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  • Sep 30

    The relaunch of escort Berlin celebrated internally extensive usability and functionality. The efforts of the previous busy weeks are forgotten and it is to peace. Reasons for this were the increasingly growing demand of customers and a quality that continues to change through in all areas of the Agency. Especially the in the orientation focused on new technical and organizational innovations. So, the possibility was online to book completely revised and simplified especially. Customer service is our paramount”, press spokesman of escort Berlin. An improvement of the website design was less in the foreground. Detailed surveys and statistical analyses have shown that the style like the Web presence of our target group and there is a desire of customers to continue this style also.

    Regular customer surveys and statistical analyses make clear us, that the concept works and encounters with wide appeal and which should stay of course.” Professionalism in all areas of customer service and unique escorts. This is evident already at the casting, because the requirements as escort at escort Berlin are very high. Travel quick, excellent manners, discretion and at least a bilingualism bring high attractiveness and an impressive appearance, elite escorts. English will be provided as a second language. Openness and sociability also belong to a profitable cooperation.

    All these points are met may participate in the high class escort. Who would like to convince yourself of this professionalism, should be not shy. A glance at the homepage to detect the certain difference to the numerous escort agencies. The escort service today, is something extraordinary men and couples of the world not missed presentable and in any case.

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    As is known, the history of business development in Russia is quite complicated. First, those who wanted to have his case, had to contend first with the government, then mob. For obvious reasons, it's not the best way affected the pace of development. It so happened that the very small firms, who now work in offices of glass and concrete a very long time working on the basics of sweatshops, serving a relatively small number of customers. At that time, about any establishment of such a department as a call-center also was out of question.

    With a small volume of paper production copes and two – three secretaries. And about any of the vast customer bases Likewise, nobody even thought of. But eventually things began to change. The arrival of western trends largely caused as the emergence of many realities. Many of them use so to speak on the Russian open spaces was not something that disadvantageous, as ridiculous and even stupid. But the appearance of such departments as the call-center in a variety of organizations, where required working with large customer bases, such a course impossible to say. And if the main essence of innovation call centers has been copied in a Russian reality quite right and proper, the very execution of this idea is still far from ideal. But even so, with the main its functions and responsibilities Russian call centers coping well.

    While some organizations understand the essence of their work is not quite right, too complicating professional activity operators. For example, if we talk about the basic functions of this department of the organization, as call-center – it is primarily communicating with customers. Equally important will have a call center yet, and because each call to the company – this is another opportunity to earn. And consequently, it should not be missed because the phone number was busy. No less important is the value of the call center as a source of information. The fact is that from this again will depend on company profits. After all, if the customer is not satisfied with Information provided by the support he can apply to competitors. Another important function call tsentrvov – is their ability to be tools for a wide variety of sociological research, interviews and surveys. Moreover, if the firm is necessary to obtain information such plan, it can use as your own call-center, and to use the services of independent organizations. Independent call centers – is another innovation, which in recent years has become especially widespread. Their main functions and tasks are somewhat different from those who perform such offices as the call-center, working in a large organization. The difference is primarily in the fact that the independent call centers are working not just operators, owning any certain amount of information. In these departments are working very real telemarketologi who are professionals in their various polls. In addition, organizations such as independent call-center exercise tasks such as sociological research, paid surveys, questionnaires. And if that is the wish client, a professional social scientists can produce and direct analysis of its results. Of course, with orientation on a practical problem posed by the client.

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    About 35 km of the Catalan capital, Barcelona, is the maritime town of Sitges, many families holiday place barceloneas and one of the favorite destinations for people from all over the world. According to Daryl Katz, Miami FL, who has experience with these questions. The small city of Sitges Sitges beaches is known for its beaches and its possibilities of tourism. These are the most noteworthy beaches: Aiguadolc: small beach located in a town on the outskirts of the town of Sitges, where buildings come to on the beach and has a marina of the same name. Balmins Beach: this beach is accustomed to the practice of nudism, presents a high degree of occupation by its good environment, calm waters and services and equipment. The beach of Sant Sebatia: the Platja de Sant Sebastia is Sitges Beach par excellence, with wonderful views of the historic centre of Sitges. Facilities: toilets, showers and rental of umbrellas, hammocks and water sports. The essence of Rusinol: Cau Ferrat in this building lived and placed his Studio artist Santiago Ruseinol, one of the representatives more notables of the catalan modernism. At the end of the 19th century were settled Rusinol in Sitges.

