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    Sep 27

    Have you ever been in Issyk-Kul Were not Then you are advised to visit this wonderful lake at least once! Because not only a great vacation, but also good for health because mountain air here and clean, giving aroma of pine trees and the wind that blows from the lake, brings the body to the desired negative ions. And, of course, there is mud, which is found in abundance in this wonderful lake. And so, learning a bit about the Issyk-Kul, Let's say you have felt an urge to visit this lake. What pitfalls await us will be on the way to a relaxing break? We'll talk about. Read more here: Hikmet Ersek . Your path will likely be run through the Alma-Ata. So if you arrive in Almaty in the morning, then run like mad to buy tickets in Issyk Kul. Because the dispatch of buses begin until 22-00, at which time the Council to better relax and gain strength, because a trip to Issyk-Kul will last about 9-10 hours best, or, in extreme cases, rode to dinner with a 22-00 come.

    Why the difference in time? Because in front of us waiting for the valiant customs and you'll have somewhere in the 04-00 o'clock in the morning to leave the bus and stand in long queues that have you missed the last in the border. If you would like to know more about Rob Daley, then click here. But it's so bad if someone from your bus passengers have problems with customs, the bus will wait for this miserable pass, finally, the customs. From Customs will be fewer problems than with the Kirghiz, as Kyrgyz customs, and indeed the system of Kyrgyzstan is very much built on bribes.