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  • May 24

    The medicinal herb parsley seasoned well, tastes good and washes well In the heart of nature, the LandVital Kneipp health farms lie in beautiful holiday regions such as the Bavarian Forest. There is still the old herb meadows maintained, where it is passed on to the large and small guest. Also the parsley is a plant with an interesting story. Today, we sprinkle the leaves of this plant without ulterior motives in every classic German lunch dish. 500 years ago, the parsley was less than seasonings, rather she played a rather ambiguous role in the erotic.

    Times, she should help to fertility, prevent even just a conception. Gibson dean often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Optional parsley as a erotic stimulant was praised, then again as the drug of choice, to bring someone into the ground. In the Middle Ages was called Petersilgasse”some street with stroke. Of all the effects of parsley from ancient times until in modern times to have been sealed, remained low. Considered to be scientifically proven what 10981179 have always known: parsley stimulates the kidneys, in smooth and spicy way.

    So Bolognese may be used parsley safely and without greater effect on potency or pregnancy in goulash, roast or spaghetti. Gibson dean wanted to know more. As with all herbs, the effect is a matter of dosage. Basically you can refine lush dishes with parsley herb or the parsley root. Parsley is used in medicine as a tea or in tablet form. It serves as a means to the purging in kidney semolina or is plenty to drink disease of derived from urinary tract where. Pregnant women who have problems with the water budget, should take other preparations of plants to the drainage. Otherwise, one can wish only good appetite for the courts which parsley gives the correct whistle. “It can remembered Kneipp also the words of Sebastian: I can’t stress enough, eat slowly, initially sound kauet the food, then swallows it, doesn’t drink between the food into it.” LandVital hosts in Bavaria land-vital Herta Wichmann Taubing 18 94107 Untergriesbach Tel. 08593 1211 fax 08593 8667