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    May 9

    Where get enough energy to go to work?, how exceed this stage of exhaustion?, do as do to counteract the tiredness that weighs about my? and very important, can anything be done against it? or it is the unfortunate fate of every adult. First, the energies if they can get out of the sleeve, which just put them there. Second, if that stage can be overcome, but the only way to do it is you deciding that there is no such stage. Third, does not mean that tiredness you have is imaginary, of course that it is real and there are ways to fix it. And finally, there is no more target than that one gets in the mind. You came from work yesterday, arrive today, tomorrow come to your House and there is no escape, after a hard day, cries of your boss, conflicts with your mates, in your home, there is more for you. You know you have tasks to be done, because you’re the man of the House and there is no output unless you want to pay for it, bad idea right? So you do, never ends, you always have to be done. In addition, you must spend time with your children, worse if they are small, because his energies seem they renew constantly or that it does not affect them the tiredness.

    To pay just like them, in the day should provide enough fuel. If not, the tiredness will trap and you finish with control in the hand in front of the TV. Not to fall into that, should make every effort to achieve them. From now on, eat a fruit between each meal, it is important to not skip any, and meals, uses vegetables as possible. In addition to giving you strength and vitality, this will serve as diet. Abundant outlet water, at least two liters per day, so that your body this clean fat and unnecessary triglycerides and other malicious things.

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  • Medellin Colombia

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    Dec 24

    Colombiatex de las Americas is the textile fair more important in Latin America held in Medellin, Colombia each year and brings new challenges and new horizons. Functionality in inputs and textiles emerges as a growth line and becomes the differentiating factor. Colombiatex de las Americas 2011 has earned a privileged position in textiles, dressmaking, design and fashion entrepreneurs and at its twenty-second version is the mandatory appointment to start with right foot the fair calendar of business in Latin America. Colombiatex de las Americas 2011 will take the pulse of the business on the continent, why is the space for national and international buyers. Why attend as a buyer to Colombiatex de las Americas 2011? 1 Because it has proven year after year that is a place of business, contacts and partnerships in 23 years, Colombiatex de las Americas has proven to be an excellent scenario of business, in which supply and demand around textiles, inputs for clothing, the footwear and leather goods and productive processes, can be found; and in which the avant-garde and new product launches mark tendencia.fotos of models. 2. Other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek offer similar insights. For the support of Inexmoda and a new way of doing business all buyers have free Inexmoda support in the construction of your appointment schedule and the possibility of no cost bilingual business facilitators will be prepared and ready to help them, support them, translate them and assist them in their appointments and the fair in general.Remember that in the stand of Inexmoda, located in the access to the white flag, we are vigilant and prepared to collaborate and advise you on all your questions. 3.

    To find new suppliers Colombiatex de las Americas is a renowned trade show in Latin America in which a varied and consistent offer of 420 exhibitors Colombian internacionales.escuela of models will be available. 4 The relationship cost-benefit can buy more in a single place, avoiding displacement and increased costs; making your journey more cash.For your convenience we have provided free transport between the fair and the main hotels in the city. In the lobbies of the hotels and the trade fair information stands, you will find information on routes and timetables. 5 By a solid academic program can leverage your travel to update forefront in our Pavilion of knowledge topics: nature made professional tecnologia.modelos. This year within our commitment to knowledge as a differentiating element of the role of Inexmoda in Latin America, we have more than 15 international and totally free quality talks between 25 and 27 January. 6. For more complete information on the textile Forum trends and inputs for clothing and home will be located at the entrance of the white flag, and in this the information of textile for the season fashion spring-summer 2011 through a representative sample of fabrics and supplies that will provide all exhibitors at the fair.

    In addition a preview with the concepts of textile fashion to spring-summer 2012.casting of models. Two daily lectures that will complement the information in fashion for the season will be held at the Forum. Also there you will find the Inexmoda-ISCI fashion report. Now we are ready to help you to make a success of your business agenda. If you want you can contact Inexmoda’s advance through the e-mails: expensive cointernacional@inex moda.org.co last highlight that this fair will be held between next 25th of January 27, 2011, in Medellin Colombia, onsite at the fairgrounds Plaza major Medellin conventions and exhibitions.

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