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    Nov 7

    The qualities to be a true leader pass through “to be curious, the ability to anticipate events, to change, courage to face the unknown and the personal charisma to lead others and gain their trust.” Definitely, meetings such as this involves the exchange of views, experiences that encourage all those who somehow do not find the way enter the challenges, about change, give way to actions that help address the security situation, actions that favor. I believe that universities, especially business schools, their Graduate Venezuela should in our case, as well as some major managerial leaders to rule with this reality of crisis, revealing the knowledge, actions, suggestions to work with those companies that do not know what to do about it. It is necessary to organize seminars, conferences, events that allow exchange of ideas in order to promote views that allow fearlessly confront the crisis so as not to harm them in their operation and achievements. Every crisis creates opportunity and invites businesses to delve into its scope and give way to plan strategies to help the company to get ahead, if you are able to interpret, they are visionary leaders, strategists, generators of change, active with vision and able to face risk, uncertainty. Tonar into account that gives us George Kohlrieser, expert Leadership and professor of IMD Business School in Switzerland, “We are at a propitious time for change.

    We must understand that many people now think only of survival, something that limits their creativity and the pursuit of opportunities. Survival is always the most important goal for the brain and, as such, the leader and employees looking for ways to defend themselves and the opportunities that exist abroad. Impotence is the mental and emotional state may suffer more destructive than an organization, team or an individual. Leaders must be strong, positive and focus on opportunities. It should be a limit to the complaints, since only lead to discouragement. It’s time to learn, to develop talent for finding innovative and creative ways of doing things. Leaders should focus on the positive aspects and opportunities in these times of crisis, because it is now when employees can gain strength and determination to find ways to get ahead.