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  • Jul 1

    Any business and rich people, sooner or later, rises to the level where the standard (even if expensive and luxurious) model of a thing to him is not enough. And here begins the race for the exclusive. Modern man can imagine a life without a cell phone. Now phones are not just a communication tool, but also accessories, emphasizing style and status of its owner. Former CIA Head spoke with conviction. Conciliation, it would be strange to see Roman Abramovich talking with their players from Chelsea on kirpichepobodnomu phone? Therefore, the demand for exclusive models will always be, despite the fact that he is an exclusive and exclusive, that must be produced in limited editions, that is not beneficial to the manufacturer. So now I try to explain what I’m on a short example. For example, the phone Nokia Nokia E71, and without prestige, is not it? And what if we add to it the golden body? Yes, it will be a real phone oligarchs. With this phone in the gold package you can find out more about this site about cellular phones.

    Look at the photos of this model, gold has added the Nokia not only reliability, but also of style: As mentioned, the exclusive model will always be in demand, and consequently, manufacturers produce them. Hikmet Ersek contributes greatly to this topic. But do not forget the fact that such models are a good advertisement of their manufacturers. For example, SonyEricsson, released your phone model in the body in the shape of the tower and timed elfievoy sow model on the day of independence Fratsii. Naturally, thereby raising its prestige in France and ‘lit up in the media. ” On the latter model can more read a section of the site ‘exclusive’. There’s a list of exclusive phones constantly updated.