The World and Modern Science

  • Oct 9

    Not for nothing have the greatest recognition in the newspaper librarianship. But that is no longer truly essential for the Public Library of Pereira, as from 1 January 2009 did not return to get the newspaper La Tarde, or La Patria and El Pais, which stopped coming since early 2007 (over two years), and that already created an information vacuum very difficult to pave for research. Or even more notorious cases such as cancellation of El Tiempo, which for more than 27 years continuously and reached the hands of readers, and that in December 2008 was suspended. Not to mention as many as El Colombiano, conspicuous by their absence in a quiet disengagement and isolation information to the press both locally and nationally frightening, similar case with the seven or eight magazines and magazines with the largest circulation not missing on shelves and which today are only part of the past, such as National Geographic, Semana, Cambio 16, Diners, Economy, Very Interesting, Motor, etc. ..

    I know that only this area of the archive went daily in several hours a growing group of avid Pereira information and now even set foot in the building however this would be the rationale, the object itself the cultural establishment. And all this for simple and plain lack of management and discontinuity in the processes involved in this class of organisms, and in the hands of a professional now the right appears to have the slogan of reducing to the bare minimum spending at the expense of the deterioration of the reference materials and the decline in service, and where low rates and low customer interest. The primary activity of any contemporary library, in addition to excellence in care, is to continually acquiring reference materials and their physical treatment (in terms of binding and other ongoing processes of preservation, cataloging, classification and organization) ..