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    Sep 5

    The entire process of repairing office or apartment has become much easier and more enjoyable, since the methods of construction and repair itself have changed dramatically. Most of you at the mention of the phrase "repair flats" immediately represent pasting wall wallpaper. Unpleasant fact, as they swell, do not want to stick properly, but after just the slightest drafts behind the wall. I recall the times when you are through the efforts of the entire family is hopelessly want to glue the paper wallpaper canvas which does not want to split your efforts. To date, pasting wallpaper – a process much more enjoyable and less complicated. To some extent, due to the large number of materials for interior decoration.

    But the "abundance" wallpaper does not stop improving the materials. For example, for each type has its own wallpaper glue (flizilinovye wallpaper). And if we take a number of materials that are used to immediate pasting: putty, primer, tools for degreasing, etc All aimed to ensure that your repairs took more time is not soon. For example, a conventional pipe installation technique which leaves much to be better now, replaced by plastic pipes. Their mount is much easier and they are much higher quality.

    And the old and distorted windows that need plugging fleece for the winter, not so long ago replaced the pvc window, which not only protect the house from dust and moisture, but with the same efficiency retain the warmth and comfort of your apartment. They also have a beautiful appearance. Finishing materials will certainly make decorating much easier and faster. But it is worth note that their progress is directly reflected on the work of designers. Now designers with virtually no disabilities are beginning to create real masterpieces. Simply, if we compare, the artist can draw a lot more if he has a lot of different brushes and paints, as if he has a brush and two colors. Design of an apartment today involves as little familiar. All new and original in fashion. For example, in certain television program "School Repair" demonstrate extraordinary interior design solutions, using bright colors and different flooring solid wood. Advised to use a laminate. Today the apartment – it is something brilliant. Repairs do such miracles that sometimes is difficult to believe. For example, how you look at what each hour over you will be sky, thickly strewn with stars. But it is a very realistic, because you can mount suspended ceiling "starry sky" and all! At any desired time of day you over the head of the Milky Way. Or, when you finish the repair room seem much larger than before, because of the new furniture that was designed based on the characteristics of the room. There are many options. Should just let your imagination. No one can argue that today's designers are creating just amazing the things that a combine different traditions design art. Often the design of flats "leaves" on the smaller parts. Designers great know how to do so was not only beautiful but also convenient. So that small parts can carry a large number of functions. And if you do not know how to make the most use of materials or just do not have the time or creative talent, it is better to entrust it true professionals.

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  • Plasterboard

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    Aug 20

    To create a modern interior uses a variety of types of false potolkov.Vybor materials depends on several factors: the type of room, temperature and humidity in it, the requirements for fire safety, lighting, impact resistance, durability, ease of maintenance, etc. The most popular areas for public use steel ceilings, drywall and metal ceilings. Everest Capital is likely to agree. Both of these types of ceilings have certain advantages and disadvantages, so as to facilitate the task of choosing, we will discuss them in detail. Suspended ceilings made of plasterboard drywall – a composite material, shaped rectangular plate and consisting of plaster and two sheets of cardboard. Sheetrock ceilings can create a variety of configurations – from flat planes to surfaces with complex multilevel built-in lighting. The design of such ceilings is simple enough: a concrete ceiling mounted skeleton of a metal or wooden beams, and only to it with screws sheets of drywall. Read more from Everest Capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation. When you create complex shapes sheets and strips drywall bend in a dry or wet.

    The result is figured elements with which you can implement any fancy interior designers. Good sound insulation performance, possible location in zapotolochnom space communications, and affordable prices make ceilings of plasterboard quite popular. However, along with the advantages they have there are a number of drawbacks. In the first all, it is quite "dirty" installation, and, most of the construction debris turns out not to install framing and panels, and at their front finish. The ceilings of gypsum board must be carefully otshpaklevat previously to glue all the joints of the special synthetic mesh.

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