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    Apr 8

    Training is an indispensable process for any company, but even in these times which are not well trained if you run the risk of causing delays in the productivity of the company where you are laboring, though not entirely the fault of the worker, but the greater responsibility lies with the owners of the same, it depends very much on the success we want to achieve. Good training time is achieved by detecting the needs that a company can have, that we can get support from a technique called DNC (Detection Training Needs) whether the branch to which they devote to this task we will focus to a series both organizational analysis, and performance and tasks, but it is not only identify needs, solve the most important. Once these requirements, the company receives benefits such as increased yield and production of the company, the greater capacity of skill and knowledge of employment applicable to their work activities which gives as result in greater efficiency and increased efficiency which added a good efficacy reflects us. Training to be as indispensable to the organization can also be very flexible in the aspect that there is a wide variety of types of training which can be adapted without any problems to the needs and economic capabilities of each organization. Performing a good training and that this is done consistently and consecutively will be talking to both the employee and the employer of a company to reach its development, to talk about development we do not mean to get growth as such, put another way obtaining development is a growth in knowledge, skills, attitudes and ways to better desempenarte, thus also promoting values such as respect, dedication, responsibility, a commitment that may already be located within the mind of every employee but using the training can be applied within the work area.

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