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  • Jul 19

    Replace “Sun IdM” – quickly, cost-effectively and with added value! CIO’s numerous companies recently right several times painfully learned that the great name of an IT company is not automatically the warranty for one as long as possible lifespan of the software product, that they bought. Hardly was announced in summer 2009 that SUN Microsystems is to be taken over by Oracle, SUN customers began existing SUN IdM installations about the future of their investments in their fear. With right! After the takeover, and many months of uncertainty fixed with the presentation of the Oracle Product Roadmap 2010: this is the beginning from the end of the SUN IdM. Oracle declares its identity Manager (OIM) as a core product in this area and plans to deliver only the most relevant SUN IdM updates and 2014 completely discontinue the support for the Sun product. The dilemma in which the SUN – and also the HP, NOVELL and VoLCKER – since then are customers: You have considerable resources in the licensing, implementation and software maintenance put the solution must now start from scratch. You see truncated by the technological development of their solution, the support is set in sooner or later. Affected IAM customers are powerless, the development of the provider market while so they have the power of choice of choosing a solution that best meets their needs and expectations now, on the other hand (if not exceeding) and this fair licensing, migration and operation costs.

    The most promising strategy is safe if it is also painful – clear cut and look forward. IAM customers jackpots from a positive side the involuntary off their solution, they now take the opportunity to throw their old technology overboard and inexpensive to replace the next generation through an innovative solution. Because the fact is also that preceded the development since the introduction of the mentioned IAM products in large increments. The iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH has as a manufacturer of IAM solution bi-cube developed a migration procedure, which allows relatively expenses – and no additional cost of other tools such as the Sun Identity Manager on bi-cube to migrate. The standardized approach (migration) model enables a smooth transition and means at the same time upgrade of the functionality of the implemented solution. Read our detailed white paper (www.secu-sys.

  • You Exist

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    Jul 11

    The people who pass for our life, each one has a special skill It has those that pass and in they give protection to them only with the look we feel in them so well close to them that it is enough to feel its presence. Others in say the certain word to them in the hour where everything seems wrong, and are this the word that as much we had searched, but were necessary an angel to assoprar it our ear. Those exist that, exactly distant, in them pass an inexplicable energy, can be the thousand of kilometers of distance, but when appearing in our screen they are magical. simple ' ' Ol' ' already it makes to smile our heart! It has those that when writing we have the impression of saying the language of the angels, and are angels who know accurately what we desire to read. They lull to sleep in them, they cheer in them and they show in them that pra everything has solution. more than this, we perceive that for the FRIENDSHIP it does not have limits. For the heart it does not have distance, only the emotion of living and knowing that

  • Bar Great

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    Jul 10

    A new scene in the locality appears: the extremely active quarter, symbol of the good times of agriculture in the country, loses neighboring inhabitants for great cities and cities. Little remained of what it formed a simple local economy, currently is possible to find only one only bar functioning in the quarter (figure 7), and the few freqentadores are the inhabitants whom they had decided to remain in the place. The popular one still quermesse resists, is the only festividade that obtains to congregate the community and to relembrar the old times. Figure 7: Bar of the friends, only active commerce in the quarter Headboard of Backwaters Photo of the author, nov. /2009.

    The masses that were weekly now are carried through a time to the month (figure 8). Figure 8: Headboard of Backwaters – Church Ours Mrs. Aparecida. Photo of the author, nov. /2009. The church Assembly of God remained closed per some years, currently is carried through cultured weekly with the intention of evangelizar, but the few freqentadores are the members and shepherd of the church headquarters in Amrico De Campos.

    We can perceive that the locality that if kept per decades generating its proper economy, that it offered, primary pertaining to school education, medical attendance, religious life, commerce (basic provisions), enters in decay as many other agricultural communities and quarters for Brazil. We notice that one of the factors of this decay is the lack of chances generated for the agricultural work, visa the inhabitants of called ' ' cabeceira' ' of the small farms to its redor took off its income of the farming production, that suffered and still it suffers a depreciation, making it difficult a production that promotes it a satisfactory income. The great productions had been at the hands of farmers and great producers, owners of the technologies and of production. Therefore, to migrar for other cities in search of urban services became necessary for the survival.

  • Internet Parts

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    Jul 6

    Also, we go to agree that, to keep supply of a record of brake for a CBX 750, it would be commercially impracticable, a time that if deals with a part of a considerable durability and of a cost that if cannot disdain, and is clearly that any one of us, if we fossemos trading we would not go to use our resources in parts of this type without having the minimum notion of how much we would have them to time in supply. Now it thinks! If we possess a motion of this type because we like to keep a relic, still goes there, the problem is more serious if it has them to the proprietor for necessity and impossibility to buy a new model, mainly for who is far from the great centers the upheaval is enormous to acquire parts. However, what I have seen is the appearance of some sites in the Internet with offers of some products of motion parts and accessories directed toward the motorcycles oldest and even though physical store offering in its virtual store an enormous gamma of products and amongst them several for ours.

    The impression that I have is that the Internet showed for the manufacturers and traders of motion parts and accessories that this market has its importance and several of them if does not keep a regular supply of these products, it has already them to offer for order, where we buy and to wait for a stated period of 10 or 15 days that I believe to be the manufacture stated period. All we know that this type of purchase is not very comfortable, after all, we are not accustomed to send money before exactly to see what we are buying, still more that the prices of this type of parts (of low commercial turn) almost always we are one in such a way & ldquo; salgado& rdquo; , still thus this type of purchase comes if becoming a good spare option of these parts. Another concern is that we do not find everything in one alone place, has that literally. in the Internet, many times with many research to find what we search, but, at least already we have a way for where to start.