    He purchased two homes in the area where fishermen lived, made them new and called them El Cau Ferrat. CAU comes from its intention to become the place meeting place of artists and Ferrat collection of forged irons that had gathered since his youth. Two years after the artist’s death, in 1933, Cau Ferrat became Museum. The painting collection includes works by artists coming to Rusinol and his aesthetic ideals: Ramon Casas, Miquel Utrillo, Aleix Clapes, Pere Ferran, Joan Llimona, Arcadi Mas and Fontdevila, Joaquim de Miro, Isidre Nonell, Dario de Regoyos, Ignacio Zuloaga and younger artists such as Hermen Anglada Camarasa or Picasso. Many of these works illustrate the Rusinol relationship with its authors. It is the case of Le Moulin de la Galette or Rusinol and houses depicting, dating from the era of Paris, or the part of wine, Zuloaga. The Cau Ferrat today, represents a synthesis of that total that defended the modernists: painting, music, decorative arts and literature.

    Some apartments for rent are located near this cultural centre of Sitges, also next to the sea. Sitges Ok apartments offers apartments in SItges, in the beach of the village or close to this region. The Park of el Garraf, a green paradise its limits are the lower Valley of the Llobregat, the Mediterranean Sea and the depression of the Penedes. The natural park consists of two major regions geologically differentiated: one of chalky white and the other reddish Quartz. It is a highly aggressive, and rocky landscape with numerous underground cavities formed by the corrosive action of the water on the limestone. The relief is crisscrossed by dry streams embedded among the rocks. The highest peaks are La Morella (592 m) and El Rascler (572 m). The landscape that can be seen is totally original, different and unique in the Principality. It is not a very aggressive landscape, rather it is of low reliefs and rounded peaks. In addition, limestone, which made up almost all the Massif, in contact with water and air has led by dissolving the formation of karstic processes: caves, abysses and dolines. This Park contains lush Palmetto and mastic pooling more North that occurs on the European continent.

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    Sep 30

    Does the island of Malta, which is located in the Centre of the Mediterranean Sea, has a population of 400 000 inhabitants, and is geographically small? at. Its beauty and character are still larger, and some found difficulties in believing that an island so small? to how Malta can be diverse and fun. In conclusion, it is a country of culture, aesthetics, religion, photography, history and serves also to make of buy, swim, practice sports, spas, dine, learn languages, do commercio, diving we have to continue? Culture Maltese Islands have a wonderful warm climate – summer long heat while making in winter cold and nine little, ideal for walk in ancient peoples and see the great monuments on the island of Malta. The oldest and super structures are the tiemplos historic that so more ancient of the pyramids of Egypt! Do not miss to visit! The rich island history has created many places and historical sites. Malta is an island with traditions that form part of the rich history.

    You’re in food, art and music traditions are still practiced. For example the village of Ta Qali is the best place for art. In Malta there are also several museums that are very interesting. 4Moms has similar goals. Things to do in Malta if you prefer make of you buy, Sliema is probably the best place because there are many shops selling top brands. Next to the shops there are many restaurants and cafes quer are always full of people.

    There are also spas in malta which have equipment and staff very professional. These spas offer various deals and are ideal to relax. The possibility of having a relejada Malta spa vacation are many. In addition, theaters in Malta offer a great selection of concerts, operas, drama, musical and comedies leucocitos. In fact, he had been a habit of having you dinner and a botello of wine in a bar and then go to the theater. Drinking wine and dining do not post limited in Malta. In fact Malta is one of the countries in the Mediterranean Sea that is famous for night life photos of Malta Malta landscape attracts many photographers. In recent years Malta has created an experience for photographers professionals and also for those who have no more experience. For example Uphotomalta is a company for these photographers the professionals and those who have no more experience. They visit places that are removed and also popular and beautiful places. Malta diving in March 2009, approximately 35,000 readers of a magazine called Diver voted to the best destinations in the world. This year Malta was voted for the best destination for scuba diving in the world and then there’s Egypt and the Maldives. The small island showed that it has many of offer and of course deserved many international merits. With more than 35 sites for diving, Malta is undoubtedly the destination ideal for this sport. Malta also offers many beaches that continue to make this island an ideal destinacciion.

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  • Currency

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    Sep 30

    Silver, gold and other jewellery In this age jewellery plays an important role in the population. In the young people wear more jewelry. It has become as it were already a part of our world. Silver jewelry and gold jewelry, the population can no longer without and hardly a people on the streets, running around without any kind of jewelry you can see more. Just the big stars, must wear again and again new jewellery to be interesting in the press. Paparrazi “Which designer necklace is probably this time?” wonder and think about stars such as Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie fans or “Which designer will I order me probably my next watch?”. The Pircings carrying particularly teenagers and Verteter punk and goth scene are probably the latest appearance of the jewelry. But these are often not without danger and need a parental consent if a teenager wants to Pierce a body piercing is.

