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  • Jagst River River

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    May 22

    The Neckar River is a river in the State of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Born in Schwenningen, very close to the sources of the Danube, near the Black Forest, in the District of Villingen-Schwenningen. After 367 km through the western foothills of the Swabian, tributary of the Rhine River to the height of Mannheim. Neckar named – via Nicarus and Neccarus – from the Celtic word Nikros, meaning water brava. From approximately year 1100 black forest wood has dropped by the waters of the Neckar and the Rhine up to its final destination in the Netherlands. In ancient times carried transport gancheros travelling on the trunks.

    Currently it is made on river barges. Passes through several major cities on its course towards the Rhine River: Rottweil, Tubingen (Tubingen), Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Heidelberg. It is one of the most traditional excursions that can be performed in Germany and one of the most chosen by tourism. In addition to knowing this tour you can visit New Castle (known as Neues Schloss), the National Gallery Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Television Tower. Along its Valley and can be found plenty of castles such as the Burg Hornberg in Neckarzimmern Burg Guttenberg in Neckarmuhlbach.

    Also, in its banks is the nuclear power plant in Obrigheim, which will be dismantled in the coming years. Past Heidelberg, the Neckar download an average of 145 m/s of water over the Rhine. This makes it the fourth largest tributary of the Rhine Neckar and the 10th largest river in Germany. Its main tributaries are the River Eyach, the Fils River, the River Rems, Enz River, the Kocher River and, before its confluence with the Rhine, the Jagst River. From Stuttgart is navigable; the first of the locks is located in Bad Cannstatt.

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  • AENA Company

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    May 14

    After stay desert airlines and therefore no foreseeable service, shuffled several solutions to this problem: subsidize the arrival of new airlines, close it, sell it or expropriate it. Castellon: airport without aircraft another similar case is the Castellon airport, inaugurated in March 2011 by the Chairman of the provincial Council, Carlos Fabra, backed by the then President of the Generalitat, Francisco Camps, two months before the municipal and regional elections. To this day, four months later, still cannot operate aircraft in it. Juan Garcia Salas, director of the company Aeracas Manager, delivered the documentation requesting officially licensed on July 1 the State of Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). They rely on the license arrives in 6 months and the airport is operational for the summer of 2012 campaign. Even if don’t have aircraft, or passengers, what does this airport are contracts awarded from the month of its inauguration. Facilities There are services of electric (325.570), (614.782,74) security systems, for the cession of use of advertising monopoles (29.462,03) and even a contract closed to build a bronze statue that decorate the airport, with a budget of 300,000 excluding taxes.

    Reus: the power of the airlines Ryanair also has decided to release its planes from the airport of Reus in the autumn. This company entry in 2008 allowed to considerably increase the number of travellers from the airport, increasing to more than 400,000 passengers a year, although he returned to lower the figure in 2010. AENA decided to expand its facilities with a new building for billing and has renovated the building’s exits to adapt it to the form of boarding. On 13 July, the municipality of Reus claimed to manage its airport through a manifesto in the day entitled Reus airport, management from the territory convened by the delegation of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Tarragona. They are demanding that City Hall can assume powers which now has the company management company AENA on installation and to make more effective management. Explanations of these three airports AENA are significant examples of the situation in which the Spanish airport network is located.

    New business strategy of the airlines seem to have put other airports in the spotlight, particularly those that are smaller and have less turnover. Facilities as Girona or Sabadell have registered a decrease of activity in recent months, eclipsed by the el Prat Airport, which puts them in a delicate situation. Spanish airports and air navigation (AENA), the management of the network of public airports company, insists that these losses do not represent an expense extra either for the State or for taxpayers since, is financed through their own revenue which comes mainly from fees charged for the use of their facilities, as explained by the company. Although many airports leaks in its income statement, the airport company decides to keep them operational to ensure the public service and for reasons above all connectivity of different regions of Spain, as it has ratified the own company.

  • Este Iquique

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    May 11

    Barakat and his compatriot Kalil Saleh created two import and export companies in Iquique-Saleh Trading Ltd. and Barakat Ltd. – at the beginning of June 2001. Another Lebanese, Arafat Ismail, an associate of Saleh, runs both businesses. 101.

    At that time, the Minister of the Interior of Chile presented a request for an investigation of the operations of several Lebanese businessmen in Iquique, including Barakat and Ismail Mohamed Alo, who was banned from leaving the country because of his alleged relationship with a network that financed Hezbollah. Santiago, reported in early November 2001, that the newly created unit of international affairs detectives Police intelligence (Jipol) detected at least two associations in which Barakat appears to be the main investor. Detectives determined that Saleh Trading Ltd was registered in Iquique a notary on 6 June 2001, with an initial capital of 50. 000 dollars. A Chilean citizen was involved in the Association.

    The second Association, the company’s import and export Barakat Ltd., occurred the next day at the same notary, with an initial capital of 20. 000 dollars. Barakat, who gave the building reef, apartment 902, Iquique, as his address, contributed $19. 800 to the association with Juan Lecaros Figueroa. The company stated that its objective was import and export all kinds of goods, especially clothing and electronic items, and participate in any other business that the partners agree, under the free zone area or customs regulations. Investigators quoted by the third of the hour, however, confirmed that the money allegedly laundered in Iquique they came from Ciudad del Este, with companies in Chile as cover. These activities could reach several million dollars. Barakat acknowledged in an interview with a Chilean newspaper in November 2001, which has businesses in Chile and the United States (Miami and New York). It also reiterated that it is only a sympathizer of Hezbollah, which sends $400 per year to help orphans of the war of liberation of South of the Lebanon.

  • May 4

    Journalistic perversion that supposed lie joins a few media increasingly more subordinates to political power and economic, and a few media professionals slaves of the medium in which they work. Even so, gradually greater controls are introduced in our society to truthful information. The press has gone from being the fourth power, or Watchdog (dog guardian) to be called lapdog (lap dog). Since the end of World War II United States has been striving to promote a free flow of information worldwide, unidirectional flow most of the time, but has just repaired to ensure the quality and accuracy of that information. The financial crisis also affects the media, in a way that goes beyond the clipping of the templates or the reduction of production costs. Own information is conditioned by the economic vulnerability of the media, increasingly in need of monetary injections coming from public or private, powers that make formal and editorial line of the newspaper or the radio. Many information professionals we observe with astonishment how is convocan multitudinous press conferences which prohibits formulated questions, thus highlighting the subjugation of the press to the other powers. However the health of the profession must not depend on broadband Internet, or interviews with politicians and businesspeople with questions prepared and agreed upon, but a global awareness of journalism as the fourth power that question to the other three. For someone who approaches with interest to publicize the news of the world, your country, or your neighborhood, increasingly more complicated to know what come from reliable sources and are a mere rumor caused by imagination or interest.