands – it stands Roll up. The popularity of roller stands has led to the fact that their production is increasing annually, and competition, naturally leads to some reduction in their prices. In late 2008, for example, you could buy the standard stands Roll Up a width of 80 cm by 1750 the price p. However, all stands Roll Up purchased abroad, so changing the value of the dollar affects the their price is not the best, and this year we expect a significant rise in the cost of all imports of mobile stands. That's why now is a closer look at the Russian banner stands. The easiest and most reliable Russian Mobile stand – stand Stella. The stand 90 cm and 218 cm in height now even cheaper. In 2008 it cost 1550 p. And now available in LTD Riword at an unbeatable price p 1400. Stella Stand – the perfect solution for crisis marketing. It is possible to buy a good stand on such a great price. We must make it! Tel. (495) 08 646 00 – Rusinovatsiya, LLC

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    Oct 9

    Packaging design – an important factor for success in the market. Did you know that 2 / 3 purchases in stores are made spontaneously? Furthermore, even if a buyer comes for a certain commodity, it directly at the counter there is a possibility influence his decision in favor of a brand. And here starts the interesting thing, namely, begins the hunt for a buyer. Product quality, of course, has its value, but also look to be selling. And then the main instrument stands Packaging! The traditional view of the package is primarily associated with its original function – to be the shell, a container for any product. Cleverly decorated packaging is not just a minor application for the product is a powerful marketing tool because in some cases, the 'clothing' – or in other product design means more than itself, meet all the same on clothes.

    And here is the odezhka can help prevent you or the opposite view, choose the right product with the variety of 'living' on the counter. Not need to invest huge money into development and production of packaging to successfully sell it – the whole the question is, for any product being plotted all of this show, whether for example, packaging for alcoholic beverages. The important thing is still something to someone wakes up, designed product. So, come to this notion as a 'task force'. AND This raises the question: Does it make sense to invest money in packaging design, when the price is a major factor. Dear appearance may scare off buyers on the contrary, which is not enough money to buy.

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  • Oct 7

    Helpfully marketers have called this method "research at the desk." Where to look for the client, including a regional? Here is an example of the most valuable sources of information: Exhibitions Plus: allows to gather information about potential consumers, trends in the industry in general, competitors' actions and plans (www.exponet.ru, and). Less: there is no guarantee that the flow of people and diversity of businesses you will be able to tie the desired contact. Economy-wide newspapers and magazines – "Vedomosti (www.vedomosti.ru), Business Petersburg (www.dp.ru), expert, Expert North-West (www.expert.ru), and others. Plus: interviews, reports, articles let you know the business client's preferences. Less: be wary of information and carefully weigh all the facts.

    Guide system, allowing any user to make free use of their data (www.e-adres.ru). Plus: speed data collection, data reliability and the ability to preliminary analysis, the presence of all the information about the company, up to the location on a map, and more. Less: run away from the eyes of the information. Industry portals, directories. Plus: You can find interesting review of the market you are interested in the results of marketing research. Minus: Not all sites allow you to view reports for free.

    Sites of search engines (www.yandex.ru,,) Plus: an abundance of information sources. Minus: A variety of information does not constitute a variety of clients. $ $ Addressable maker usually achieves the greatest success one who has the best information. Benjamin Disraeli constant growth rate amounts of information one of the main features of our time.