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  • Proms

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    Oct 21

    In the lobby plays a string quartet in period costumes, this time with a threshold immersing young people in the world of gourmet classics. In a separate room are interactive areas: Scrying salon with the distribution of positive predictions, but also photoworkshops where everyone can try on items of old costumes and get an instant picture of the selected image. Before we proceed into the room, everyone is invited to wear masks, which will certainly will give the evening a certain mystery and innuendo. Dark-skinned young man in livery opened the door, and Ceremonies invites alumni, parents and teachers take their places. Subdued light, whimsical color glare, traveling through the hall; unobtrusive classical music performed by having moved from the lobby of a string quartet, waiters in embroidered camisoles, obligingly froze royally laid tables – that's the picture palace luxury, opening before the eyes of incoming guests. In the early evening farewell speech and the wishes of parents and teachers, as well as the gratitude of the graduates are interspersed with rooms of colorful show-ballet and music excerpts from the Quartet. Winners of international competitions in ballroom dancing is not only demonstrate their mastery of the standard program, but also invite interested persons to waltz.

    In the hall the evening works as a photographer, videographer and artists who portrayed the young people friendly cartoons. After the solemn part of the string quartet on stage is replaced by a band that all the time remaining will be catching the mood guests perform as quiet background music and incendiary rhythms of disco, relevant at the end of the evening. Original competitive program from a leading diluted entertainment facilities. This Bar, in the process of which will be made exotic cocktails, which can be used as prizes for the winners of a contest, and the magician-illusionist, who will present the magic on stage, and then moved into the hall, and will micromagnetic entertaining show at the table, and mysteriously iridescent soap bubbles show, and comic numbers of Comedy club, Litsedeev or a well-known satirist, and dance master classes for those who wish. Unforgettable surprise for entering into a new life even yesterday's students will perform at their holiday someone from the Stars of modern show business. There comes a time to drop the mask and give in to the power fire-dancing.

    Professional dancers will help parents, teachers and former students to merge into a single giant dancing a small train, traveling around the room. Disco marathon in the final phase of the evening will be accompanied by the paper show, which is a gentle alternative to the foam party. Leaving the hospitable walls of the magnificent Palace of the graduates will face yet another pleasant surprise. Fire show and the colorful fireworks in the their honor, they will remember for a long time. Saying goodbye to parents and teachers, young people sit on a bus that takes them to the pier. There are already waiting, ready to sail boat with a dj on board. Fully protected from unwelcome intrusion floating disco, will enable young people to come off at full speed, and dance until the morning.

  • Party Organization

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    Apr 28

    Wonderful to have a party as easy as eating a piece of cake, if you know the secret recipe: a pinch of vanilla sugar, a little spice and lots of creative ideas! Our articles will help you convert any banal meets a beautiful party! If you are out in the relevant articles of the recommendations and add to them their own ideas and the ability to rekindle the fun. For a successful party requires plan. Try the following 10 simple items that will help you make any party a fun and attractive as fresh strawberries in winter yogurt cake. 1. Select a topic. To the party was successful, it must give a specific "flavor" by selecting an attractive theme. Thematic focus will benefit any party.

    After selecting a topic think about design. Options format partying great variety. You can arrange a lunch, brunch, breakfast at dawn, afternoon tea or dinner. A funny theme, combined with the individuality of your style will help organize a unique party, so let freedom is your imagination! 2. Make a guest list. Think about how many guests will be able to stay in a designated place for a party. Will depend on how long the list of invitees.

    If you throwing a party for a mixed group of friends, sit them next to someone whom they see for the first time, to help them learn. Also, when seating guests, consider their characters. 3. Consider the scenario party. Plan Arrival of guests and reporting their presence will help ensure a good start partying.