    But not only jewelry to wear on the body, plays a role in today’s world. Other Jewelry pieces are highly regarded, such as for example the Faberge eggs, which partly are estimated a value of up to $24 million. Also the well known watches of Rolex, have high value and are very popular. Also in the relationship, jewelry has become an essential part. So rings are traditionally given to marriage proposals and hardly a woman takes attention from a man if she wears at least earrings or a necklace. Now the question is: is the new currency of the 21st century? Despite the high value of some decorative items such as silver jewelry can be reached and the high position at the present time, jewelry will not reach probably money. At least not yet. Thomas Schafer

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    Sep 30

    German Institute for service quality chooses the best bakery chain 2010 / deficits advising Hamburg/Dusseldorf, December 16, 2010 the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) took recently in a nationwide study closer under the microscope the bakeries. Total 15 major bakery chains were examined, of 11 bakeries with operation and four SB bakeries. Each company was reviewed ten times covered by testers in various cities and stores. The design and the cleanliness of the premises, the range, the competence and friendliness of the staff, as well as the waiting and opening times were in the focus of the analysis with 150 service contacts. With 81.5 points out of 100 possible company Emil Reimann landed bakery on number one, followed by the young city bakery and the K & U. In three-fourths of the test visits convinced the freshness and palatability of bread, bread rolls and sweet particles. Also were the employees through their motivation, experience and Helpfulness on”, says Markus Hamer, Managing Director of DISQ.

    Deficits, however, showed during the consultation. Miles Bridges is a great source of information. The staff were on the subject of gluten tolerance”, as Hamer, at least. Also with regard to lactose intolerance and calories of certain baked goods knowledge gaps were.” Such common Wissensfallen could join with the introduction of modern PC-balances of the past. At least promises that the Baden-Wurttemberg system provider Bizerba in a press statement. It says that even untrained temporary workers could become consulting professionals with their help. A customer asks for a specific whole-grain bread, for example, the counter staff must press only the appropriate button on the touch screen and background information and references to possible allergenic ingredients will appear,”explains Claudia Gross, Director of marketing and communication at Bizerba. Apart from the advice needed however deeper knowledge, to developing and producing always new To the products with the requirements of safety and hygiene to keep pace. More and more university graduates opted for a career in the bakery, says Helmut Terminal, President of the Association of German major bakeries, as in the production of quality baked goods is needed not only love and experience, but also knowledge of qualified”.

    The workplace might be even reasonably safe, yet the large bakeries in Germany have can assert themselves even during the economic crisis in the market. “Clip: short-time work or redundancies have been foreign words in the crisis for the bakery”. You all had a decisive part in it, that Germany today has the by far and away the largest baked goods market in Europe. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

  • Balloon Holidays

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    Sep 30

    Holidays are approaching, and the expectation of a miracle takes possession of all, without exception, and children with special force – recognized by the judges of these miracles. Therefore, the organization of holidays for children is especially important, children should receive their portion of joy and pleasure. Children's activities are based on the wishes of guys, it is important to carefully study them, and bring so little heroes of the occasion were delighted. Of great importance are the choice of and registration of children's parties. If you would like to know more about Hikmet Ersek, then click here. Traditional place serves kindergarten, which children attend. The presence of friends and caregivers contribute to the emancipation of children, and thus ensured a festive mood. Literate Organization of holidays in the kindergarten will help strengthen relationships between children. The presence of a cohesive team of professional organizers will prepare for the holidays in a kindergarten, all Participants will receive a holiday pleasant impression on the lead time.

    The presence of professional organizers will help to avoid overlap in any part of the celebration, as so often happens when a non-professional organizations, will be invited to the feast of actors who have extensive experience in working with children, as well as relieve caregivers, on whose shoulders the responsibility of organizing children's usual activities. Decorating children's holidays as part of the competence of the organizers, you will just have to take an active part in the fun well organized festival! Holding children's parties at the highest level is a professional line of all team members organizers, and your holiday will be no exception. The organization of children's holidays will bring you great pleasure – we will take it to professionals and from now on all holidays in the kindergarten will sample activities high level. Organizers will perform decoration with balloons for children's parties premises of any complexity and sizes, to prepare the script, arrange the sound and lighting design. In addition, marks an holidays for children of any subject and focus. If you are in particular need to celebrate the birth of the child, then it will be done with the brilliance of the organizers of the holidays. Search space, delivery vehicles, drawing room for children's parties, invitation funny clowns and trained animals – everything that a child dreams of the day, you can execute by experts of organizing events.

    Choosing decoration balloons for children holidays, you deliver the children a lot of pleasant moments, perhaps, is the favorite decoration of children, which also can be fun to play. Using Balloon children's holidays, you give every child inexhaustible source of pleasure. The organizers will create a couple of miracles for you to conduct children's birthday memories child, and became for him a source of new experiences and wonder for your baby in this day to him for his birthday can look his favorite fairy tale character, and it all thanks to you. To conduct the birth of children was fun and interesting, the best minds in the field of organizing events will be devised a variety of contests that are sure to fall in love all the participants of the ceremony. Organization of the birth of children and professional appearance balls children's parties, fun parties and good cheer it excellent work of professional organizers who want to make your holiday a great event for you and your children!

