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  • Nov 8

    Landscape photography – a very complex process, which should take into account the brightness of light, time, and many other parameters. The most important thing – the use of light. After all, in different weather different light: in the overcast – scattered, a bright sunny weather without clouds – hard. The fact that the hard light leaves a very deep shadow, and we want the entire frame was the most detailed. Here are some tips: 1. It is best to shoot on a cloudy day or at the time the light was not so hard. 2.

    Use the sky in the frame, especially the clouds. They are very well look at the photograph, your frame of this will only just beautiful. 3. Do not be afraid of precipitation: rain, snow, etc. Frames are obtained with them simply gorgeous. But do not forget to protect your camera and accessories. 4.

    Configure the correct settings. This is one of the most important in landscape photography. Correct exposure – the perfect shot. Best for landscape photography suitable wide-angle lenses. They cover more area. But the long-focus too handy with them, you can narrow perspective, thus to get more details in the frame. Best experiment, sometimes it seems that the frame will fail, and the result is a masterpiece. Another very important point: Make sure you check the weather, especially when you go on the trip. Look at the next day weather, and at 3-4 days in advance to have representation all the more so that the projections for 1 day are not very accurate. And you should always be prepared. The best helper is a polarizing filter, it eliminates glare. Picture will be brighter contrasting and interesting. But he will have to use a tripod, because it transmits less light, and as a result – will have to increase exposure. For more details, you can read on the site about photography: How to Photograph landscape

  • Sep 21

    Currently, the restaurant industry is developing rapidly. What kinds of restaurants just do not. Beer garden is now one of the most popular and frequently visited establishments. This situation institution adjusts to a friendly way. Visiting the beer garden you will find many supporters for his friends and himself. Beer restaurant differs from other types of institutions of its own characteristics. The situation of the beer restaurant in the tradition of the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe, which is considered the capital of cultural consumption of beer. High quality service and a varied menu will leave satisfied even the most refined visitor.

    In the beer garden are traded only high quality beer. Often, a beer garden with its own brewery, where beer is brewed live only for this restaurant. Visitors beer garden is also find for themselves in the menu and beer quality brands. Typically, the menu includes beer garden at least 5 beers. In large cities there are many pubs restaurants. They are all decorated in a characteristic specifically for this style restaurant.

    Many beer gardens together in a network. In this case, a network of pubs restaurants are easily recognizable by their design that is unique to this chain of restaurants. In the beer garden you can come as a friends, for sports, or simply for a pleasant pastime. Also, the beer garden can be visited with relatives or colleagues. All will be happy atmosphere and an attentive service. Busy people can be quick and cheap lunch in the beer garden, ordering for a business lunch. The menu includes beer restaurant meals, which are ideal for the traditional drink of such institutions. Also in menu offers hearty home cooking and traditional dishes, created under particular beer garden. Visiting the beer garden you will not remain indifferent.

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