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    Mar 22

    Furniture design is constantly changing. Different fashion trends gaining seats in the stands of furniture showrooms, pushing the earlier model, which would in a short time, 4-6 months, to be swept away new wave design ideas. Everything changes, from design to color products. Since the last breath in the world of furniture for the AB technique – it plazmastend, furniture integrated system that combines the cabinet for the equipment and bracket mounting flat-panel TV. Strictly speaking, these elements existed separately for some time.

    Brackets for TV and TV table perfectly perform their functions, although many buyers remain unsolvable issues related to the installation of wall constructions and free-hanging wires. Besides, what if want to move the TV? Again, drill the wall? These assumptions determined the merger Bracket TV and TV cabinet into a coherent whole – in plazmastend! Standard plazmastend consists of an adapted similarity tv cabinets, mounting bracket 'plasma' and the cable channel, serving as the connection of the two previous elements among themselves and boxes to hide the cables. Creating plazmastend designers solve all problems at once: the installation of a flat TV, laying the wires inside the cable channel, the creation of sufficient volume for Installation of block devices. Thus, plazmastend – is a modern, integrated solution for easy home theater. In today's market you can find a wide range plazamstendov, from exclusive import models tv wall, occupying the space of 3-5 meters wall, to extremely affordable Chinese handicrafts. We believe the most appropriate model of a wide range of buyers of domestic production, which have all required application properties, but are reasonably priced! In recent years, the country's furniture has undergone significant changes in the quality and design, this furniture is easy now competing with imported counterparts! Plazmastendy, tv cabinet for LCD and plasma TVs domestic production can be bought in specialized stores video equipment and furniture shops in addition to furniture art seriously represented in the shops, with the furniture on the Internet, like all commodities, often much cheaper than in traditional stores.

  • May 15

    Taking up work on the interior of the office is required to hold its zoning, that is, to put down a team of prof. belonging and relating to the areas of office space. Taste of leadership in the last result puts style and affects the company in an interior office. Do not forget that the office of the company – is its calling card. Furniture for your office addition should be preferred on the basis of these requirements. Office furniture is extremely varied in quality and price. There are two features: on one single hand, a person seeking to protect its workers from the surrounding area, on the other – the success of the firm can not be without a continuous effective communication among staff.

    Small mobile office partitions, roundish, covering the human form tops office furniture give the impression of security and do not interfere with business communications.General rule – do not have workplace back to the space-born – is associated with an intuitive desire to protect themselves, first and foremost protect the back. One of the only fresh trends of scaling the European office of fashion – round shape of all objects of furniture. Renunciation of sharp corners and rectangular shapes, not only allows you to create optimum conditions for employees but also to maintain a team spirit of cooperation. Round and oval elements of the interior in the conference room give an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and specially shaped chairs contribute flight of fantasy and making savory and creative solutions.

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