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    Aug 13

    From the web you can download everything – music, movies, software. Including the charge, but usually illegally. Consider this question in more detail and from different points of view. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. For many young people walking on the 'warez' websites and link exchange have long been accustomed. These sites are free to download the latest music albums and movies, as well as the latest versions of programs. Downloading files and sharing is not illegal, however, only if we are talking about the pictures, audio and video recordings made with his own hands. But the fact remains: more than 90% of downloads – are illegal. Download from the internet 'for free' can be almost anything – from movies, music, computer games and programs that appear on the Web long before the official release in the rental and sale, to child pornography and materials containing nationalist propaganda.

    According to The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI -), the number of illegal downloads of audio files billions of units per year, respectively, the damage to the recording industry, measured in billions of euros. Demand creates supply, so the Internet daily replenished with new and new files for download, and primarily from private collections. Many users are spread in a network of licensed content, cd and dvd, making it available for free download. Latest movies enter the Internet from the hands of these same employees film, the quality of copies is a very good and the bad (as a source of illegal copies of hit novelty pirates rather use a projectionist than spectator secretly swept into cinema camera).

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