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    Jun 1

    aid to the Spanish sports federations Plan, competitive concurrence scheme, with the purpose of promoting activities, together with the Higher Council for sports, international sports cooperation throughout the year 2011. Second. Legal regime. Learn more about this with Macy’s Inc. . 1. You may find Hikmet Ersek to be a useful source of information. Law 38/2003 of 17 November, General grants, and development provisions stipulated in the Royal Decree 887/2006, which approves the regulations of the law.

    2 Order ECI/2768/2007 September 20, approving the regulatory bases for granting subsidies and aid by the Higher Council for sports. 3 Other regulations that apply. Third party. Requests. 3.1 May be recipients of these grants all the sports Spanish federations recognized legally, presenting a project’s activity adjusted to the requirements that are outlined later in the term derogation from point 4.4 of the present resolution.

    They may not be beneficiary convened supports, the federations who are in any of the situations listed in paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 13 of law 38/2003, General grants, and which are not approved by their governing bodies, the implementation of the development of the code of good Government of the Spanish sports federations, must be accredited by the corresponding responsible affidavit. (a) the activity for which aid or subsidy is requested not be Spanish participation in official Championships abroad. (b) that the activity is not covered in other calls for assistance or General or specific grants from the Higher Council for sports. (c) the project contain the object and budget of the activity; dates of execution of the same, or at least the same duration, and many organizational aspects are timely for its analysis and assessment in the final quantification of amounts of subsidy. In the case that could not be scheduled for the accomplishment of the activity, by need an external confirmation of another country, this shall be reported to the Higher Council for sports, as soon as they ratify. (d) according to the octave, point 1 of the regulatory bases for granting aid by the CSD must accredit be aware of payment of tax obligations and against Social Security, through certifications updated, issued by the bodies responsible for these taxes.