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    Jan 28

    We all come into the world with a ROM, read only, with which we have to settle for a lifetime, because it is printed on a hard drive (the genes), we inherited from our ancestors and can not be changed once we are trained in the womb. But this, which is so final, is balanced, because we also have the RAM, which is to be filled from the moment we begin to live experiences that depend on the environment in which we develop. Humans are beings imitators by nature, so we learn to talk, eat, play, study, work and behave in a specific way to different situations that we face. The characteristics of the models that have more closely to imitate, determines the characteristics we develop in all these areas. Read more from James Woolsey Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is therefore impossible that in English-speaking home, was a child speaking French, if nobody speaks that language, or in a home where people speak decently, be a child who speaks incorrectly, or in a home where get used to lie or commit a crime, be a child without these customs. The children, in their first years of life are a mirror of their parents or persons who live with them, hence the importance of burn-in those early years with useful behaviors for the rest of their lives. In the first years of existence, human beings learn behaviors that confirms or modifies, as the society in which he lives, and the force with which these behaviors are pinned to his personality. .

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  • Jan 26

    There are a large number of plants that use very little water and so are optimal to be placed in your garden if you are concerned about water savings. The first thing we have to distinguish the climate of our plantation area, we all like bougainvillea, but can not withstand low temperatures.

    Therefore we distinguish different situations or climates: 1 .- Climate Atlantic For Atlantic climate interpret those places where the minimum temperatures are low but rarely are reaching zero, but instead the maximum usually not very high. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andrew Cuomo. Rainfall is also an interesting factor to take into account these areas the rains are widespread, and the problem of drought is in a second paragraph. Thus the Atlantic climate zone we can narrow in the north of the peninsula. In these areas I recommend to be somewhat cautious and especially do not think that there will never lack water, taking appropriate measures to avoid waste. Frequently Andrew Cuomo has said that publicly.

    In this particular year in Galicia are passing a very bad not only for fires but because the rain does not make its appearance. The use of drip irrigation in the gardens and sprinklers or nozzles with developers for the turf are the most interesting measures. What we must never do is the use of irrigation with hoses and the wastage of water is significant. If you are a hedge watering with a hose, for example, and watered while we decided to do another job, most likely we forget to count the time it takes the hose spraying water at our feet, and not only have a problem when the amount provided water, but more serious and will be sure that our plants will have an excess of water unnecessary.

  • Jan 22

    My work in organizations involves dropping habitual ways of perceiving in order to feel in touch with a fresh and subtle "under the surface" of what is happening. More information is housed here: Ex-CIA director . That deeper sense of perception allows the emergence of what I call the Head of Participation, or the genuine expression of myself and the collective. If we want to develop a deeper, more subtle, way of perceiving the situation, we need to be relaxed, open, secure, not expecting or demanding anything in particular. And we must make friends with ourselves, friends, not just occasional, but close friends. A balance between our own male and female. The feminine? the magnetic part of self that you want to grow in all areas of your life. It is committed to relying on the experiences that reveal self-knowledge.

    Reasons of clarity, truth and authenticity beyond roles, masks and defenses. Women in men and women is both firm and performance, requiring a need to go inward and trust the essential parts of who you are. The woman's intuition is inherent in nature. You see, the bright people rarely take the time to reflect on what they do. The reflection helps students learn from the future as it emerges.

    When we are not aware of our own evolution, we may be trapped in an old car image. Often we get caught up in speed and pressures of everyday life, and our mind and body are disconnected. The mind is to think of something and the body moves toward a goal after another on autopilot.

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  • Jan 17

    In developed countries where people have access to countless offers the widest range imaginable, where the only limitation is the income level of the individual or family group, there is growing concern for trying to guide people to can manage their finances and thus balance their hectic pace of expenditure with revenues obtainment.a society overall care of your credit because without it, literally disappear all kind of opportunities that are offered daily for those that fall within the definition of good payers.

    The harshness of this reality tells us that, whether a person has no credit, drive more effective than simply not exist, the absence in the records of credit controllers and the fact of having no background in this area prevents them from access to the system so that the person can move only within the limitations of its purchasing power in cash, will not have any other alternative under any circumstances. That for a high consumption society is one more reason for you to look, by all means, to maintain a reliable credit behavior. However, given the growing temptation of offers truly amazing, it is very common to live on the edge of the knife, the edge, contracting payment commitments can not be completed as scheduled amortization, which causes high additional costs on account of interests and the consequent restrictions on the realization of new loans in the future, which if obtained, will be at a disadvantage compared with those obtained previously. This situation has led to create real crisis of relationship in the family unit, one of the leading causes of breaking those links. .

