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    Aug 15

    The Marketing Online are in a globalized world where companies increasingly integrated the opinions of its customers in its marketing campaigns and new product decision-making. But, because this happens? The answer is easy: if companies do not take account of the opinion of customers or of these expectations may incur great financial loss, i.e., they released a product without knowing whether to like it or not. Most of the companies in the world today integrate the opinion of consumers in their strategic decision-making and marketing. One can think of as they are getting this information from consumers. There are several methods to obtain the opinion of consumers, for example can keep track of the brand in different social networks as the Facebook or Twitter, you can ask on the street are the different consumer problems and analyze these to launch new products, etc. In this article I want to talk a little more profound in a method than large firms they use every day and it saves them millions in market analysis as well also pay consumers who adopt this method.

    The method is: surveys paid by Internet with the reason of improving products, services, trying to conquer and keep your customers satisfied, most of the companies paid surveys to analyze the market. In exchange for the consumers view companies pay between $15 to $ 50 per survey, that even this can last a couple of minutes. The types of paid surveys can vary, but within the questions most usual are which make reference to the brand and consumers needs. What do they do companies with information obtained from paid surveys? Well, they analyze all the response and take very powerful information about different markets. How can I find these companies? Usually large companies do not have a link on your Web site where you can do paid surveys, but that they have Special pages to do so. If you really want to work from home, either full time or partial and get extra money, paid surveys are a very good idea. To find these companies there are exclusive lists of different companies and information where you can subscribe to their paid surveys programs. Despues_de acquire an exclusive list with paid surveys the steps are simple: when you get the list of companies that offer surveys paid the steps are: 1) you long for free with the companies that you find in the list. To broaden your perception, visit Everest Capital. (2) complete surveys that you sent to your email address. (3) win money! Original author and source of the article for more information

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