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    May 1

    The talk and listen to the coach are a determining factor in the relationship between the two and the effectiveness for the achievements of the person. The coaching was born from a philosophical and scientific basis of the hand of work of Heidegger, Austin, Searle, flowers, Spinoza and Maturana, among others. From there, which is very valid which emphasizes S & S associate consultants, that companies are not organization charts, efficient networks of conversations. The way how converse defines the culture of the company. One of the most important objectives of the organizations is to achieve greater productivity, effectiveness and well-being, taking a team that from the ethical basis, they may relate differently. To be a good leader requires the skills of a coach in the role of coach is able to identify barriers that may limit their own performance and learning and of its people.

    A coach is also able to develop interventions to dissolve these obstacles. The coach begins by accepting that all human beings are different observers, the results depend on the actions and actions depend on the type of observer who we are. We must not forget, that the coach must have the ability to design conversations that open new access to the person to take committed actions that help the achievement of the results. The relationship and trust are the most important in any interaction of coaching. Coaching does not teach, directed or advised. This is the main difference with other disciplines, where priority is given to the transmission of knowledge. The work of the coach in an interaction with another person you can see in the following manner: listens to the objectives of the coachee observes their actions detects what is lacking for the achievement of results designed conversations to align your actions with your commitment assists it until you achieve the desired results.

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  • Mar 14

    How to avoid that High Frequency Trading ruin our portfolio 14 August 2009 by Paola Pecora manipulation in the stock markets has always, except with different name and modus operandi each time. From the vulgar and rooted confidential information that no market is saved (given in peripheral markets where fortunes have been created thanks to her very frequently) until the last novelty on Wall Street (which is not so): High Frequency Trading (HFT) or high-frequency trading. As your name leaves guessing, it’s operative very frequent and repetitive in its form, but not its content. And why it arises in the light of common inverter this methodology of trading? Throughout history to be salable, need to have a police component: in this case the theft of a code to nothing less than Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS). epth analysis. Is the latest fad in Wall Street, noted Charles Duhigg in The Times, a way for a handful of traders dominate the stock market, spy on the orders of the investors, and, according to critics, same to subtly manipulate share prices. High Frequency Trading – is called and blow is one of the operative that is spoken most and is a mysterious force of the market. Every business has its risks, and some are more exposed than others, know to locate and know those risks already constitutes a step forward to defend us.

    The majority of investors do not know read to these maneuvers of Wall Street investment firms – Goldman Sachs may be affecting their investment portfolios. The HFT is what is commonly known in the market by Algorithmic Trading. It is equivalent to algorithmic trading also called automatic trading or black box trading, same many have dubbed robo trading (the language Anglo-Saxon when it seeks to emphasize a concept uses the Spanish language). What is the HFT? The HFT is the use of software programs with quantitative strategies which, following certain guidelines are triggered and entering the market as orders both buying and selling with strong volume.

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  • Los Muertos

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    Dec 1

    The dead have to bury them and to banks in trouble? Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 10, 2009 Samuel Beckett before he died with great fury said: it is almost impossible today in Europe die with dignity, unless one is poor. If he had not died twenty years ago, you would cross the Atlantic and would see that this is not possible. U.S. banks that should fail, does not want to die with dignity, but unworthily, live with the United States Government cleaning up their balance sheets the toxic spawn themselves recklessly structured. But the Republicans are hartaron and require the closure of banks in trouble. By the same author: Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Senators Republicans John McCain and Richard Shelby said the weekend that the United States Government should allow that some of the large U.S. banks closed their doors, at the time demanded by the bankruptcy of General Motors (NYSE:GM), another powerful cleaner.

    Shelby, the Republican’s more range in the Banking Committee of the Senate of United States said to the chain of ABC television: close them, allow them to stop doing business, and topped: if they are dead there to bury them. You did not mention what would be the entities in your view should be close, but yes he appointed Citigroup (NYSE:c) because he had always been problematic. Senator John McCain, ex – opponent of Barack Obama in the last presidential elections in the United States, said that ineffective banks should close, and lashed out at General Motors, expressing that the best thing that could happen is bankrupt, to acquire greater solidity and become stronger, better and in a smaller version. Bankruptcy allows a company to rearrange payment of its debts to creditors and gain time to restructure and clean up their balance sheets. But the Government of Obama encourages world Governments to follow in their footsteps and extend more funds to the economy in a way of boosting demand and leave behind the recession.

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