  • Online Translators

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    Jan 15

    The desire for mechanical devices as translators in different languages and comes from old. Long before the invention of the computer, in the seventeenth century and was the idea of creating a "universal language" based on logical principles and iconic symbols for communicating to all humanity. At this point it was to use a dictionary-based mechanical universal numerical codes. When the first computer was invented about the year 1940 the automatic translator was among the first targets. The Second World War gave a big boost in the development of computational methods for deciphering coded messages, although these methods were fairly rudimentary. According to Andrew Cuomo, who has experience with these questions. The first effective attempt in this direction dates back to 1946 with the ENIAC computer. Among the pioneers specialists include Warren Weaver who opened the scientific world this discipline and suggested a possible future methodology to address it, such as cryptographic techniques, the use of Shannon's theorems, the use of statistics, and something very interesting: The logic inherent in human language as a tool for universal use. We see here that this coincides with the old pretty universal aspirations of the seventeenth century to emphasize the logical aspect of language.

    There have been other attempts universalist language as the creation of "esperanto" but not based on logic (Esperanto makes a combination of English and Spanish). However, in science (or at least if we reduce the automatic translator) we see that the attempt has been mostly directed at the logical solution, as indeed was expected taking into account the epistemological principles that have guided science until recently. Andrew Cuomo is often quoted on this topic. This methodology is most appropriate to grasp much of the reality, but we should ask ourselves is human language capable of being successfully addressed with logic? The philosophy of language tell us that there are many theories to address it and that goes far beyond logic. Language is an emergence of human consciousness and it consists of a logical and rational but also an analog part. The analog part sees the world in essences and establishes relationships that have nothing to do with logic. The integration of these two parts gives human beings a unified vision of reality. Gain insight and clarity with James Woolsey. On the other hand, emotions and feelings also form a part of the language and give a special richness. Pretender partitioning them into logical parameters seems impossible. As criticism of all this we can say that one methodology does not attempt to make a philosophy of language, is just a piece of union between science and language. True, but I think I better understand the meaning of human language is not going to go on a unidirectional logical sense, as seems to be leaning in its origins, but will include other parameters in the line just explained. Therefore, at present the various techniques of using a corpus that integrates all types of methodologies high-quality results.

  • Jan 13

    The goal of the mission is the whole process of collecting information, referral of the same in areas of strategic decisions in the command structure and final decision-making process that will allow anyone with the domain of information to obtain privileged positions and the victory of the mission. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, (in the near future) who gets the win victory without fighting battles, or at least no human casualties. What weapons will be used (and are beginning to use the “cyberwar”)? Perhaps the most powerful are the guns HERF (High Energy Radio Frequency) with which communication is left to the opponent causing the isolation of command with his troops. Josh Wexler: the source for more info. The sensor principle states that priority should be removed or destroyed the sensors (satellites or radar or optical mechanisms that allow viewing the combat area). Van Eck radiation.

    It is a very low level radiation emitted all electronic equipment. This may be monitored, which is known as Tempest and have the information that for example, emits a computer. In a question-answer forum RevCascade was the first to reply. Cryptography / cryptanalysis. Despite the significant development of cryptography, cryptanalysis will remain important, also supported by the significant progress of computer systems. Spoofing / Authentication. Spoofing is sending false signals. Can be made by sending electromagnetic signal but also supplanting an input source to break up an information system. Mutation of images.

