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  • Vial Accidents

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    May 4

    As well as pedestrian users of waterways. However, with media initiatives and storms we cannot transcend in a positive manner in improving the indicators of claims that have been experiencing for decades, which is what we have done so far.These indices are more dramatic because they have a correlation with the growth of the vehicle fleet, primarily in motorcycles, and with social inequality, by the high level of death in pedestrian statistics and jeppetas increased.Today there is an institutional movement worldwide promoted by stimulating the circulation security committing States to develop and implement public policies involving society, since the tragedies that occur in the tract affect and limit their budgets and public expenditure giving another institutional sense to entities that promote circulation and track construction regulations.The latter, by the way that in our country for subsequent years are expected a substantial investment in the construction of a new road network, which no doubt will transform the current state of development of the nation. If we see that other countries walk to correct what has generated a security issue on a large scale, then spend on correcting them to prevent accidents we not make the same mistakes. Road infrastructure is a risk factor for traffic accidents and by both today is treated as an essential element of the security Vial.Este new concept to address the epidemic of road deaths is not a concern particularly mine; personalities already promoting it around the world as President Oscar Arias Sanchez, his Majesty Prince Michael of Kent and multilateral agencies..

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