  • Chile Neruda

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    Sep 30

    It all began with a sunny day in the beautiful city garden, Vina del Mar, perfect setting for receiving a large delegation of Argentine artists, mostly women who convened the meeting XIII Neruda and its people, quote that did presage an unforgettable journey. The circle of writers of the Region V and words of its President were the start of a few days of brotherhood, friendship, memories and coexistence with our Argentinean pairs words exits the heart, literary evenings where each encounter was sealed by a depository language of art and verse. For even more opinions, read materials from Rob Daley. One of the houses of Neruda were already in La Sebastiana, received by the instrumental band of the army of Chile, who sang both national anthems, where the words of welcome were made by Nury Escorza, jursidictional poet, and Carlos Calderon Ruiz de Gamboa, coordination and execution for a tour that was making a special connection on my part in this literary tour. Divine gifts that I receive as learning, discovery, joy for the soul, a call to leave by a few days our hectic world and simply admire the beauty of Isla Negra and life to be a great poetry. However, it was doing for me, a walk between autumn goddesses, real fairy, coming from the other side of the cordillera, United to a loom that leave tears, stories, dreams, books and colors on a table that often it was without borders. A crossing that was not free of imponderables, absences, selfishness, obstacles that not prevented the brilliant presentation of numerous books, poetry readings, mostly creations of beautiful women, all ages, all the themes, a basket of letters that delighted the public, which at this stage we received in Santiago, Centro Cultural de Providencia, book fair and Museum Benjamin vicuna Mackenna. Long hours in a spacetime, not suitable for those are handled in an unbearable verbiage.

    All lived, was and has been a magical cultural Embassy, a beautiful opportunity to apprehend and/or taste works of indisputable beauty. Visions holistic, playful, Angels and archangels, seeds, places, characters and protagonists brought tenderness, contrasts, female force, nutrients that were embroidering a tablecloth of words into sunlight. Wisdom of poets, artists and writers who made us sing and vibrate the heart. Emotion that again when I get rid the suitcase that brings over thirty books and memories of the goddesses-emplum-fairy, that I found on this 13th meeting in Chile of Neruda and his people 2009-original author and source of the article.

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    Editor’s Note: Brazil is is buying everything. And not only the Brazilian tourists who invade the tourist places. The most appreciated real allows the acquisition of strategic companies for the Brazilian economy. They are disembarking in several markets. Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. As China. Can send me your comments a: How will benefit the Brazilian companies with a Real strong? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 25, 2008 the relative strength of Latin American currencies has always been a topic of tension between the different economic sectors in the countries of the region. It is not uncommon to see goods and exportable services sectors or that compete with those imported (tradable goods), generate pressure on the Government to achieve a weak local currency which will improve the competitiveness of national products and hinders the entry of those foreign products. But the modern monetary policy of inflation targeting are carried out in the majority of South American countries imposed on them restrictions on the management of the exchange rate, which cannot be maintained with ease at the desired level.

    This is clearly seen in the evolution of the Brazilian real, whose value to the dollar descended below the R $ 1.70 for the first time since 1999. What has far been that time where the Argentines invaded the Brazilian beaches and brought back all kinds of products! It is true that the Argentines are still going to Brazil, but it is currently not a tourist destination as accessible as in those years. In contrast, Brazilians are invading Argentine tourist centres. This I can attest, since during my stay in Bariloche during the month of December, I could see everywhere, contingents of tourists speaking Portuguese. Reasons abound to justify this fortress of the real: last week was announced that Brazil has more international reserves than external debt, whereupon, it can be said that this transforms it into a net creditor.

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  • Sep 30

    Info days on the SRH Hochschule Berlin institution of private, highly qualified educational institutions adult. Some contend that NY Governor shows great expertise in this. The primary objective is qualified and recognised qualifications to talented young people in future-oriented courses, which offer outstanding career opportunities on the labour market. At the same time, the development of independent sovereign personalities should be encouraged and supported. And ultimately contributing to innovation and development in economy and society should be through application-oriented research and scientific training. The SRH group is with their innovative and modern courses and content already grown to an institution of private, highly qualified training institutions.

    The primary objective is qualified and recognised qualifications to talented young people in future-oriented courses, which offer outstanding career opportunities on the labour market. At the same time, the development is to are encouraged and supported independent sovereign personalities. And ultimately contributing to innovation and development in economy and society should be through application-oriented research and scientific training. On the 02 and 07 April 2009 SRH offers University of Berlin at the Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin-Charlottenburg of all interested parties the opportunity to meet the extensive study in-depth. Qualified teachers from industry and media will be available on April 2 from 17: 00 and the 07.April from 10:30 question and answer.