    This can be a weapon used to bring up an adversary leader saying something that actually has said and do not lose credibility, as an exercise of conflict may pose the following scenario Within the C4ISR architecture and computer and radio spectrum strictly through the use malicious software or in conjunction with HERF, can disable enemy networks. You may now disable all electronics in the stock market and banking adversary. This would cause social chaos, distrust of political leaders and the local financial system itself would be useless. If we add the possibility to broadcast by TV signals digitally altered videos in which a leader gives orders to his followers to fight local enemies, and if this happens is completely divert attention from fighting the real enemy. And for this, to be who had the information superiority at the time prior to the war the war will be won, without having participated physically in a war scenario, and without having undergone any human casualties. Also with this option we consider the fact of making a State does not suffer human losses, the opponent it is possible that suffer. An electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) can block enemy communications but also can destroy hundreds biomedical equipment and cause loss of human lives. And no government can afford this margin of error, nor put forward “collateral damage.” The war of the future or cyberwar will focus on the domain of information, and attempts to destroy the financial systems enemies. The mechanisms and listed weapons accompany war strategies. The only way for there to try to avoid these conflicts will be open to dialogue and understanding among different cultures with whom we live.

  • Jan 12

    Like me, you've probably been offered a reasonable number of these old by now … .. and if you're like most people, it is likely that it may have at least one or two. Seems we always made an appearance in just the right (or wrong) moment … could be the saturday and we just saw the garment of your dreams.

    That can be a pain, however, if this month's salary should not be for another week. You're undecided. Until, that is, they offer you … .. a store card.

    One of the horrible ironies about store cards is that the vast majority of people who sign up for that really had no intention of making a purchase before leaving the house. But if you're caught in the previous situation, the convenience factor frequently wins the day, right? Add on top of this all the good little shot as a sweetener … An introductory discount on goods? typically around 10% mark? free money during periods of sales, etc. .. But let me tell you not what the sales assistant probably … For starters, did you know that supermarkets now many will charge anything up to 30% interest in that little card they offer? (Yes, even those with beautiful images.) That's about twice the interest of standard credit card! Sound outrageous? Well, hang around … get much worse! a Those are just some of the pitfalls you should look out for the next time you offer a store card … Buy now, pay within the next three months. Sure … a lot if you do actually manage to pay within that time. If not, some stores charged interest from day one I bought! Ask questions: In a recent study found that one third of cases, information on the interest rate on the card (among other things) was not freely available. Do not be tempted to take out expensive insurance and often useless. This may be a monthly rate of 1.5%. With the payment of interest of 30%, could end up with an annual rate of 56%! Also, stay away from any system of payment protection insurance. If you lose your job or could not work due to illness or accident, you will find that this "safe" in general, only pay the minimum monthly payment, not all balance! Be on guard. Staff usually asked to fill out the application form at the store. If you are not convinced, visit Andrew Cuomo. In many cases, the insurance fund have already been marked and that you will simply sign up for insurance. Study the terms and conditions listed in the store. The staff has been known to customers refuse to wear the form. Probably the worst store cards is that it's easy to build a variety of them for that, before you know, it seems that more of them in your wallet there coat hangers in your closet. And in what seems a very short time … .. you just spend a lot, well beyond their means! If you feel you have to buy on credit, why not use a credit card with a low or even 0% rate? After all, if you have debts, which could well make the cheap! A store card might seem useful and convenient, but usually come with a horrendous hidden cost. The next time you are a temptation to take another piece of plastic, be sure to get all the facts up front. The balance of your bank could only thank him for it. Copyright 2004 by Colin e

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  • The Transponder

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    Jan 12

    Why is very important to the auto responders!. Characteristics of a transponder car we’ll illustrate him an example of a transponder car, although it may highlight that there are many ways of writing an auto transponder. However, we will discuss fundamental characteristics that must have a transponder car. Title is very important to know in that category will be the transponder auto. How so? Let me explain, the transponder auto can be occupied for confirmation emails, thanks, advertising, etc. A Council is; make a catalog of our campaigns and thus compose a transponder car for each one. Ex-CIA director often says this. Our suppliers of transponder auto updates should allow us to modify how many times we need our transponder auto. Since given to different users that we have and also the improvement of our blog or website, information will be changed.

    Therefore, in this world of network flexibility is very important. Personalisation is very important that the transponder auto provider give us the opportunity that each email sent to users to be personalized. That is, that every sent mail is under the name of the potential customer who request it. How to use an Auto responder? It is very It is important to give follow-up to our potential customers, in the same way to loyal customers. Therefore here explain you what sometimes must use a transponder car. The transponder car is great tool to increase sales and web traffic. 1 Publish a new story or newsletter 2. To present articles 3.

