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  • The Story Of London Taxis

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    Sep 28

    Taxis in London – it's not just a transport service, as is customary in many countries, consisting of accidental transport of all kinds and its drivers. It has its own culture, glorious history and national traditions. The world-famous black cab is one of the business cards of London. History of London taxi dates back to 1639, it was the first time united in the Coachman and the Corporation agreed to license carting services. On For two centuries and four-wheel carriages were in use called hackney.

    From the 1850s on the streets of London there were more maneuverable two-wheeled carts in an open convertible style, their abbreviated nickname – cab, and to this day remains the official name of the taxi in London. The first attempt to replace a live horse and the next stage of London's taxi after half a century began elektrokeby Bersey. True, they have failed and are quickly left the arena, while last cabman street horse-drawn carriage he worked until 1947. At the beginning of the XX century London, like many of the world's capital, is booming taxi. In response to the demand for car companies started to build cars specifically for the private street traffic. In cars and they appeared counters were called taxis. It is interesting that for decades the most frequently encountered a taxi driving in London was a car produced in France – a cab Unic. But then the issue of monopoly in the taxi to London, moved to British companies, and this "holy" tradition continues to this day.

    Silhouette Modern traditional London cab model inherits 1948 Austin FX3. Specifically designed for taxi service in London on the car in the sedan in black, is a major stopover for luggage on the left of the driver, had inner wall, and was, as it is now high. The latter feature is designed to enforce the unwritten rules – nothing should be forced to uncover a gentleman, even if he gets into a taxi. Modern cab, used from 1997 model TX – a living history of a taxi in London, he is recognizable for almost century appearance. The only noticeable external innovation is the appearance of bright colors and advertising shields on the back. Today, the official London taxi, as before, the licensing of special municipalities, and the drivers cabs pass special training, pass an examination on the city and is quite capable of replacing a guide for curious tourists. Just such a vehicle has the right to stay on the street in response to a raised hand. However, the time dictated its laws to the development of international transport, along with intracity travel passengers are increasingly needed new modes of transportation such as airport transfers in London. As an alternative to black kebam were other taxi companies. To call a taxi to the airport in London can For example, a taxi service 'London Airport Transfer'. London specialized service will provide its customers with the most modern cars, knowing very well managed city drivers, and all that – in the best traditions of English the highest quality services.

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