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    Mar 18

    At this time, the executing craftsmen must demonstrate that he has worked professionally properly and shall thus not be liable. The building is, however, removed the burden of proof is reversed. More information is housed here: Pacific Gas & Electric. Now, the client must prove that the craftsman has worked incorrectly and caused damage. In practice, this is practically impossible and difficult even for experts to layman. Considering the high cost and low prospects of success appropriate legal proceedings, a careful decrease in private construction is recommended. Continue to the client should be aware, does not necessarily require formal must be the completion.

    The formal standard foresees that client and contractor together, if necessary, remove the building with the support of experts. Defects, reservations and objections are recorded in a written final Protocol, which both parties receive. In contrast, it can however also a fictitious”decrease come, if the client fails to Notice of completion or the discharge of the accounts and to accept the completion within 12 working days. He moves into the completed building, he behaves as a coherent from a legal perspective”. By his action he consents to the performance of the contractor and causes a so-called tacit acceptance of construction”. A complaint is only still within 6 working days. The client will accept any fictitious or tacit acceptance and discovered defects within the allowable time limits he must assert in writing this in any case. The decline in construction is a decision of great legal and economic scope and should be taken therefore carefully. Freiburger construction company Schwarzkopf Bau gladly available for extensive information on this subject. Press contact SCHWARZKOPF construction contact person: Andreas Schwarzkopf wind Hausle Street 53 79112 Freiburg Tel.: 0 76 64 / 9 52 40 fax: 0 76 64 / 9 52 41 mobile: 01 71 / 5 08 77 56 email: Homepage: