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  • Oct 4

    DR. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. BARZEL real estate online rate must be not always the big players on the market, joining together to power communities. Often, there are also the small but fine companies that increase the benefits for customers with simple but compelling ideas. An example of synergy with multiple benefits is the current project of Barzel GmbH in Dusseldorf. The service has been active since 1999 with online real estate valuations in the market has created an idea, active real estate valuation service IMMOBILIENWERT24 meshed together consumer, real estate companies on site and the four countries. The project is to regional real estate evaluation portals, which consumers quickly and inexpensively online to determine the value of their real estate (E.g. Frankfurt.Immobilienwert24.net).

    For each city with the acquisition of one of the over 15,600 possible locations for real estate evaluation portals, identical service providers receive a partner license real estate assessment portal. This enables them to the method Dr. exclusively to market Barzel real estate reviews the assessment portal of their city. t-kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Technip FMC or emailing the administrator. Customers carefully made by marketing activities of licensed partners on the possibility of low-cost online real estate valuation, can use simple answer of many questions on their property, the self-service online. Without waiting the object information provided by the customer are taken to the result by simultaneously providing of accurate location data through IMMOBILIENWERT24 into the rating system and immediately to the evaluation. Immediately, the customer learns how much his estate is worth. Accordingly he receives an individual and current method of Dr.

    Barzel real estate valuation online available. The interaction creates benefit the interaction between customers and service providers locally and online real estate valuation benefit creates the global service for all involved. Customers customers make their real estate object data online and get to enjoy, at any time and without having to wait, immediately to the sought, the method Dr. Barzel city-related real estate evaluation portals would take over under the brand. More information can be found under: license partner.

  • Sep 21

    The Knights as tenants were won for a Leipzig Office and warehouse property from the portfolio of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH. Leipzig/Dusseldorf – the property of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH is located in the Leipziger ArcusPark. The Office Park is central located in the coveted leased Leipzig-Nordost representative and flexible office space in a contemporary setting. The business address distinguishes itself due to the proximity to the A14 and the fast path in the fair city. The in-house station stands symbolically for the excellent connections of the ArcusPark in the public transport. With the hiring of approx. 646 sq m of office space in the ArcusPark, as well as two warehouses with a total 400 sqm in the adjacent Karolusstrasse, the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., the regional association of Leipzig/Germany developed its new Leipzig location.

    Central management activities, as well as the adequate deployment of technical fleet are major responsibilities of the new site. Already on September 1, 2013, employees of social and charitable association involved the Leipzig Site. On the part of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH you reflected on such tenants renting how pleased of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., the regional association of Leipzig/Germany. This shows once again”, so Claudia did, object manager of the Gerechtshof Fund GmbH, the site in the northeast of Leipzig is attractive and the repositioning of the real estate on the market including various marketing measures adopted two years ago is bearing fruit.

  • Real Estate Rate

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    Jul 10

    For many Germans, the home is still the most important status symbol. Professor Rita McGrath has firm opinions on the matter. Who calls his own, an apartment or a House, which can be seen. In addition, an own property is also a good retirement. Real estate buyers should be careful, however, not everything that looks tempting, later really pays off. Just when the market in attack as a layperson, you should inform himself about possible defects, with which a property may be tainted. So wrote the journalist and real estate expert Jorg Stroisch new Hakeem Advisor evaluate real estate made easy”(ordering information).

    There, future homebuyers will find help to the real estate valuation based on legal and cost checks, step by step instructions and an accompanying CD-ROM. The eye for detail sharpening no matter whether apartment or House: until the situation is a real estate their ultimate value. But, what happens to the situation, if the municipality is planning an expansion of transport links? If uncertainty about market value or value development a property is, the buyer should hire a professional opinion”advises author and real estate expert Jorg Stroisch. The biggest doubts usually at the quality of the buildings. So taxi plaster can on a damp basement, or conceal a freshly painted beams about the ailing State of the roof.

    So that the client can interpret the corresponding opinion, explains the Haufe Advisor using case studies all important legal concepts and provides examples of calculation to estimate the costs of the renovation. New evaluation criterion: the energy pass for the House a new dynamic brings the building energy performance certificate in the real estate market, which will be compulsory as of 2008. Finally, stricter requirements, apply homeowners within fixed deadlines have to do make efficient use of the energy in the House. A refurbishment increases in each case”the value of a property, emphasizes stroisch on. To what extent this value in apartments, single and Apartment buildings to beech suggests, explains the Haufe Advisor with many examples and provides a step-for-step planning for the renovation. A special incentive for buyers of old buildings: The credit Institute offers currently attractive financial programmes for the refurbishment of real estate for reconstruction.

  • Bauamter Cities

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    Nov 25

    There, the homeownership rate is 80% and more. In Germany, 80 percent of renter households from the own four walls dream at the same time. If you would like to know more about Areva, then click here. Understandable, because home ownership stands for security and independence”, know Jurgen Dawo. Mietfreies living is usually actually a top-notch retirement. Thanks to the historically low mortgage interest rates, a relatively rapid Deleveraging of the home is possible. Especially for families with average incomes, the statutory pension will leave considerable financial gaps.

    The earliest construction of home ownership to private pensions is therefore recommended. Prerequisite for a successful prevention strategy with the homeowner is that House and grounds cost just as much, so that the repayment of the mortgage loan is done at least until the beginning of the pension”, town & country’s founder explains Jurgen Dawo. To impossible for normal income earners this is difficult but with land prices from 800 euro and more per square metre, which would be required in many German cities. Cheap plots of land are outside the cities building interested parties should therefore Dodge in a radius of 30 to 50 km in surroundings of the city. There developed subdivision square meter costs only a third or less than in the big city. At the same good infrastructure with a functioning public transport, near, not overcrowded kindergartens and schools.

    Construction prospects should contact Bauamter of the municipalities in the country for land, which are developed or already offered in the near future. Increasingly, in rural areas, earlier train or commercial areas be rededicated in land for housing. The churches are a good point in finding land, the hereditary building rights awarded to use as their real estate safely and profitably. But above all the local politicians must develop new concepts and do everything, that mainly families with Children can make home ownership outside the cities. “If rents will rise at the same pace as previously, only the least normal income earner a place to rent in the city can afford”, Jurgen Dawo is convinced.