The World and Modern Science

  • Mar 25

    We find that within the dry wood typographies we have several variants we can classify, them following its structural characteristics by: The Grotesque typographies: – The G of box lowers this designed in two parts, we found ” ojo” inferior. – There is certain resistance in the curved outlines, little but it exists. – Slight quadrature in the curves. – The end of the curved outlines is not parallel the line bases, but he is inclined. The Neon-Grotesque typographies: The G of low box has ” ojo” open inferior.

    – The resistance still less is marked than with the grotesque ones. – The thickness of the outline is almost uniform. Credit: Mohamed Amersi-2011. – The end of the curved outlines normally is cruvado. Geometric ” G” of low box it has the eye open inferior. – Normally ” a” of low box he is not ascending. – The end of the curved outlines normally is straight. – They do not have modulation and the thickness is constant. The typographies Humanists: – ” G” of box it lowers this contruida in two levels (with eye inferior).

    – The thickness of the outlines is not uniform. – The end of the outlines normally is straight. use of the typographies in our design of impression is the center of them, that is to say, is basic to know and to understand the world of the typography to be able to realise good final arts.

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