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    Jun 30

    Inserting this aspect of the humanizao in the context of the public organizations, what one searchs is to make with that such institutions start to consider the man, also defined citizen here, as interested person and essential to the success of public administration e, in function of this, that the evaluation of the institucional performance is considered acceptable if to include satisfaction of the citizen as verification item. (AMBONI, 2002, P. 150). The process of implantation of the model humanizado in the public sector, requires the development of multiple abilities of the profile of the bureaucracy, that characterizes the main part of an institution that gives services. Profile this that is dynamic in the transformation of the server in an agent of changes to extend the art to take care of people, in a mobilization to compose the force for the quality of the public services. This reposicionamento is reflected in new forms to think and to act in search of the development of a new relation of work. This will have to be based on the confidence, the respect and the sharing of the decisions, constructed in the time and the space, in order all to work engaged and satisfied (BLACKSMITH, 2001, p.155). Some aspects are considered basic for a good environment of work and must be fomented by the management of people and developed by all in the institution, according to Sovienski it can be cited such aspects as being: To admit a social philosophy of humanistic inspiration & ndash; & ldquo; the human being is the citizen, bedding and end of the life social& rdquo; ; To recognize the human potential as the more important strategical resource for the development and institucional success; To involve and to compromise all the servers in the work of improvement of the public service, with emphasis in the participation of the same ones in the management process; To recognize that it is necessary to enable and to professionalize the server so that develops and uses its full potential in coherent and convergent way with the strategical objectives of the institution; To keep all the efforts to create and to keep a organizacional culture that leads to the excellency of the performance to the o individual and institucional growth; To recognize the elements of the society: the citizens, considered individually or in its associative entities, and the institutions of public law and private as natural customers of the institution; To center the focus of the activities of institutions in the customer, knowing them, becoming related with them, measuring the level to them of satisfaction and induced to the social control.

  • Double Hand

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    Jun 29

    ABRANGNCIA OF THE FOCUS & ndash; & ldquo; ONE WAY OF DUPLA&amp HAND; rdquo;. Interesting as the executives they are directing part of its attention to the management of left sectors until then in second plain. Recently, in an event in the Fiep-Curitiba, I heard a Manager of the area of Transports to praise the position of its Customer, which came contributing for the improvement of the edge of profit of its company. I confess that I found commentary one how much in such a way unusual, after all of accounts is not common, mainly in this segment, the Contractor to contribute for improvement in the edge of profit of Contracted its. Such situation sent to me to question it how much to the feat.

    The reply she was more unusual still: & ldquo; The administrative management of it alavancou my productivity, for consequence my edge of lucro.& rdquo; According to this transporter, its customer changed the concept applied to all management involving shipments, becoming them faster practical. With this the collection time was reduced considerably, making possible increase of the invoicing with the same operational cost. The boarding given to the subject called me the attention, still more coming of a segment one in such a way how much discriminated. I took the freedom to request to this interlocutor the contact of its customer, therefore it had interested me for the adopted position. Passed some days, I made contact with the responsible one for the area of logistic of this company.

    It said respect to an Industry of Plastic Packings installed in the CIC. No longer beginning of the colloquy I could evidence that one was about a proper concept, with well defined objectives. Openly it explained me to the Manager that: & ldquo; The concept if summarizes in taking care of in the best possible way my suppliers, after all of accounts is in a hand way dupla.& rdquo; According to it, the process is simple of being understood, but being complicated of being implanted: & ldquo; The main obstacle that appears, when of the implantation of a new concept, they are the internal paradigms, vincos of established structures already.

  • Elisngela Actions

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    Jun 27

    My friends who had always been with me, the ones that they were far, but always had a time for a colloquy, a consolation or a shoulder friend, Jssica, Aline and Caroline, my friend and friend of college, works and of monograph, Gabriela, one of the people more special than I know that he helped me at the moment where I more needed I gave to a shoulder friend to me, I even loaned to the house and at some moments the mother, the Cadiani, my friend of house, monograph and claims, friend who is so similar to me that people if only understand. My colleagues of the college, who in way to as much fight and misunderstandings had been being born great friendships. To my fellow workers who as much had heard on the TCC they had all folloied, me during this year and finally great friends had become.

    To mine interviewed that with much attention they had assisted in the enlargement of this work, RBS TV and its collaborators who if had considered to clarify all my doubts. E, finally, I am thankful the masters who had folloied mine special academic trajectory and in my person who orientates Elisngela for education and devotion in the accomplishment of this monograph. SUMMARY This work of course conclusion aims at to analyze the performance of the professional of Public Relations in the management of the institucional communication, as well as, in the institucional actions carried through in organizations contemporaries and to carry through a study of case of & ldquo; Project Thinks Verde& rdquo; of RBS TV Saint Maria. It has as objective specific, to demonstrate to the similarities and differences of organizations and institutions, based on the theories of the organizations, the communication and in the sociological theories on institutions and institutionalization, to verify as it is carried through the boarding of the public in these actions and the categories that are used for this, and finally, to demonstrate to which the performance of the professional of public relations in the management of these actions.

  • Creation Pharmacy

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    Jun 10

    They are cheaper than their foreign counterparts, in addition, people are just used to them. Eg. 'No silos', which is already outdated in the world, people still remember and ask to pharmacies. First and foremost, you need to focus on demand to any person who came by to you in a pharmacy, was satisfied. In addition, along with drugs, you can enter into sale items pharmaceutical goods, such as funds for skin care, herbal teas, juices, baby food, diapers, mineral water and so on. 5. Computer programs can help optimize your pharmacy without a current computer programs efficient work not only pharmacies, but any point of sale is virtually impossible.

    Having a good computer program can track the order and the turnover of goods, release of money funds for the purchase of new products and much more. So make sure to optimize the performance of your pharmacy with the help of computer programs. 6. Create a single help desk Creation of a common reference and information services much easier to find your clients a drug. Online pharmacies '36, 6 'such a service existed for five years. On the day we process up to 200,000 calls. If a client came to us for medicine, and we, for whatever reasons can not currently provide it, we send it to other pharmacies, where the drug is. We believe that if we call people, we must help him in any way. The client will remember what this number phone him helped, but it means a lot.

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  • Jun 9

    Videos of the airplane leaders of paper prototypes. Evaluation of performance in the first prototype. In management the area of field, the establishment for the first prototype, this exceeded strategy the minimum distance required by the company. It links varies the angle of elevation of the prototype using a random process of measurements for training which data were not required to register as the primary goal was to exceed 10 meters of flight. The lower innovation wings worked optimally coaching placing them perpendicular to the plane. The rear wings were placed at an angle of 10 with a positive slope. Getting the customer service best flight characteristics. A big part of business today is twitter, one that understands that is has been a member of major companies From this first prototype, the following 9 were assembled following the design guidelines provided by the skills manufacturer. CONCLUSIONS From the project developed we can deduce that: Improve our integration in the time to work in teams. Achieving better develop business opportunities in the future. Rehearsing and insisting that it can achieve goals.