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    Dec 9

    A public personality has that to act on behalf of whom it colocarm the votes in the ballot boxes. NEVER in proper name. NEVER in benefit of its, they are family or friends. I finish to read substance that discloses to be Sarney ' in limite' if pressure not to diminish, will be able to resign. Thus being, I wrote the infra substance ' ' LIMITE' '? It is audacity excessively! In ' ' limite' ' we, the Brazilian people are to evidence that we have had a public personality, a Senator of the Republic, that already was, also president of the Republic (for she saw oblique line, it is truth) and that per 60 years she obtained, of poor boy, to changed itself into proprietor of lands, businesses several hoarded richness, enriched itself and to its and continues in ' ativa.'. They had been 60 years of public life, yes 60 years.

    Thanks to the press, one knows of what it has made surely has 14 years and the others 46? Let us think, readers ' ' amostra' ' that we had, is not indicative of noble acts. How much to the 80 senators who could have done much more – they know of this, when accused for Sarney, they had kept silent. NONE OF THEM IF DEFENDED HE WILL BE THAT IT IS TRUTH WHAT SARNEY SPOKE? He prays anexim: ' ' Who is silent, consente' ' I urged them, in my substances to be pronounced. They had received them, therefore to all the sending. It made it to none. Who will substitute Sarney? He seems me, for its acts, none of that is there will be able to make it.

    ' renncia' of the SenhorFeudal of the Maranho, Amap and aderredores coming will be muitoo well! It will make an enormous good to the country. Or it resigns, or it will be defenestrado. &#039 does not import its; ' biografia' ' (as it wanted in to make to believe them Squid In contrast), its ' biografia' , it is aggravation for everything what it has fact, for everything what it ordered to make, for everything what it has covered! Favours I not only relieve to the Press, as to the Attorney generals, the Judge of Sanctis, the So Paulo Judge whom the work of the Federal Solicitors received, the Protgenes! How much to the appeals court judge friend of ' FAMIGLIA' , it is shame for the Judiciary one to have it in its pictures. It would have, for friend of Sarney, to have declared ' ' impedido' '. It did not make it. The Corregedoria has the duty of penalizar it. Fa it? Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque

  • Third World

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    Sep 21

    Concomitant when uncurling of the crisis, we see one ‘ ‘ desenrolar’ ‘ also very commented e, as well as the Green of the decade of 60, very promising Revolution, the increasing sector of the agrocombustveis. For the miditico power entitulado of Bioenergia, and characterized as ‘ ‘ energy limpa’ ‘ , in order ‘ ‘ convencer’ ‘ the important quo it is for the society as source that will go to substitute the oil and thus to be able to keep ours ‘ ‘ comfortable and agradvel’ ‘ life way, the sucroalcooleiro sector comes blunting in the Brazilian territory with new personages and extensive areas its favor. The new investors, in nothing resemble themselves to the old usineiros, are accustomed to world-wide the speculative market and are made use to run risks to pocket richnesses in a next future. The same ones, use of diverse strategies, some buy plant to be constructed, ready others already, as in the case of the Infinity BioEnergy, company formed for 50 foreign investors, whom an enviable appetite in the sector demonstrates, as much that already invested 600milhes of dollar in the purchase of 7 plants in functioning in the state of it YOU ARE and MG. As we see, two distinct and overlapped scenes if disclose in the current context of a world-wide geopolitics, that in my opinion, is more clearly, when a migration of great capitals for the sector of ‘ is observed; ‘ biocombustveis’ ‘. Childbirth of the beginning of being able and domain in geopolitics world-wide.

    Being thus, such migration of the investments, not if must the ambient reasons in which the investors search an energy transistion for the good of the planet and the humanity, and yes a transistion due the chances, to ‘ ‘ brechas’ ‘ of the moment, that promises to domain and power. The development of the Biocombustveis is directly on to the high one of the price of the barrel of the oil. valley to detach that, the same ones that they speculate on the price of the oil, are the ones that point to the solution of the green fuel and ‘ ‘ riem’ ‘ with the other people’s misery and internal conflicts in countries of the Third World. Thus, to perhaps be able if them of effective geopolitics not blinding in them completely, let us see how much the owners of the power if move strategically to have the control and domain of the new energy matrix, the green (nor so green thus) etanol.

  • Luxemburg Rose

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    Jul 27

    Everything finishes without having culprits, and one more time she is the good citizen that is injured by the authorities that it believed or the least thought about representing to it dignidamente. The population in a generalized manner folloies everything without nothing to make, nothing makes the Brazilian people if to move, if to put into motion. As it said Luxemburg Rose, who is not put into motion does not feel the chains that arrests this phrase very shows well the spirit to it of the Brazilian people, a people without will to fight for its rights, is not organized, not fight, is a people who only waits crumbs of the State, but never has the courage of faces – lo. The population seems is very satisfied and contented with the situation of the native land, does not see in no place, not to be some prompt dissatisfactions in some cities, but it are this, it does not have a fight for citizenship rights, fights for social justice, fight for a society truily worthy human being and. The slavery in Brazil finished officially in 1888, however if to observe the society, we will see that it did not finish, everything continues in different way, the Brazilian fashion, of that everything of if the one jeitinho, jeitinho is the malandragem, is the safadeza and the picaretagem that part of the national culture is. It does not have a fight of the population for a distribution of efficient income and joust, the people is happy with the stock markets family, green and etc.

    The people easily are deceived with these projects that in nothing collaborate with the economic development and intellectual of the millions of Brazilians who live in conditions you infuriate. The passivity of the Brazilian is at least irritating, is a people of pacific tradition, fight and nor does not demand its constitucional laws, right these that are most of the time not respected and much less demanded. Of this form it is impossible to construct a nation in fact and of rights, we are only the junction of the will of a minority of people who make in them to believe and to live as if we fossemos a nation. However, still it needs many things so that let us can become a nation, even though the nation feeling still is sufficiently shy between the population, we only can feel the nationalism during the pantry of the world, where all are joined in favor of the Brazilian election, the Country practically stops for some hours to attend the games of the election, all join in the biggest joy and festividade to twist and to vibrate with gols and the victories of the team. However, in none another moment we obtain joining in them to fight just for the implantation of a truily democratic state and. The native land feeling finishes there, is this, is a state, where the nationalism and the feeling of nation are practically not perceived and nor seen in other periods. I do not see reasons it Brazilian government to commemorate the economic performance of the Country, still we possess about 16 million illiterates, without counting the great number of functional illiterates, also between the colleges student, the Country, still possesss one pssima infrastructure, good part of its inhabitants live in situations of extreme poverty, therefore it does not have nothing to commemorate and yes many things to be done.