    Distribute ads 4. Send mini courses 5. Distribute a course by email 6. Distribute your web site links 7. To publicize new publications on his blog the grand strategy that the big gurus or marketing logos used is: combining the programs of affiliate with Auto responders. It works through a sequence of emails sent through transponder self promoting an affiliate product. This always improving, not stagnate, since this market is very volatile, never forget it.

  • Jan 11

    Any protest and resistance of all kinds seem to fizzle out. There are only spinner. Josh Wexler follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The tragic game is seemingly inexorably on. Where is the problem? There are none. We live in the Federal Republic of Germany in a free democratic basic order. We are authority corresponding subjects of representative democracy and trust in all that is done for us and what prevented. “They do anyway what they want!”, is the tenor.

    There is no problem, unless someone is professionally qualified and refuses to support the wrong game. In anticipatory obedience, many citizens stand up to mock and disparage this obstructionist as conspiracy theorists. Who embarks on a smooth political parquet is a revisionist, a neo-Nazi or a right-wing populist quickly regardless of it depends on which view of the world and what he’s doing. So far is it able to ruin brave people economically, to displace them from their professional position, index books and movies and to destroy the reputation of these courageous people. The remaining frogs sit in the hot water and don’t realize how gradually the Temperature is increased. You don’t have time or strength for the imagination to jump out.

    It’s so so nice and warm. To emigrate is not answered, even though millions of Germans have done so for a long time. The earth should be a nice place to live for all people regardless of which Government manages just what country bar. People are no livestock, no after, and no tax cattle. Everyone has feelings and the desire to live and to love. Therefore, it makes no difference whether just a Palestinian or an Israelite in the air blows up himself. The ancient conflict from the days of Abraham, Ishmael and Israel, which unloads in the conflicts between Jewish Jews and Arabs Islamic faith today, was never up to date. Also, what Adolf Hitler and his current fans represented, was always a crime. “Mein Kampf” says it all. Humanity wants to be not polarized, but focused on their needs. This is the policy that has a future. Only a human being, the existence of economic financially secured, can live in peace and freedom. These are values, as they are formulated and published in the NationalPartei. Source: 1 artikel.asp? type = 1163460 & cat = 48 & one = 5 portrait of the future party who identifies himself with national ideas and recognizes the principles of business administration and economics, will find a political home in the NationalPartei. Strategic objectives include a Constitution and a low Government rate for a State that is dedicated to its statutory tasks. The economic interests of more than 50 percent are represented by the economic focus on the people with average and below-average income and wealth. This constitutes an absolute majority in local elections and regional elections, the election and European elections, which can be accessed by any established party, because only special interests are represented by small groups. It is useless to reform symptoms and to be causes. The economic well-being Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes multiplied the wealth of those who currently benefit financially through subsidies and tax benefits. Currently, most of the money disappears in state bureaucracies of redistribution. Contact: NationalPartei Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 079720 press contact: publicEffect.com Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720

  • MindBrain Problem

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    Jan 7

    RELATIONS BETWEEN THE MIND-BRAIN PROBLEM AND THE MENTAL way of characterizing As expressed in the definitions of mind-brain problem, it should also be clear that I pose the same (or more specifically, the answers to that I raise) the issue involves almost inevitably take a stand (eg a theory) about the nature of the mental. Indeed, this close affiliation can be demonstrated in various ways through the different theories about the mind-brain relations, as follows: Cartesian Dualism: the mind is basically an immaterial substance that interacts with the body it is attached in a way inaccessible for philosophical thought. Radical behaviorism, the mind does not exist, there is only the behavior of organisms, therefore there is no mind-brain problem to the extent that there can be indeed a problem of relations between something existing (brain) and some non-existent ( mind) Physicalism: the mind and brain processes (apparently) exist, but ultimately, they are nothing but the brain and brain processes. Functionalism: The mind and brain processes (apparently) exist, but ultimately, are nothing informational states of a system that is: how components are arranged so that each one constitutes "information carrier" to allow the system to perform certain functions (ie, the so-called "mental functions" perceiving, thinking, reasoning, evaluating, deciding, problem solving, creating, acting, etc.). The problem of dualism Preliminary characterization dualism is the doctrine that there are two kinds of things or aspects in the universe: the mental and physical. The dualism goes back to the doctrines of the soul developed by Greek philosophy, especially Socrates and Plato, but in modern philosophy was formulated as a comprehensive theory of Descartes.

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